Red Bull May Cause Sticky Blood

red bull sticky blood plateletsSugar Free Red Bull may cause blood platelets to become sticky and not work as they should.

This is based on some research coming out of Australia concerning Red Bull.

The Sugar-Free Red Bull Study

According to the Times Online, a study involving 30 university students showed that one hour after they consumed one can of Red Bull Sugar-free, they had the cardiovascular profile of someone with heart disease.

They believe that a chemical in the sugar-free Red Bull causes the blood platelets to become sticky, which could cause blood clots.

Red Bull has denied this study stating that none of their research indicated any potential problems with the beverage. They said that it was in 143 countries and has never been banned where it was introduced.

The Australian researchers warn people with heart problems to stay away from the sugar-free Red Bull, claiming that it could make the condition worse.

No problems were linked to the regular variety of Red Bull.

This certainly raises questions concerning the product’s safety, but I think there needs to be further studies performed to confirm the results that Adelaide University discovered.

No Further Evidence of Sticky Blood

It’s been several years since this study was originally published and I can find no follow-up studies online. I’m not sure why no other research institutes have tested this further.

Perhaps with the millions of Sugar-free Red Bull consumers safely using it, it has been anecdotally proved safe?

This is a serious accusation against Red Bull and yet it seems to have fallen off of the radar. If sugar free Red Bull causes people’s blood platelets to stick together, it should be studied further since Red Bull is the number one selling energy drink on the planet.

Recently Red Bull has been linked to at least one death and some other near death incidents.

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  • Rydawg09

    At least i can continue drinking the regular Red Bull

  • Joe

    Per a Dr. at the Mayo Clinic. Avoid any man made sweeteners. They are all chemicals that your body does not know how to process. Just use regular sugar, preferably RAW sugar. You body can easliy process this becasue it is natural. Any times something says “no sugar”.. rad the fine print and stay away from the chemicals.


  • mike

    joe is completely right!!! i was also told that artificial sweeteners are far worse for you than raw sugar. you do the research.

  • Steve

    Aspartame (NutraSweet) is the worst. One can of diet soda (any variety) with that stuff in it and I start to break out worse than a 15 year old.

  • gabbie

    what chemical is it that causes the thickening and that stuff?

  • Forthac

    Interesting, would it be possible to get the source?

  • ted

    My source was linked in the post.

  • frank


Last Modified: August 12, 2014