Red Fin Energy Shot Review

red-finA few weeks ago, the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time was released in theaters.

I’m referring to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a movie I’ve been awaiting as anxiously as a surprise return of Surge.

Problem was the midnight release was sold out. With that news, my friends and I did the next most sensible thing; we bought tickets for a 3:30AM showing. To ring in the event and pass the time, we started watching the original Transformers on DVD at 11PM.

The stage was set to put a new energy shot to the test. Lights, camera, action!


Red Fin Energy has a sweet berry taste that is honest up until you swallow. At that point, you’re reminded it’s still an energy shot you’re drinking. The standardized somewhat bitter experience is fairly short-lived, though. The show goes on.


As far as B-Vitamins go, this is just another Chaser 5 Hour clone. I was so disappointed the first time I read down the ingredients label and saw that magic 8,333% B12 content value. As I continued to read on, though, I saw something ridiculous: a disclosed caffeine content! On a B-vitamin shot! Red Fin bares no shame in listing their whopping 200mg caffeine content. Pair that with standard B-vitamin boost most of us have come to love and you may just have a winner.


Remarkably, I lasted through watching the original Transformers, standing in line for an hour, and watching the longest movie of my life, without EVER feeling fatigued or tired. We’re talking about sitting down from 11PM to 6AM, including all the driving in between.

Granted, I was ready to pee my pants with anticipation all night and the visual effects in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen constantly threatened the structural integrity of my occipital lobe. Without such stimulation, maybe Red Fin wouldn’t have performed so well, but so what. I needed energy for a 6 hour period and Red Fin did not let me down.


I have no idea how Red Fin plans to keep itself alive in today’s energy shot market. The name and image doesn’t look like it will hit home with too many consumers and that’s everything in a market where everything looks the same. It’s a shame that the majority of consumers will never find a reason to give this wonderful energy shot a try. You though, the educated consumer, have no excuse to not try it if you see it!

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • Nick

    I’ve never seen this stuff before, I’m always up to wasting up to $3 to try any energy product for the first time though. Transformers 2 was so SWEET! I went to the midnight premiere myself, and I used a Monster Hitman Sniper to get me through it, though the movie itself would keep you up better than any energy product, haha, it was so intense.

  • Tim

    That movie was sooo much better than the first one…awesomeness.

  • Evan

    lol I saw the 3:30am showing while looking at the other times and wondered who would actually want to see a 3 hour movie that late. I still can’t believe someone had the balls to create a live action tranformers movie. when i first saw the trailer for the first one i thought it had to be a prank

  • Evan

    HOLY S**T!!!!!! Cases of GURU are only $2.34 on Amazon!!!! I just ordered like four, but this seems to good to be true!

  • Nick

    Yeah, Evan, when i saw the trailer for Avatar, i thought it was a joke. Cause the first like 30-45 seconds it wasn’t clear what the trailer was for, my cousin was like “Oh crap, another modern kung fu movie.” and I’m like, “No it’s being way to serious, it’s going to end up being a parody or comedy or something.” and then he got this look on his face and he’s like “No way… its…” and then the trailer says “The Last Airbender.” And we both laugh our asses off, it was kinda embarrassing we were the only ones laughing.

    And I can’t find that case of GURU for $2.34, can you link? Or maybe it was a deal that already ended.

  • Evan

    I was looking at the Guru page on this website and saw the price so I ordered five total, but the price was gone within an hour. I was really excited at first but I’m assuming that they’re gonna email me saying that it was a mistake or something and refund my money. I’m keeping my hopes up though.

Last Modified: April 20, 2016