Red Bull Editions: Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow, Cherry, Orange

2015 Red Bull Editions Line
The Red Bull Edition line started with three flavor variations: Red, Silver, and Blue. Soon a Summer Edition was released and more recently Orange and Cherry Editions were released under the Total Zero label.

For over a decade Red Bull has relied on their simple product line. They tried cola and even an energy shot in the USA, but reverted back to just the original and two low calorie versions.

However, there is a multi-flavored Monster hot on the heels of the Bull and I think they are a little scared. Earlier this year there was only a 700,000 million dollar gap between Red Bull and Monster and this gap has been closing as Monster spreads world-wide.

The Solution? A more diverse flavor line like their biggest competitor.

Here’s what Red Bull Red, Silver, Blue, Summer, Cherry, and Orange Editions are all about.

Total Zero Orange Edition

orange edition
The Orange Edition is formulated with Red Bull’s Total Zero formula.

  • It is tropical orange flavored and described as orange mango.
  • Same energy formula as Red Bull Total Zero
  • Sweetened with sucralose and Ace-K
  • 12 floz can
  • 114mg of caffeine

Taste: Orange Edition has a lightly sweet strong orange/mango flavor and is pretty easy to drink. I couldn’t taste any of the energy ingredients, but there was a slight aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners used. All in all, a nice edition to the line and I love that it is zero sugar.

Total Zero Cherry Edition

cherry editionThe Cherry Edition is also formulated with Red Bull’s Total Zero formula.

  • It is Cherry flavored and described similar to a black cherry soda.
  • Same energy formula as Red Bull Total Zero
  • Sweetened with Sucralose and Ace-K
  • 12 floz can
  • 114mg of caffeine

Taste: Cherry Edition has a slightly sweet tasting cherry flavor that finishes a little on the sour side. It wasn’t bad, but not as nice as the Orange Edition in my opinion. Cherry also has a slight aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners used, but I do see this appealing to those that like cherry flavored soft drinks.

Red Bull Yellow Edition

yellow editionRed Bull Yellow (previously called Summer) Edition was only available in the summertime, but look for it all year long soon.

  • Yellow (Summer) edition is tropical flavored
  • Same energy formula as original Red Bull
  • 8.4 floz -or- 12 floz can
  • 80mg -or- 114mg of caffeine

Taste: The Yellow has a nice tropical flavor and it reminded me of Orange but Yellow is heavy on the mango and light on the citrus, while Orange tastes the other way around.

This one is sweetened with sugar and sucralose, which cuts down on the aftertaste as well as the calories. It has the same energy blend as original Red Bull, but a little more caffeine if you choose the 12 floz can. All in all a nice tasting beverage.

Red Bull Red Edition

red edition
  • This version is cranberry flavored.
  • Same Energy Formula as original.
  • Sweetened with sugar.
  • Same price as the original.
  • 8.4 floz can.
  • 80mg of caffeine

Taste: Red has a light cranberry flavor, yet artificial at that. It is definitely better than Original Red Bull. The can says “artificially flavored” yet in the ingredients it only lists “natural flavors”. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t choose Red on a regular basis.

Silver Edition

silver edition
  • This version is lime flavored.
  • Same Energy Formula.
  • Sweetened with sugar.
  • Same price as the original.
  • 8.4 floz can.
  • 80mg of caffeine

Taste: Silver is the citrus flavored version and this comes through nicely. It reminds me of Sprite, which is a lemon/lime flavored soda. This was my favorite Edition and what I feel is the most enjoyable to drink.

Update 4/9/2015: This was just sent to us by Red Bull….

The Red Bull Silver Edition is still available in select markets; however, with the introduction of our new Cherry, Orange, and Yellow flavored Editions, the Red Bull Silver Edition will no longer be offered in the U.S. after stocks are depleted.

Blue Edition

blue edition
  • This version is blueberry flavored.
  • Same Energy Formula.
  • Sweetened with sugar.
  • Same price as the original.
  • 8.4 floz can.
  • 80mg of caffeine

Taste: Blue is blueberry flavored and it was my least favorite. I love blueberries, but hate artificial blueberry flavor, which comes through pretty heavily. It even kind of tastes a little like anise (licorice) to me. I’m definitely not a fan of Blue Edition.

Have You Tried the Red Bull Editions?

What do you think of the new flavors of Red Bull. Will Red, Blue, Yellow, Cherry, and Orange Editions propel the energy drink giant even further to the top?

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Tinners

    I proffered the RED edition out of the 3. The SILVER tastes like a strong artificial lime gum ball that you would get from those huge entertaining gum ball machines as a kid. BLUE edition wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad the more I drink it the more I don’t mind it but its like the Vegemite of red bull you either hate it or love it. RED edition is like drinking an angels tears of joy its just amazing and my go to red bull ever since it came out. I’m curious though to if this is one of those ” Limited Time ” things and if it is I am going to stock up on the red.. and one or two blue.

