Quite Possibly the Most Powerful Energy Drink Ever


With so many energy drinks on the market, officials and consumers alike are concerned with the amount of caffeine in energy drinks and shots.

This has a lot to do with the reports of the recent deaths that have been blamed on energy beverages.

One of our goals at Caffeine Informer is to educate the consumer about how much caffeine is in the beverages and products that fill our store shelves.

Consumers can go to our Caffeine Database and find the most caffeinated drinks, but because there’s a lot of drinks, in varying sizes and caffeine content we’ve made things easier.

Based on caffeine/ounce alone, we list below the most caffeinated energy drinks and energy shots listed in our database.

Top 10 Most Powerful Energy Drinks/Shots

With the update to this list we now only include RTD energy shots and drinks. Mix ins like Liquid Caffeine are highly caffeinated but dependent on the user as regards to the amount of caffeine the “created” drink would contain.

Energy Shots

  1. DynaPep  714.3mg/floz
  2. Vital 4U Liquid Energy 305.6mg/floz
  3. Sreamin Energy Max Hit 303.9mg/floz
  4. ALRI Hypershot  250.0mg/floz
  5. Cocaine Energy Shot 140mg/floz
  6. Redline Power Rush 140mg/floz
  7. 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength 125mg/floz
  8. Mana Energy Potion 118.5mg/floz
  9. Eternal Energy Shot 115mg/floz
  10. Street King Energy Shot 112mg/floz

Energy Drinks

  1. Redline Energy Drink 39.5mg/floz
  2. Spike Shooter 35.7mg/floz
  3. Cocaine Energy Drink 33.3mg/floz
  4. Monster M3 32mg/floz
  5. Redline Princess 31.2 mg/floz
  6. Speed Shot Intensity 29.4 mg/floz
  7. BANG Energy Drink 22.3mg/floz.
  8. Spike Shotgun 21.9mg/floz
  9. Wired X344 Energy Drink 21.5mg/floz
  10. CoMotion Energy Drink 20 mg/floz

Drink Feature: VPX Redline History

VPX Redline used to be #1 with their concentrated VPX Redline Fat Burner. However, this version has since been taken off the market.

The below account is based on The Original Redline which was a 240ml concentrated liquid.

Redline now distributes Redline RTD, Redline Extreme, Redline princess, and Redline Power Rush some of which are listed above.

All of these new version contain the original formula, but watered down.

One of the most powerful energy drinks is called VPX Redline Fat Burner. Amazon is lacking a little information, so here’s a little more:

Check out this freaky scientific VPX breakthrough: RED LINE®: is the only matrix ever developed to shred fat through the shivering response in the body. By shivering the body burns huge amounts of stored body fat for energy in an effort to keep the body warm. That’s not all! In addition to shivering, you’ll also be sweating up a thermogenic storm. The combined mechanisms of these two processes results in unparalleled fat loss!

What fun. Now, it’s pretty obvious looking at the ingredients that there’s caffeine. But get this: all of the aforementioned goodness, and the serving size is FOUR ml. About one TENTH of an ounce. The whole bottle has 240 ml, or 60 servings. Basically, a bottle of this, less than the size of a normal can of coke, WILL kill you. This is nothing to be playing around with.

I have friends. Not just normal friends, mind you. The kind of friends that voluntarily live on the streets. The kind of friends who, when drinking, race to forgetting. The kind of friends who take caffeine pills, ephedrine pills, and aspirin.. all at once. One, in particular, drinks and consumes over a gram of caffeine daily, to stave off the headaches. So you know this is a serious review:

oh yeah, it’s definitely 90% caffeine. the aftertaste is unmistakeable. the best part is that since i didn’t have my normal “dose” this morning, i probably won’t actually feel sh*t.

[10 minutes later]

the caffeine kicked in a lot faster than i expected. though in retrospect, it normally does when it’s in syrup form and tastes like ass.

feel oddly cold too. took me a minute to realize that while i still was warm, it was that ‘shiver’ reflex kicking in. it’s a lot like when
you get a chill at the back of your neck, but somewhat continuous.

So what’s in this magical bottle of awesome? Caffeine, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, 5-HTP (5 hydroxy-1-tryptophan), cAMP, Yohimbe, Evodiamine, and Vinpocetine. And a few other things.

