Quite Possibly the Most Powerful Energy Drink Ever


With so many energy drinks on the market, officials and consumers alike are concerned with the amount of caffeine in energy drinks and shots.

This has a lot to do with the reports of the recent deaths that have been blamed on energy beverages.

One of our goals at Caffeine Informer is to educate the consumer about how much caffeine is in the beverages and products that fill our store shelves.

Consumers can go to our Caffeine Database and find the most caffeinated drinks, but because there’s a lot of drinks, in varying sizes and caffeine content we’ve made things easier.

Based on caffeine/ounce alone, we list below the most caffeinated energy drinks and energy shots listed in our database.

Top 10 Most Powerful Energy Drinks/Shots

With the update to this list we now only include RTD energy shots and drinks. Mix ins like Liquid Caffeine are highly caffeinated but dependent on the user as regards to the amount of caffeine the “created” drink would contain.

Energy Shots

  1. DynaPep  714.3mg/floz
  2. Vital 4U Liquid Energy 305.6mg/floz
  3. Sreamin Energy Max Hit 303.9mg/floz
  4. ALRI Hypershot  250.0mg/floz
  5. Cocaine Energy Shot 140mg/floz
  6. Redline Power Rush 140mg/floz
  7. 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength 125mg/floz
  8. Mana Energy Potion 118.5mg/floz
  9. Eternal Energy Shot 115mg/floz
  10. Street King Energy Shot 112mg/floz

Energy Drinks

  1. Redline Energy Drink 39.5mg/floz
  2. Spike Shooter 35.7mg/floz
  3. Cocaine Energy Drink 33.3mg/floz
  4. Monster M3 32mg/floz
  5. Redline Princess 31.2 mg/floz
  6. Speed Shot Intensity 29.4 mg/floz
  7. BANG Energy Drink 22.3mg/floz.
  8. Spike Shotgun 21.9mg/floz
  9. Wired X344 Energy Drink 21.5mg/floz
  10. CoMotion Energy Drink 20 mg/floz

Drink Feature: VPX Redline History

VPX Redline used to be #1 with their concentrated VPX Redline Fat Burner. However, this version has since been taken off the market.

The below account is based on The Original Redline which was a 240ml concentrated liquid.

Redline now distributes Redline RTD, Redline Extreme, Redline princess, and Redline Power Rush some of which are listed above.

All of these new version contain the original formula, but watered down.

One of the most powerful energy drinks is called VPX Redline Fat Burner. Amazon is lacking a little information, so here’s a little more:

Check out this freaky scientific VPX breakthrough: RED LINE®: is the only matrix ever developed to shred fat through the shivering response in the body. By shivering the body burns huge amounts of stored body fat for energy in an effort to keep the body warm. That’s not all! In addition to shivering, you’ll also be sweating up a thermogenic storm. The combined mechanisms of these two processes results in unparalleled fat loss!

What fun. Now, it’s pretty obvious looking at the ingredients that there’s caffeine. But get this: all of the aforementioned goodness, and the serving size is FOUR ml. About one TENTH of an ounce. The whole bottle has 240 ml, or 60 servings. Basically, a bottle of this, less than the size of a normal can of coke, WILL kill you. This is nothing to be playing around with.

I have friends. Not just normal friends, mind you. The kind of friends that voluntarily live on the streets. The kind of friends who, when drinking, race to forgetting. The kind of friends who take caffeine pills, ephedrine pills, and aspirin.. all at once. One, in particular, drinks and consumes over a gram of caffeine daily, to stave off the headaches. So you know this is a serious review:

oh yeah, it’s definitely 90% caffeine. the aftertaste is unmistakeable. the best part is that since i didn’t have my normal “dose” this morning, i probably won’t actually feel sh*t.

