Red Bull Enters the Energy Shot Arena.

rb_energyshotRed Bull Energy Shots have been discontinued, but may be found in some regions while supplies remain.

Normally, I’d toss together a paragraph or two of words to introduce the product that I have reviewed.

As I sat down and started to contemplate what my introduction for the Red Bull Energy Shots would be like, I realized something. These shots need no introduction.

If you are not familiar with Red Bull and feel an informative introduction is warranted, I’m sorry but you must have your lost your way. The blog for shut-ins is just down the hall and to the right.


From my experience, it seems there is no room for significant taste innovation with energy shots. They all seem so overcome with cramming in a zealous energy blend that there’s little room left for tasty content. While energy shots do vary in taste, there is always a foundation that carries across platforms. That common ground in taste between all energy shots is, in a sense, the identifiable taste of this shot. Nice job, Red Bull, you just made every shot out there taste like they’re copying you. However, to get to the point, this shot will not offend you if you are fine with the regular Red Bull taste.

The sugar free version? Just as you’d expect. Exactly like the unedited version but with less flavor commitment.


The regular Red Bull says to the Red Bull energy shot: “And I shall call him, mini me.’” The composition of the shot is no different from the popular 8oz can (including 80mg of caffeine). I hear it took years of creative planning and dedicated execution; a real breakthrough achievement for the R&D division at Red Bull.


Hear me now, hear me clear: Red Bull has officially made a functional product for the caffeinated majority. Woah. The effect does not barge in with a jolt, in fact it’s quite difficult to refer to a point in time where the shot starts to take effect. You’ll also be challenged to mark a point where the effect wears off. So, what kind of effect is there to be had if you can’t feel it come or go? It’s a very quiet effect, but the beat behind the soothing music is undoubtedly techno.


These energy shots were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. If they behave, their success is in written in stone. These shots do not make any statements and they shouldn’t. All they have to do is avoid turning away consumers and they will do just that. Those high on the Red Bull corporate food chain should have a much more extravagant Christmas this year.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • Aaron

    I knew they would be last in the game! And sadly people will be wasting their money on these like they do the rest of their line. The other brands are $3 so will this be $6?

  • Barb

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this one was super expensive. I am not a redbull fan to begin with, but it is worth a try….So far I am stuck on the 5-Hour Energy shots…They are definitely my fav.

  • mob

    so many years and you still forget to point out the caffeine content…. don’t get me wrong, i love this site and visit religiously but just had to point that out.

  • Dusty

    Aaron and Bob, I’m sorry but I don’t have the price immediately available to me. I predict, thought that it will be very close to the 8oz price, making it a reasonably priced shot.

    mob, read the ingredients paragraph again. I believe you’re mistaken 🙂

  • Dusty

    Sorry *Barb* not Bob lol

  • Evan

    lol I was just about to ask if you guy tried this yet. For people wondering about price, the one I got from a grocery store was $2.99. I thought this was a decent shot, but it seems kind of weird that you lose 6oz and the good taste of Red Bull yet still have to pay more.

  • mob

    oh sorry man, keep up the good work =)

  • Jake This is a great article illustrating the move of energy drinks into the shot market and it is pretty fun too, referring to “There’s Something About Mary”

  • doody

    I’ve always felt that Red Bull was for lightweights who watch TV but don’t know anything about energy drinks. The release of their energy shot doesn’t mark any change in my interest with the brand.

  • Red Bull is over rated, they set the bar years ago but now they’re followers. Try the Rockstar Shots… that’s where it’s at!

  • Matt R

    I just tried this. HOLY CRAP! It is amazing, and that’s no exaggeration. It not only tastes great, but you can feel it working almost instantly… and it leaves a great taste in your mouth. Priced at 2 for $5 it’s not a bad deal, either! I’m a fan… a big one.

  • I was just floored by how good this tastes in comparison to other energy drinks. The price here is still over $3.50, so I’ll wait for it to come down before buying them over my current favorite – the redline 7 hour (mango flavor).

  • Zashkaser


  • Frank

    I spent $4 on this product just the other day and to my suprise, it, had the same effect as the normal redbull, which is suprisingly priced cheaper!! also you get more in the regular can. Im sticking with V to be perfectly honest, works for me.

  • Ashley

    I bought this for 1.49. and it was worth every penny, most energy shots taste horrible and i cant even get them down, i love redbull. love what there doing.. idk about the actually energy.. lol

  • josh

    Not worth the money. 5 hour energy tastes like benadryl and redbull shots taste a little better but both have terrible after taste. I’m on the road every morning at 1 am and figured I would try them. My opinion , monster java loco moca is the best thing out there if you want to wake up.

  • lisa w

    These do not do it for me. It makes me jittery for about ten minutes and then I crash hard. Not worth the money.

Last Modified: June 16, 2014