Rockstar Recovery Energy and Hydration Review

rockstar-recovery-energy-hydrationRockstar Recovery is Rockstar Energy’s Hydration and Energy line of drinks. Here’s what I thought of the 2 flavors of Rockstar Recovery.

Very few have attempted a lemonade energy drink, and none very well, but I will keep an open mind and give you a shot. Rockstar, you haven’t failed me yet, so lets give Recovery a try…


Lemonade: Wow, wow, and wow. As for energy drinks, Rockstar Recovery has hit a home run, not even a home run, a lemonade flavored Grand Slam! For sure in my top 5 all time.

Not a strong lemonade flavor, but very smooth and very delicious, a MUST try for all energy drink and lemonade fans.

Orange: The flavor is described as “orange”, and since this drink is non-carbonated, I was expecting an orange flavor similar to an orange Gatorade.

My prediction was partially accurate, but since this drink is made with 3 percent juice, it tasted more like orange juice than an orange Gatorade.

The only drawback to the taste was the taste of artificial sweeteners. Other than that, Orange is another killer Rockstar Recovery flavor. 

Rockstar Recovery Ingredients

Lemonade: Ingredients are quite close to those of a normal Rockstar. 2000 mg Taurine, 160 mg of so called caffeine, 100mg ginseng, 40mg of Milk Thistle, but with electrolytes to help you “recover” from whatever you need “recovering” from and only 20 Calories per can. Yet most importantly, most very much importantly, 3% lemon juice, so there mom, its got juice in it, it has to be good for me…

Recovery orangeOrange: 100 percent daily value of vitamin B3, 100 percent daily value of vitamin B5, 100 percent daily vitamin B6, 250 percent daily value of vitamin B12, 2,000 milligrams of taurine, 160 milligrams of caffeine, 100 milligrams of panax ginseng extract, 100 milligrams of prickly pear extract, and 40 milligrams of milk thistle extract.


Actually didn’t realize any sort of buzz or jolt from Rockstar Recovery. I actually drank the whole thing without even realizing it, it’s that smooth. So if your looking for that all out energy rush, sorry my caffeine addicted fella’s, there’s nothing more here then your basic lemonade drink from your local carnival, well ok, maybe a little more if you’re a caffeine light weight…


Rockstar truly produced a one of a kind energy marvel with the release of Rockstar Recovery. Even though I didn’t seem to get any extra energy from the drink, the flavor will definitely keep me coming back for more and will regularly be in my rotation. Bravo Rockstar, Bravo!

You can purchase Rockstar Recovery in bulk by clicking here.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten and Avery Hage

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • bob

    Ok I consume a lot of energy drinks. I find it hard to believe you got no kick at all from this. It has 160 mg caffeine as well as the other usual suspects. No that is not a lot but it is average. I’d say your average energy drinker would get some buzz from this. To say it is like your average carnival lemonade is just not right. Taste ok and provides an average boost is my take on this drink. I’d like to hear from othes who have tried this though.

  • Dusty

    I have one in the fridge and am trying it tomorrow, after which I will report back!

  • Mob Boss

    I think the can is really cool and that is what caught my attention. The taste was okay and I agree that the buzz was limited. Overall I think it was good, actually better than most of the Rockstar flavors. My favorite Rockstar is the Zero Carb. However don’t even think about trying the new Cola. Taste like Pepsi mixed with gasoline.

  • Dusty

    I just finished this can and waited an hour to guague its effects.

    As for taste, it really is quite nice. It’s exactly what I expected from a company who so perfectly nailed fruit punch with an energy blend (the original Rockstar Punched). That’s what Rockstar has really perfected here – making an energy drink taste nothing like one. I wouldn’t call it scrumptious or delectable. It just tastes like yummy lemonade, and that’s impressive enough.

    As for energy, it’s no different from the average Rockstar. It won’t hold up to the more powerful Rockstars like Citrus Punched or Zero Carb, but it does the job with a fair amount of conviction.

    So, in the end, it’s a wonderfully refreshing – not energizing – drink, which is obviously what Rockstar was aiming for. It’s got my vote!

  • My review of Rockstar recovery:

    Poured into a large glass. I has a clear yellow color with a solid off-white creamy head which disappeared quickly and absolute walls of lacing. The aroma offers pleasant pine and citrus notes, but very subdued, almost grassy. The flavor brings a beautiful blend of lemon/citrus with plenty of bite with no hint of bitterness. Very palatable and drinkable. Tasty, with very even carbonation.

