Realife Plus Energy: Liquid Caffeine

Usually I show disdain for “deviations” in the current energy drink market, such as the novel idea of energy candy or food. Luckily innovation is not entirely in short supply.

Today I bring you Realife Plus Energy, which is essentially liquid caffeine that can make any beverage into a minor or massive boost, depending on your preference.

I know this isn’t the first of it’s kind, but I always enjoy a simple product. The question is, can Realife Liquid Caffeine deliver a kick to my groggy pants without a punch to my taste buds?


My drink of choice for mixing these puppies into was a 24oz. Blue Raspberry Faygo (no caffeine and only $1). Upon opening the small plastic “vials” each Realife is contained in (I used two), I was greeted with a semi-fruity scent. Once well shaken into my now caffeinated beverage, the first sip was administered. The flavor was only very slightly muted and a tiny bit bitter on the tail end (which I only realized because I have had this flavor of Faygo before). In the mixing department, Realife Liquid Caffeine does a stand up job.

Realife Plus Energy Ingredients

Each 10ml “twist tube” contains 80 mg of caffeine (think of the applications!). The only other ingredient is purified water. Short and sweet, I like that.


As expected my dreary eyelids were lifted and I had a solid, energized night of bookstore tomfoolery and late night adventuring. It would have been fairly easy to mix Realife into some other beverages and keep going until past daybreak, but I opted out. However, this is a product with a versatile boost range that can easily be applied to any caffeine-boost-craving situation.

Realife Verdict

Essentially Realife plus Energy brought exactly what I wanted from it to the table, simplicity, a flavor (or the absence of one) that does not trigger my gag reflex, and a solid boost for whatever activity I choose to partake in (I am certain an energy explosion can be achieved with more). Either way you twist it, Realife Liquid Caffeine delivers the goods, plain and simple.

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

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  • Steve

    This product sounds way too much like “Energy Catalyst” which was reviewed by this very site some time ago. I’ve been using EC for a while now and it is far cheaper than buying an energy drink especially if you buy in bulk.

  • BinkyM

    Why, exactly, is this product necessary? If you need some caffeine, why not take a caffeine pill (or part of one if you want less)? That way, you needn’t muck up the flavor of anything you drink. Was Realife created for people who didn’t even think to take an undoubtedly cheaper caffeine pill? To get on the energy drink bandwagon?


    my names are Foffe Tchuisse Voltaire a young Cameroonian citizen and a young scientist interested in science and technology i am interested in knowing more about caffeine if there is some one there who can help i will be very grateful.


  • ted

    Well you’re in luck Foffe, we have a whole site here full of information on caffeine. Use our site search and have at it. 🙂

Last Modified: July 8, 2014