Roaring Lion Energy Drink Review

Roaring Lion Energy Drink is a popular alternative to more expensive Red Bull. Several companies have set out to grab a share of the Red Bull market. There are too many “clones” to count, and most of them come up short.

Roaring Lion Energy Drink has based their business model on competing with Red Bull by improving the ingredient profile and upping the quantity in each can, all the while selling for cheaper. The question is, has Roaring Lion succeeded?

Pretty Similar to RB

Roaring Lion Energy Drink comes in 4 varieties

Original: Upon taking the first sip, I was greeted with the familiar Red Bull taste. But, something was different. To me, Roaring Lion has a sweeter start, and crisper finish than RB. I would say this is an improvement that most other imitators did not make. There is also a sugar free version of the original sweetened with sucralose and ace-k.

Roaring Lion Au Natural: This one tastes a tad sweeter than the original and is pretty much identical accept for the use of guarana as a natural source of caffeine. This doesn’t really effect the flavor profile.

Roaring Lion Zero: This is Roaring Lion’s natural sugar-free energy drink. Like Au Natural it is formulated using all natural ingredients including Stevia instead of the artificial sweeteners. Again, the flavor profile is the same except the after-taste of all-natural Stevia sweetener.

Roaring Lion Ingredients

au-natural roaring lionA 16 ounce bottle of original Roaring Lion contains about 200 calories, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, 161 mg of Caffeine, and Inositol. The list is completed with a blend of Niacin, Vitamins B12 and B6, and Pantothenic Acid.

The other two products are labeled as “all-natural” but yet have artificial flavors, I guess it’s because the flavor isn’t found in nature. Also the Zero version clearly is using some type of sweetener, but neglects to even put this on the label. If it’s stevia then it fits, but if it’s Sucralose, I don’t see how they can call it all-natural.


I drank Roaring Lion in the afternoon when I was dragging through a pickup basketball game. My guess was that it would help me through the game and still let me get to sleep at night, I was correct. Similar to a RB, there was little kick, but I did feel more awake and athletic.

Roaring Lion is a Good Alternative to the Bull

If I were to choose between Roaring Lion and Red Bull, I would chose Lion. The sweeter taste, same kick, and better price make it an easy choice. Many of us have graduated from RB to Rockstar or Monster, but if you are looking for something to deliver a little kick and you find this in your area, pick one up.

Roaring Lion has been making inroads in the whole drink mixology department, but not sure if ordering this at your favorite club will make your cocktails cheaper.

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on September 4, 2014