    -Tammy B

  • Brandon

    Bob, thank you for your thoughts. I simply drank the drink then jotted down my thoughts. Loved the flavor and smoothness, yet after awhile didn’t get that alertness and jolt I usually get. Always like to hear what other people think of the drinks…

  • jane

    this energy drink is delicious. tried it today rockstar did amazing on this one. they also have a cola one too that I haven’t tried it.

  • Brian

    Have you seen the two other items out? There are is a rockstar cola listed (didnt they have one ages ago in a red can?) and also a venture into energy gum. I can’t wait till I can find them down here in South Texas. It took nearly two months for rockstar punched to make it all the way since i saw it released.

  • Wes

    Just tried this today and this tastes like the Crystal Lite version of Amp’s Lemonade energy drink. I love the taste of Amp’s version but this version tastes flat and has no citrus impact to me. If you like diet drinks (which I’m not even sure if this is categorized as one) then go for this one. If you like energy drinks that has a lemonade flavor, go for the Amp.

  • Evan

    I really like the can design (won’t be hard to find on the shelves too lol). Might try this even though I’m not usually a fan of lemonade energy drinks.

  • Ellie

    I’m seriously obsessed with this stuff. I’ve been drinking low-carb and sugar-free energy drinks for a while now but have never been satisfied with the taste, no matter the brand. I saw this at my local 7 Eleven and was intrigued by the fact that 1) It was an energy drink/lemonade concoction, and 2) It’s low in carbs/calories/sugar. I decided to give it a go and fell in love from the first drink! The taste is fantastic especially when you take the minimal amount of sugar it contains into consideration. I have to agree that I don’t feel as much of a kick from it, although that could just be in my head. I kind of like that though because it doesn’t leave me feeling totally jittery (I have anxiety and probably shouldn’t touch ANY energy drink) like some other energy drinks.

  • Rod

    Nice reviews, but I think you are all missing the point. Obviously the drink is marketed to recovering, so I decided to do a quick review on the drink when I needed “recovery” as opposed to energy. After a long night of far too many alcoholic drinks, and waking up with that awful regret feeling, this energy drink was exactly what I needed. B vitamins, caffeine, and electrolytes, PERFECT! Good taste, though it would be even better with a stronger lemonade flavor and more carbonation. Did it deliver 100% recovery from my hangover? Not quite, but it definitely helped and it saved me money from buying a regular rockstar and a gatorade which is what I would normally purchase in this situation. After an hour of consumption I feel a whole lot better and it didn’t leave me with that jittery feeling most energy drinks offer. All in all, I would say that rockstar has made a fine product for those of us who “party like a rockstar”.

  • ted

    Thanks for the Insight and feedback Rod, good to know.

  • Joe Mama

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is my new favorite energy drink. I am very put-off by anything with fake sugar but somehow this does me so good…

    Anyone else notice that, if you don’t eat anything after drinking this, your mouth/spit has a sweet taste to it for several hours? Hmmm….

  • Danny

    Ok…well I bought one of these and lmme tell was an orgasim in my mouth..lmao I tought that it was pretty good and I got a BUZZ from it. I only weigh 98 pounds and im a 13 year old so lol… idk bout you

  • G-Moss

    Tried Recovery today and WOW!!! Definitely in my top three and will be consuming it on a regular basis. Well done, Rockstar!!!

  • dluv

    I use this beverage for “recovery” and it does it’s job for sure. I like one with breakfast and one later in the day instead of coffee if my night before was particularly hellish. Helps me “recover”, better than coffee and a full english.

  • NOS Fan

    Im drinking a Rockstar Recovery right now and i have found my new love. Ive always liked NOS the best for its flavor and powerful kick but it has way too much sugar. Thats what i love about this new drink, a decent buzz, 1g of sugar, and only 20 calories! Plus i can drink it after a jog or workout and actually get something out of it, plus the buzz. Brilliant invention by Rockstar.

  • Dave

    I like the rockstar line of drinks and want to try this, but can’t seem to find it. Where is the best place to find these kind of drinks?

  • Kelley

    Fabulous!! I think it is the BEST. My only problem is it is hard to find.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014