I know, I know, so here’s some more info:

cAMP is cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It supposedly “sparks many intercellular processes.” Whatever that means. Increased concentrations supposedly raise thyroid horomone levels, and help fat burning (would help explain why it’s in a fat-burning supplement).

Yohimbe is a bark extract from a tree in Africa. It’s considered a natural aphrodisiac, and sold here to treat impotency, dilate pupils, and stimulate fat loss. It can also mess with your blood pressure, so watch out.

Evodiamine is derived from some Chinese fruit called Evodia Rutaecarpa. Supposedly burns fat.

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid derived from some periwinkle plant. It is used in Europe, Japan, and Mexico to treat crebrovascular and cognitive disorders. Some people claims it elevates metabolism, but with no proof.

And the interesting one in the group: 5-HTP. I made sure to spell it out, so the smart ones in the group have already figured out the key: Tryptophan. It’s the same stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy, and there’s scientific evidence of it. The 5-HTP compound is sometimes used to treat mild depression since, somehow, it can increase serotonin levels. It can also affect appetite, which may be part of why they put it in here. The other part? When you’re jacking up a drink with this much caffeine, you’re going to get jitters and “scatterbrain.” This may actually cut the disconnected thoughts out and allow you to think normally, but still give you the energy effects of caffeine. Awesome.

Apparently you can buy this stuff at places like Super Supplements, GNC, and even some 7-11s. The concentrate isn’t something you should take a guzzle of. Or even a large sip. If you search on the internet, you can see some people who took the recommended dose, and started blacking out towards the end of a workout. Blacking out. 4 mililiters. Damn. There’s also a ready-to-drink version (I would bet that’s the one at 7-11), and half a bottle is all that’s recommended. Pay attention to it. People are comparing the 1/2 bottle to a full hit of ephedra. Unless you’ve done that before and know the effect it has on your body, don’t go doing anything macho with this one.

Just for poignant measure, look at this review:

I recently purchased the liquid form of redline at a local 7 Eleven store.

It was the first time I have ever drank an energy drink that had such an affect. With in a few minutes , I started to sweat and shake. Being familiar with the effects of narcotics, I must say the feeling felt a lot like cocaine feels.

The most disturbing trait is that my penis shriveled up like I just got out of the icy cold ocean. I can’t help but think that this product will be taken off the market. The effects are too strong for some minors and may not be safe for people on certain medication which are yet to be known.

And this one:

I tried Redline today while heading to work. I am a huge fan of RedBull & Diet Rockstar. I am 33 years old & in excellent condition.

Having not read the warning label I drank the whole bottle within 5 minutes. Within 10 minutes I was blacking out behind the wheel & shaking uncontrollably. I pulled over at a gas station — I was having difficulty in swallowing and could not stand, breathe or see straight.

I could not even walk for the convulsions. A bystander called the paramedics. Needless to say – my blood pressure was sky high & I thought I was on my way out.

I feel this drink is extremely dangerous & should not be on the market. There needs to be a very visible warning label not to drink the whole bottle for beginners. It has been 5 hours now & I still do not feel normal.

This drink could seriously kill someone if not informed.
I am sorry but I will never drink this again nor recommend it to fellow peers.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Evil Monkey

    I should add that this article was talking about the VPS Redline Concentrate, not the pre-mixed. If you drink 1 or 2 cans of pre-mixed, it’s not great, but it won’t hurt you. If you drink a whole bottle of concentrate, you’ll be f’ed up.

  • Jake Schneble

    ok well myself and two friends just took what i call the redline challenge. we chugged three in under 5 minutes i am 6’4″ and 260 my other fiend weighs 150 soaking wet the other is in the middle of us in weight ………. ok well this may have been a bad idea but we will live my friend jeff and i have done two before (he posted earlier) the shivers are makeing it almost impossable to type…….. the people who wine about one need to grow up this isn’t that bad

  • Seth

    drank 3 or 4 GULPS of the concentrate at about 7am at school not knowing that you were only supposed to drink one teaspoon (it was my friends and she didnt tell me). about 30-40 minutes later i was freakin the fucc out. my mind was racing my hands were shaking. i was sweating uncontrollably and my heart was beating like a drum line. put aside these “inconviences” and it was a pretty good day. i got all my work done in a quarter of the time compared to my classmates. the cold chills lasted all day as did the shakes and racing heart. my pupils dilated to the size of quarters. i had no appetite whatsoever. even though the side effects are not the most pleasant, the rush was amazing and the increase in productivity and productivity TIME, is all worth it. i recommend this to all but at their descretion. know your body and its reactions to regular energy drinks before trying Red-Line.