[10 minutes later]

the caffeine kicked in a lot faster than i expected. though in retrospect, it normally does when it’s in syrup form and tastes like ass.

feel oddly cold too. took me a minute to realize that while i still was warm, it was that ‘shiver’ reflex kicking in. it’s a lot like when
you get a chill at the back of your neck, but somewhat continuous.

So what’s in this magical bottle of awesome? Caffeine, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, 5-HTP (5 hydroxy-1-tryptophan), cAMP, Yohimbe, Evodiamine, and Vinpocetine. And a few other things.

I know, I know, so here’s some more info:

cAMP is cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It supposedly “sparks many intercellular processes.” Whatever that means. Increased concentrations supposedly raise thyroid horomone levels, and help fat burning (would help explain why it’s in a fat-burning supplement).

Yohimbe is a bark extract from a tree in Africa. It’s considered a natural aphrodisiac, and sold here to treat impotency, dilate pupils, and stimulate fat loss. It can also mess with your blood pressure, so watch out.

Evodiamine is derived from some Chinese fruit called Evodia Rutaecarpa. Supposedly burns fat.

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid derived from some periwinkle plant. It is used in Europe, Japan, and Mexico to treat crebrovascular and cognitive disorders. Some people claims it elevates metabolism, but with no proof.

And the interesting one in the group: 5-HTP. I made sure to spell it out, so the smart ones in the group have already figured out the key: Tryptophan. It’s the same stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy, and there’s scientific evidence of it. The 5-HTP compound is sometimes used to treat mild depression since, somehow, it can increase serotonin levels. It can also affect appetite, which may be part of why they put it in here. The other part? When you’re jacking up a drink with this much caffeine, you’re going to get jitters and “scatterbrain.” This may actually cut the disconnected thoughts out and allow you to think normally, but still give you the energy effects of caffeine. Awesome.

Apparently you can buy this stuff at places like Super Supplements, GNC, and even some 7-11s. The concentrate isn’t something you should take a guzzle of. Or even a large sip. If you search on the internet, you can see some people who took the recommended dose, and started blacking out towards the end of a workout. Blacking out. 4 mililiters. Damn. There’s also a ready-to-drink version (I would bet that’s the one at 7-11), and half a bottle is all that’s recommended. Pay attention to it. People are comparing the 1/2 bottle to a full hit of ephedra. Unless you’ve done that before and know the effect it has on your body, don’t go doing anything macho with this one.

Just for poignant measure, look at this review:

I recently purchased the liquid form of redline at a local 7 Eleven store.

It was the first time I have ever drank an energy drink that had such an affect. With in a few minutes , I started to sweat and shake. Being familiar with the effects of narcotics, I must say the feeling felt a lot like cocaine feels.

The most disturbing trait is that my penis shriveled up like I just got out of the icy cold ocean. I can’t help but think that this product will be taken off the market. The effects are too strong for some minors and may not be safe for people on certain medication which are yet to be known.

And this one:

I tried Redline today while heading to work. I am a huge fan of RedBull & Diet Rockstar. I am 33 years old & in excellent condition.

Having not read the warning label I drank the whole bottle within 5 minutes. Within 10 minutes I was blacking out behind the wheel & shaking uncontrollably. I pulled over at a gas station — I was having difficulty in swallowing and could not stand, breathe or see straight.

I could not even walk for the convulsions. A bystander called the paramedics. Needless to say – my blood pressure was sky high & I thought I was on my way out.

I feel this drink is extremely dangerous & should not be on the market. There needs to be a very visible warning label not to drink the whole bottle for beginners. It has been 5 hours now & I still do not feel normal.

This drink could seriously kill someone if not informed.
I am sorry but I will never drink this again nor recommend it to fellow peers.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Charles

    Hey REDLINE users, I have a 2 mile race to run in 7 days. You think this stuff can help my endurance and stamina?

