Real Beanz Iced Coffee Caffeine Content

RealBeanzWhen Real Beanz decided to enter the RTD iced coffee market they decide to set themselves apart from the brands that were already dominating that category.

Unlike ¬†Java Monster, Rockstar Roasted, and Starbucks Double Shot, Real Beanz Iced Coffee’s are all natural, made with real brewed coffee and natural energy enhancing ingredients.

The company was nice enough to send me all 7 varieties of their iced coffee line for review.

Let’s start by looking at the caffeine content as well as the sugar content of each iced coffee.

Real Beanz Caffeine Content

Bottle 9.5 fl oz (281ml)Caffeine (mg)Sugar Content (g)
Cappuccino Energize6625
Caramel Focus7525
Mocha Resist5726
Vanilla Nut Relax022
Diet Cappuccino Trim & Fit456
Cappuccino Refresh w/coconut water459
Dark Roast Refresh w/coconut water759

How Did They Taste?

real-beanz-coconutOverall, I was impressed with the pure flavor of Real Beanz Iced Coffee. They tasted like iced coffee, not coffee mixed with a lot of chemicals.

They are probably a tad too sweet for my liking, but not as sweet as their¬†competitors. However, I can see this product being a big hit with the average iced coffee consumer who doesn’t like to drink their coffee unsweetened.

Their coconut water based flavors were a bit interesting. Since I usually drink my hot coffee with coconut milk now, I didn’t mind the slight coconut flavor of these. However, for people who don’t like coconut or coconut water, they are probably better off sticking to the 5 standard coffee flavors.

Real Beanz Has Plenty Of Natural Energy Ingredients

All 7 varieties of Real Beanz have different ingredient profiles, but besides the natural caffeine from brewed coffee expect to see other energy drink ingredients like Guarana, Panax Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Niacin, B6, B12, B5, L-theanine, Choline Bitrate, Green Tea, and Grape Seed Extract.

A die hard coffee or energy drink consumer would need a few of these to experience much in the way of a caffeine boost. However, for the average consumer Real Beanz Iced coffee should put a little pep in your step. Focus looks like it gives you the most bang for your buck.

Real Beanz has done a great job of creating enhanced iced coffees that do not taste¬†enhanced. I like seeing all natural products like these in the marketplace and I’m sure they’ll be a hit with the health conscious iced coffee consumer.

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  • Mike

    ive had the energizer one in fact I own 3 bottles now with the new label. The old label didnt say how much caffeine but explained how the drink is like an cappuccino from Italy. I dont know 1st hand. Love how it’s healthy and not 100% bad for us. What i love the most is it has yerba mate in it that I like drinking cold and hot(cans bottles tea bags) if I recall from the other times I had it I enjoyed it and get a decent enough buzz for a while. Last time I had one was with my christmas breakfast and I added a shot of bailey’s to it.

  • alhdvm

    I just recently tried the Diet Cappuccino and I really liked it! Just sweet enough and low in calories! It is my new favorite but I just need to find where to buy it more easily!

  • Pauline David

    A friend gave me Dark Roast with Coconut Water because I’m a coffee drinker and I was shocked of how much I liked, no scratch that, …. love the taste. I’m hooked.

Last Modified: August 31, 2015