  • B-Rad

    Bought the syrup about 2 years ago I think. I was ALWAYS tired and my buddy said to order some stuff he saw in a catalog he had. Only took it a couple times. Gave me a rush for a couple hours then I wanted to crash and go to sleep for a day or something.

    After stumbling onto this site, I went and bought a can of the drink. Really good flavor, doesn’t taste like piss like all “conventional” energy drinks. Sipped it for a couple hours waiting to black out or start shaking or something, LOL. But now it’s now 12 hours later, and I layed in bed for 2 hours before I decided I now cannot sleep and I am blaming the Redline. I can barely type here, Can’t stop thinking. Only half of what I’m thinking is actually getting typed so if this doesn’t make sense, sorry

    So it’s probably good for partying or long driving trips or whatever. Not good if you need to sleep though. It must be addicting though because I want more…! love the taste.

  • jack

    15 and im 5’10 235. REDLINE IS FREAKIN CRAZY!!! i STARTED SHAKING UNCONTROLLABLY AND MY PUPILS WERE HUGE!! my friends started climbing trees and i was doin army rolls in the yard. it’s liquid cocaine.

  • StuDC

    I’ve been drinking RedLine since it first came out. Not only do I drink a can before the gym or heading to the club (the effects of a $3 can lasts all night compared to a $50-$60 bar tab and an awful hangover). I have no side effects except for jolts of energy and increased stamina (no complaints here!).
    I even have the RedLine gel which I take on occassion (but I must admit-it tastes like drinking a puree of tree bark and grass).
    Don’t overreact…if you can drink coffee (more than one cup) and know the effects of caffiene, then shivers shouldn’t be new to you.

  • Lynn

    Recently tried this out for the first time about a week ago. I’m not a huge energy drink peson, but I usually consume quite a lot of Mountain Dew, and since normal energy drinks really don’t have any effect at all on me, I’d say I have a decent tolerance.

    First time, I followed the directions and split the bottle half and half with a friend of mine. After about 30 minutes or so, I felt pretty much normal, if anything only slightly more alert. After about 2 hours I was feeling completely normal again.

    A couple of days later, I decided to try a whole bottle. Even though I had eaten recently, I felt a little nauseous for a minute or two, but it quickly went away. 30 minutes later, it was already in full swing. I was jittery as hell, and more alert than I’d ever been in my whole life. This lasted about 8 hours, when it started to wear off. About 10 hours after I drank it, which was around 6 in the morning, the rush was gone and I fell asleep for about 8 hours, woke up, and felt great.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone without high blood pressure/heart problems. I keep a couple in my fridge for when I need to stay awake 24hrs or more.

  • Buddagal

    i have been drinking redline for almost 5 months off and on and not everyday….
    I’m 32 year old active female and i exercize normally about 3 to 6 times every week and it has not caused weight loss if anything, my stomach has gotten bigger and not as flat as it used to be…i noticed after a couple days of drinking a little bit of it that there is a withdrawal downfall and you could fall into a depression after drinking this drink it’s probably like cocaine in a bottle…so in a nut shell, this stuff has it’s good : keeping awake but bad: weight gain and depression after effects.

  • Gina

    My favorite regular energy drink is 180 (made by Anheuser Busch). I will also drink Redbull, Socko and Monster. A friend of mine gave me the rest of her bottle of Redline (of which made her vomit). Me thinking my stomach was strong enough to handle this, drank the rest of it. I found myself getting sick four times the rest of the evening. This stuff is very strong. IMO its very dangerous for inexperienced users.

  • Briana

    I stopped in GNC today to see if I could find anything that would give me a little pick me up and help me to increase the intensity of my workouts. I didn’t expect to feel much of an effect from Redline, but am pleasantly suprised. Rockstar and Redbull do little for me but keep me away for long car trips.
    Redline however, definitely gives me more energy. It does create a slightly “speedy” feeling, but since my goal was to use it to enhance workouts, that’s fine.
    I do agree that it seems like liquid cocaine.
    I would definitely say to start with half a can like the directions say. That’s all I needed to feel a pretty big effect.