  • Julian Ressler

    I bought a red line today with my. his freind told himn that it was more potent than redbull. being a fan of redbull we went out to get. we drank on our why back to my house. by the time we got there we were both shivering and sweating. after running and lifting alittle we lost all feeling in our bodys. it has been about an hour and a half now and we still feeling the effects. i agree with the statment that drinking this shit will kill you i dont reconmend it to anyone who does not know there bodys well.

  • joshua

    duuuuude redline is freakin awesome i know i shouldnt be taking it cause i break like 6 of the rules on the warning label, but it is NOT AS BAD as u all say it is. i had a 13 year old friend who drank FOUR cans. i saw him do it. no death.no hospital. no blackout. seriously, email me cause i REALLY wanna clear some stuff up about this. ive also recently ordered the liquid caps of ebay and i hope to hell theyre not some ind of knockoff or something.also i know more about caffiene than most of u cause i did a science project for school where i didnt sleep for a week and thats where i introduced my self to caffiene. i would take the pills but i dont think i would mess with the concentrate seems tooooo easy to take too much

  • joshua

    o sorry my email is bigwhitebust@yahoo.com i just left the previous comment

  • joshua

    o bby the way im 15 years old

  • shane mendez

    i belive the serving size is 4oz. and the bottle contains 8oz. seeing how the 8 oz conatainer is labeled as 2 servings…i had one for the first time and split it into 2 servins as suggested…they also recocmend taking less then that the first time to gain a tolerance …but it isnt as deadly as you say…although it is incredibly powerful…i had to eat alarge amount of various breakfast cereals to keep it from getting me sick becuase the drink itsefl has no calories and simply activates those in your system…

    excuse my typos….im lazy

  • shane mendez

    ok yesterday it didnt have any adverse effects…but today i wasnt sure if iwas gonig ot die or not…i had to take a minute to slow down every time i made a rapid movement…
    but basically this is a weight loss drink for those within ten pounds of their proper wieght…if you follow the directions to the letter you should have any probelm…but then again the warning basically suggests that you just sit around while you are under the effects of the drink(the next 24 hours)….and do not try ot use it for wieght loss

    Do not use this to speed you up in a run especially one that long…i would say you run the risk of dying

  • new redline guy

    I was feeling incredibly bad today… tired, sluggish, completely out of the norm. I wandered in to a gnc store and told the clerk that I needed some energy od pep supplement. He suggested redline. he did tell me to drink only half, but it didn’t seem reasonable because it was a small bottle. I drank the bottle and took a few ibuprophen for my headache(only thing I could find), with in fifteen minutes I was feeling great. Ton of energy… felt fantastic…a little jittery, but really not too bad. I think the people with an issue have a very low tolerance to caffine… later I told a friend. He told me of the effects mentioned here…I don’t see anything wrong with the product, because it made me feel great

  • sugar

    does anyone else ever feel like they have diahrea about 15 minutes after they drink it? my butt feels like its on fire. sorry if that’s too graphic

  • Grupoo

    You people are taking about Redline RTD right? I slammed one with really no affect.

    CHECK MY MYSPACE OUT.. http://www.myspace.com/keani_hammond

  • sally

    I had trouble sleeping last night, and had to go to work this morning, but was very tired. I went and bought a redline this morning, and in an instant was upbeat, very peppy, but very cold. After work i was still upbeat after a 10 hour shift. I had no negative side effects, except that i drank one at 10 in the morning, and at 1:44 a.m (current time)i cannot sleep for the life of me. So i am begging to see how they work. You drink one, then you cant sleep so you need another one the next morning. Befroe you know it you know it your buying 2 a day.

  • Jesus!!

    So I have heard about redline RDX a few days ago, i was really pumped to try it out. I went to the store and got 5. Went home drank half of 1, waited an hour, nothing. Drank the other half, waited another hour, nothing again.. I dont feel any different, none of the cold chills, sweating, feeling heat, nothing. A friend suggested that mabey im immune to the caffine in it. Is this possible? I really want to try and get the adrinaline rush that every1 is experiencing. Are there any other products out there that i can try? And do you think that the redline pills will have any affects on me?

