Rockstar Energy Cola Review

Rockstar Energy Cola has been discontinued in the USA but is still available in Canada.

rockstar-energy-colaEditor’s Note: We’ve combined forces on this one with both input from Dusty and Brandon, so see what they both thought about Energy Cola.

Brandon: Interesting… an Energy cola… from Rockstar? Ok. Very exciting to see Rockstar coming out with new flavors and types. Even more excited to finally get my hands on one of these new flavors. The can… very nice, all black, flat finish, great job on the outside, but now lets pop this top and explore the contents…

Dusty: Rockstar Cola, is the most gorgeous beverage I have ever laid eyes on. That’s where I’m going with this. The first time I saw this black beauty in the cooler I literally stumbled a bit as I came to a screeching halt in awe. With the main matte black powder finish and gloss black accent up top, It couldn’t help but be reminded of a sexy JDM-style import car with a flat-black finish (like this GT-R). Seriously, I just can’t get over this can’s good looks, you have to see it in person!


Brandon: Not only is the paint on the outside of the can flat, so is the liquid inside. Flavor wise, it tastes like a flatter version of an off brand cola. The aftertaste was a little off, but taste wise, thought they could do better. Compared to Red Bull Cola, I’d go with Red Bull.

Dusty: You know what Rockstar just did with this drink? Once again, they made Red Bull look like absolute fools. It is a whole level above Red Bull Cola when it comes to taste. I still don’t get what Red Bull was thinking when they littered our cooler shelves with their half-baked cola recipe.

Don’t tear into this drink with expectations of a Pepsi or Coke replacement, because it’s not. Pepsi and Coke are THE staple sodas of the globe, and we can’t expect Rockstar to step into the ring and best them. What we can expect is the refinement of a category and establishment of the standard to beat. That’s what Rockstar Cola is – the best cola energy drink ever made, and the one to beat.


Ingredients are close to regular: 2000 mg taurine, 160mg caffeine, 50 mg guarana, yet carries a little boost of 300 mg Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, so its got to be good… right?


Brandon: No real buzz felt, I guess I would compare it to your regular, but no where near the best of the Rockstar line, at least that’s what I thought. So if you need that boost to truly party like a Rockstar, then go back and grab something else, this Energy Cola isn’t going to cut it.

Dusty: Rockstar Energy Cola was able to send unto me a solid, confident energy boost. It was the perfect amount to pull me through an early morning, and it faded off smoothly just in time for lunch. Upon which I could bust open a shot I had waiting. Hmm I might be a tad dependent.


Brandon: Little disappointed. Was looking forward to Rockstar hitting a home run with this cola as they did with their Recovery Lemonade, yet Energy Cola left me looking for more. Taste just didn’t match the coolness of the outside of the can. If you’re looking for a drink to go along with your dinner, you’ll be alright, but if your looking for an Energy Cola to give you that boost to do something your mind is telling you “no” to, then your better off looking somewhere else.

Dusty: Truthfully, on the whole, I absolutely love this drink. I was very pleased with the uniquely smooth cola taste and standard Rockstar boost. If you’re feeling bored or overwhelmed by the usual energy drink tastes out there, grab a Rockstar Energy Cola and throw a wrench into the systematic monotony that is your energy drink cycle.

Reviewed by: Dusty Smith and Brandon Trouten

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on February 16, 2021