  • Brett

    Redline is very effective. Being a moron, I drank the whole can in about 30 seconds the first time and got a bit cracked out. Made me want to chain smoke too.

    Works well if drank slowly over 1/2-hour. Found it also works well with vodka, ice, and club soda. When consumed slowly, with alcohol, all the shivering side effects and coldness are eliminated and you’ll dance all night but be able to come home and sleep.


    ya so definitely didnt read the label and took TWO within about 20 minutes and was completely fine… i mean im definitely not gonna do that again but im kind of immune to red bulls ive taken them for so long and so i heard about this drink through a friend and i was like “might as well try”. it wasnt that bad except the shaking weirded me out because i felt like i needed to go do something and i definitely had trouble getting to sleep that night but other than that im still healthy and living but maybe im weird or something

  • Well, guess what?

    I got a bottle today…
    I tried reading the warning thing, but then i just got too confused…

    So i took a little sip.


    It’s like that bitterish-pill taste…

    And the funny thing is, i was ok for the first few minutes (i had just finished a 7-eleven slurpee… oh and 7-11 is where i got the drink too.) and then i was like, constantly searching the area around me…

    and then a few more minutes pass…

    and a few more…

    and i get tired (had about 5 hours of sleep last night) … (i take classes all day… english for 4 hours. fun.)

    So i get on the bus, and for the 20 minute ride, i actually fell asleep.

    I didn’t even notice when the bus was stopping or anything…

    It was by pure luck that i awoke a block from my stop because someone sneezed….

    Eh… still tired…

    I still have most of that bottle with me now…

    The expiration says july of 07…

    I’m thinking of saving it for when i go do Track or tennis…

    ehh… (not good with caffiene)

  • lyn

    I tried this on the recommendation of a friend. I will use it again, but I know now to dilute it and make sure I have more food in my system than I did the first time.
    I could see a difference in my waist pretty quickly, but my body had some odd, uncomfortable reactions.
    Now, in all honesty I was taking some diet supplements when I tried this and perhaps the combo of the two was more than my body could handle.
    From this point on, I’ll alternate one v. the other, but never ingest both during the same 24/hr time frame again.
    I do agree w/the warning label concept-people actually need to read them and take responsibilty for what they put in their bodies.
    I also think an improvement could be made to the taste. Right now it’s like otter pop meets Robitussin. 🙁 Diluting it will do more than making it easier to handle, the taste will be much more palatable.

  • I tried redline a few nights ago and I felt NOTHING. I do not drink soda and when I do it’s too much for me. I don’t drink coffee because I do not like the taste. I drank half of the bottle of Redline thinking it would make me wired, nothing, so I drank the other half, and once again nothing happened. I thought maybe it was just the bottle so the next day I tried it again, same thing, nothing happened. I didn’t feel energized or more alert at all. I’m confused as to why that would happen…it did taste good though

  • Mike

    I happen to have to ask how do you defeat a caffeine tolerance. I chugged a redline bottle in like 20 seconds a few nights ago and only felt a minor caffeine rush for about an hour. No special side effects. I chugged two and a rocket shot the next day. Nothing. I have been experimenting with caffeine since maybe March and don’t really do it very often, and just can’t get a rush off of it anymore. Any suggestions?

  • peter griffin

    Has anyone tried the pre-mixed Redline with alcohol, like Vodka?

  • Heather Brittain

    Lies. Lies. Lies.
    Trust me.
    I take redline pills 3 times a day and drink it often.
    It’s not really that strong.
    Sure I feel sick.
    Sure it’s hard to eat and all.
    But it won’t kill you.
    I’m 13 years old and 97 pounds, my body can handle 3 pills and one drink a day.
    I also take lots of other stuff too.
    It’s great.
    Like coke and speed mixed.
    And I don’t have black-outs, heartattacks, or anything else.
    I get shivery, cold, hot, hungry, full, sad, happy, and everything else all at once.
    Don’t lie to people.
    Redline owns your soul.

  • Jess

    yeah i drank two of those within 35minutes while driving home and i was ok, just very hyper until I got out of the car and I felt like I couldn’t control my legs..other than that it reminds me of being drunk..honestly I’d rather drink these than alcohol…unless I find out some more crazy side effects

Last Modified: March 25, 2015