Revive: Nature’s Energy Mint

revive energy mintsWith the recent decline in new energy drinks, it comes as no surprise the caffeinated candy market has also taken a hit.

Despite the abundance of candy products released last year, this year has had few post-worthy options.

Well, the list of recommendable products has just gotten a little bigger. With the release of Revive Energy Mints which means Stay Alert finally has some competition.

Update: 2011 New Improved Revive Energy Mint Formula. See how Revive’s changed below.


The mints themselves are soft blue in color and smell of sweet mint plants. Upon popping the nickel sized tablet a cooling effects travels completely through the sinuses. Refreshing, freezing, and delicious, Revive isn’t your normal energy mint. Stay Alert, for example, was all about the caffeine rush. The flavor was unpalatable for many and they had to force themselves to keep chewing. That’s all changed with Revive, which is being touted as “Nature’s Energy Mint”.

Update: Intense Mint flavor. Revive lasts for 30 minutes in your mouth, but after 15 minutes the mint is less minty and takes on a slight “vitamin” Type flavor.

Revive Ingredients

The title is mainly due to the ingredients Acai, Mangostreen, and Goji; three well known “Super” antioxidants. Granted each mint contains relatively minor amounts considering caffeine, Guarana, green tea, ginseng, and the three antioxidants come to a total of 101mg, but the emphasis on health is much more important.

Note: The manufacturer stated that there is 85mg of caffeine per mint.

Update: 10% of you vitamin C and each Revive Mint Consists of Caffeine, Guarana, Green Tea, Ginseng, Acai, Mangosteen and Goji. With a boost in caffeine, clocking in at 101mg/mint.


Will these mints give you a kick-in-the-ass caffeine rush? Its unlikely. Swallowing an entire pack at once might have that effect, but that would be missing the point. Like many “natural” energy products, they’re supposed to give alertness rather than a rush. With this in mind, Revive mints do exactly what they say they do and actually taste good. Now I know what you’re thinking, the concept seems far fetched, but apparently, caffeinated products can be both strong and taste good. Simply amazing.

Update: For just a mint, I was quite surprised by the boost I got from a Revive Energy Mint.  Of course it wasn’t the rush that would push you through your normal blue Monday, but definitely enough to get you through between energy drinks or if you just need a rush without having to crush an entire energy drink.

Revive Energy Mint Verdict

Either way, Revive is an everyday energy mint. It doesn’t take justification to put in your mouth and it certainly won’t leave you feeling guilty for taking so much caffeine in one day. At the same time, they aren’t nearly as strong (caffeine-wise) as Stay Alert so gauge accordingly. In all, a perfect classroom, date, work, or driving companion.

Update: I will definitely keep a few packs of these mints in my drawer for those slow dragging days, yet for my energy needs I will continue to reach for my dependable and better tasting liquid forms.  You could always pop 1 or 2 in your mouth and then follow it with your favorite energy drink to not only mask the taste, but to reach that ultimate energy rush…

Reviewed by Josh

Updated review by Brandon Trouten

Free product was received by Brandon and Josh in order to complete their reviews.

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  • Fred Alman

    I ordered some of these online and I was really impressed, good taste, good kick, no crash, I’ll be looking for them in the stores around here

  • bob

    Sounds kind of weak to me. The only mints I care for are Foosh with it’s 100 mg caffeine. How much caffeine is in 1 revive mint?

  • Jay

    I’ve tried both Revive and Foosh energy mints. As far as I could tell Revive mints pack an energy punch that is at least as equivalent to that from a Foosh mint. And I have to say, Revive energy mints taste a whole lot better than any energy mint/candy I’ve tried.

  • Mark

    Do these mints have aspartame? (I’m looking for an energy mint that does not have aspartame in it)

  • josh

    Yes they do contain both Aspartame and Ace-K, a similar sugar alternative.

  • Kendra

    I tried one of these as well, I would say the energy kick is about the same as FOOSH (and the taste was much better), I believe they have close to 100mg of caffeine, but not sure!

  • Kendra

    Just noted that it say’s above that each mint as 85mg’s of caffeine. Seemed about right to me, I got right around the same kick as a Red Bull.

  • Mike

    This is the first energy mint that I’ve tried that hasn’t had that weird, bitter caffeine aftertaste in it. Would definitely recommend!

  • Brianna

    Wonderful product, there are already imitators out there, but none of them have the Goji, Mangosteen and Acai. You can’t get these fruits at this price anywhere else I have seen!

  • Robbie

    I got a free sample and auto-ship program from

  • Katina

    You can also get a free sample here with no commitment:

  • I am not interested in revive product and I want to stop any oncoming shipment.

    Thank you
    Santos Castillo

  • ted

    It’s not gonna be stopped by leaving a comment here Santos, we aren’t affiliated with revive.

  • andy

    There is aspartame in it but it would take 250 mints to equal the amount in 1 liter of diet coke.

  • Zona

    I tried this product and really like it. I was wondering, does each mint contain 85 mg of caffeine in addition to the guarana, green tea and ginseng? Don’t guarana, green tea and ginseng also contain stimulating ingredients similar to caffeine?

  • ted

    Hey Zona, 85mg is the total caffeine content in this case.

  • Karis

    Where can I find these mints in the Orange County, Laguna Niguel area?

  • ted

    Hey Karis, Not sure but you can order them online, just click on their ad in the sidebar. I think they have some deal where you can sell them in your area…..

  • Ben

    Revive mints taste much better than foosh mints, plus the added benefit of antioxidents. As far as a everyday energy product, in my opinion, I would say Revive all the way.

  • Adam

    I saw one of these vending machines right by my house. I was very intrigues so I tried it. Definitely gives you energy!

Last Modified: July 8, 2014