  • Sydnie

    I used to drink Redline a couple times a week, but I realized that it really made me nauseous. If you are planning on trying it (beacuse I know that this whole thing isn’t going to stop you if you really want it) make sure that within 5 minutes of drinking it you aren’t somewhere you have to be sitting for a while. I’m a tiny girl, so it kicks in pretty fast for me and I can’t sit down for more than a minute without wanting to throw up or run around the room (probably both). I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day, so I’m not caffiene intolerant if that’s what you’re thinking, Redline is just really strong. I love it, but I’ve noticed that the day after I drink it I get really sick in the morning (maybe that’s the weight loss part of it, I don’t know) but nobody else I know gets those symptoms. Everybody is different, but definately don’t try Redline on a day where you’re going to be driving a lot or having to sit around, try it on a day when you’re active but not like a marathon. I drank it at work so I would be bouncing off the walls while making food, my speed really went up. Just be careful when drinking it, I do have a feeling this product is going to be taken off the shelves eventually or sold to adults, not teens.

  • Josh

    Whoever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight. The serving is NOT 4ml and it does NOT contain lethal amounts of caffiene. It will NOT make you black out. Whoever was saying this is clearly looking for attention or a compulsive liar. This would not be legal if it contained the ammount of caffiene that you claim it does. My friends and I have consumed this on many occasions with no ill side effects to date.

  • Mike

    Hi everyone. Last week I tried REDLINE for the first time. I love energy drinks so I decided to take it to the next level. I am under 18 but I fit ALL of the other warnings. I bought it at GNC at the mall by my house. The guy there said it was equal to taking 4 RED BULLS so I figured I would try it. I took it as recomended and felt GREAT. I had energy for 4-6 hours after I took it. I also didnt crash or get really tired right after. This is the real deal. It isn’t as bad as people say it is. It really is simple just, take it a half hour AFTER you eat and then about another half hour later drink the other half. It works. Give it a shot! WARNING: BECAREFUL!


    instant heart attack is what they should call this drink i consume six shots of expresso over ice and down it in two drinks every morning but this redline in a bottle is out rageous within in minutes of downing a whole bottle you can feel the heart pulpitations and the tingling sesation going down your left arm tightness in your chest difficultly in breathing my suggestions to any one is to stay away from this drink …does it make you feel wired and awake yes …but in bad way not in a i feel good and euphoric way ……so what i did was i drank 3 24 ounce bottles of water to flush one small can of redline finally after couple hours my heart slowed down enough to wear i felt like i could get up and moved around…i drink caffeine products to be productive not sit there and hold my chest thinkin im gonna die

  • dan


    September 17th, 2006

    11:49 pm
    duuuuude redline is freakin awesome i know i shouldnt be taking it cause i break like 6 of the rules on the warning label, but it is NOT AS BAD as u all say it is. i had a 13 year old friend who drank FOUR cans. … “i know more about caffiene than most of u cause i did a science project for school where i didnt sleep for a week and thats where i introduced my self to caffiene….”

    one quick word to josh, your a dumbass! just the haluinating alone from being up for 5 days made we wanna commit suicide, lets not even talk about when i reached my 9th day awake, i stayed awake souly on soda cocoa cola and pepsi, this was when i was in my senior year when red bul and rockstar were the main drinks out. to say you did it on redline is upsurd, i also work at a GNC and know or a fact that even bodybuilders who are in perfect shape wouldnt drink this horse piss redline. so go ahead and OD have fun world will be better with out an ignorant ass like yourself.

  • Bryan

    All you guys under the age of 18 are saying that you purchased redline at GNC? I can’t believe they sell it to minors, unless u guys had fake IDs.

  • michael

    I bought a few redlines at 7-11 last year when i was 16. and people tell me I look at lot younger than I am.

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