  • I’ve tried all three, but I love the RED edition the most. It has a nice light flavor that reminds me of a soda from another brand. It doesn’t taste that artificial to me. My next favorite is the BLUE edition. It tastes like I am drinking candy… some may not like that but ah well. The flavor is still better then the original. I found the silver version to be so so. Guess I have never been a big fan of lime.

  • V

    The problem of Red Bull vs Monster is… HELLO?! Price! You get a 8.4 oz RB for $3 at the gas station, but only pay $2 for a 16oz Monster! I love Red Bull, I still buy it because I don’t like how sugary Monster tastes, but I know a few people who’ve jumped ship because RB wants so much and gives so little. It’s like the mercedez benz of energy drinks… people just can’t afford it anymore.

  • V

    Oh, and Blueberry was actually my fav lol. I was disappointed with the Red and I disliked the silver. Personal opinion only.

  • Blueberry is the only one I have tried so far and I love it. Can’t wait to try the others.

  • Stink

    My work just gave every employee a slab of these (24). Not having drank any of them I chose a slab of silver and I like it. I would be interesting to try the others although im not a fan of either blueberry or cranberry.

  • Kyle

    I thought Blue was much better than the Red

  • Tor Marie

    I hope these stick around – I don’t like classic Red Bull at all, but love all three special editions.

  • Sex master

    I’m make sex

  • Optimouse

    Just tried the three of them, still prefer the taste of the original red bull though. I was so content from the original taste that I didn’t need anything added upon the original. The silvery might be though the only one I could tolerate. I guess they just look to expand on new customers who never liked the original taste.

  • DarrenR

    Out of the three I like the Blueberry the best, but I havent tried the cranberry because I dont like cranberrys. I was suprised by the lime one because I didnt expect it to be such a strong lime flavor, it really reminds me of sucking on a lime. Overall the Original is still my favorite.

  • April Kush

    I have tried all three flavors since I HATE the normal flavor of the Original Red Bull, I was VERY happy to see new flavors come out. Lately Monster Drinks, though I LOVE their price, has been giving me an upset stomach. So I was very happy to see the new Red Bull flavors to check them out. My favorite is the Red. It reminds me of sparkling cranberry juice and it is far more stomach-able then the Original flavor. The only draw back I have is that with the Monster drinks you get 2 times the amount for basically the same price. I can get a Monster for $1.60 (average US) that is 2 servings, and the red Red Bull is the same average price but it’s only 1 serving. That may be why Monster is making so much more. It costs twice as much for Red Bull, basically, as it does for Monster, and Monster has more stuff in it. Therefore I tend to buy the Monster a lot more and end up spending a lot more on it. I live in pain and am on pain medication and thus can be tired a lot so I need that extra boost. If I can get 2 times the boost with Monster… it almost makes it worth the tummy ache. Lately I will buy 4 Monsters and 1 or 2 Red Bull…. Maybe Red Bull would not be so far behind in sales if they doubled their can size. I bet for only 10 cents more they could double the can size and triple their profits. I know I’d buy it a LOT more if it was more worth it. As it is now… it’s more a ‘treat’ then anything else. Though I am glad that they now have the new flavors because before I never liked it, it was so nasty. Now I can grab a red, or a silver, I don’t really like the blue, and have a quick treat and energy boost. Just wish they were bigger cans, I’d buy them exclusively if they were.

  • April Kush

    When I saw them I got one of each since I HATE the original flavor. You might like the RED one better, it’s like drinking sparkling cranberry juice, very pleasant. And if you hate the original flavor, you might like it.

  • Ali

    I got red bull for free but the box was empty

  • joe

    You said the blueberry tastes like anus. I like the blueberry. Not the anus.

  • Yummytum

    I LOVE the blue one and hate the silver one. I guess it’s just a matter of preference

  • Lexicat

    The Silver one reminded me of a vodka tonic with a twist of lemon; it would make a great ‘mixer’ for alcoholic beverages. The blueberry is delicious, if you are into blueberry flavor (I loved it!), and the cranberry was my least favorite.

  • Darcy Knapp

    I am trying blueberry as I type this. I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s not something I can drink on the daily like I can with the NOS Active Energy Water, which taste like gatorade and is bigger and cheaper. Buttttt I have always loved red bull. It’s not to bad. I will say I won’t try the cranberry..unless it goes on sale because I am not a fan of cranberry anything..yuck. but I will try Lime sometime!

  • Darcy Knapp

    Yeah I don’t think it’s that bad..I get the whole..”I hate artifical blueberry flavor” because i do hate that..same with banana flavoring,,it’s not close to what the actual food taste like lol. but the blueberry is not that bad! 🙂

  • rmescola

    We have tried the RED here in Italy and we really like it, it doesn’t leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. We like it better than the regular.

Last Modified: April 16, 2015