Rockstar Recovery Energy and Hydration Review

rockstar-recovery-energy-hydrationRockstar Recovery is Rockstar Energy’s Hydration and Energy line of drinks. Here’s what I thought of the 2 flavors of Rockstar Recovery.

Very few have attempted a lemonade energy drink, and none very well, but I will keep an open mind and give you a shot. Rockstar, you haven’t failed me yet, so lets give Recovery a try…


Lemonade: Wow, wow, and wow. As for energy drinks, Rockstar Recovery has hit a home run, not even a home run, a lemonade flavored Grand Slam! For sure in my top 5 all time.

Not a strong lemonade flavor, but very smooth and very delicious, a MUST try for all energy drink and lemonade fans.

Orange: The flavor is described as “orange”, and since this drink is non-carbonated, I was expecting an orange flavor similar to an orange Gatorade.

My prediction was partially accurate, but since this drink is made with 3 percent juice, it tasted more like orange juice than an orange Gatorade.

The only drawback to the taste was the taste of artificial sweeteners. Other than that, Orange is another killer Rockstar Recovery flavor. 

Rockstar Recovery Ingredients

Lemonade: Ingredients are quite close to those of a normal Rockstar. 2000 mg Taurine, 160 mg of so called caffeine, 100mg ginseng, 40mg of Milk Thistle, but with electrolytes to help you “recover” from whatever you need “recovering” from and only 20 Calories per can. Yet most importantly, most very much importantly, 3% lemon juice, so there mom, its got juice in it, it has to be good for me…

Recovery orangeOrange: 100 percent daily value of vitamin B3, 100 percent daily value of vitamin B5, 100 percent daily vitamin B6, 250 percent daily value of vitamin B12, 2,000 milligrams of taurine, 160 milligrams of caffeine, 100 milligrams of panax ginseng extract, 100 milligrams of prickly pear extract, and 40 milligrams of milk thistle extract.


Actually didn’t realize any sort of buzz or jolt from Rockstar Recovery. I actually drank the whole thing without even realizing it, it’s that smooth. So if your looking for that all out energy rush, sorry my caffeine addicted fella’s, there’s nothing more here then your basic lemonade drink from your local carnival, well ok, maybe a little more if you’re a caffeine light weight…


Rockstar truly produced a one of a kind energy marvel with the release of Rockstar Recovery. Even though I didn’t seem to get any extra energy from the drink, the flavor will definitely keep me coming back for more and will regularly be in my rotation. Bravo Rockstar, Bravo!

You can purchase Rockstar Recovery in bulk by clicking here.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten and Avery Hage

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Cosworth STi

    Well done Rockstar!! The Recovery series energy drink is one of the best out there imo. I love this stuff! Thanks and keep up the awesome recipes.

    @ Cryptic One
    Damn bro your spoiled getting that stuff for buck…at best in Phoenix, AZ we get it for $1.50. Still worth the price though bwaha.

  • Tom

    hahaha you definitely get a buzz after drinnking 8 in an hour!

  • jo gibbs

    I normally love this drink and have one constantly but it doesnt taste as good lately. Hope you didnt change the recipe<

  • Dylan

    This drink is killer, I’ve mixed this drink with a forty of old English and man what a time! If you’re looking for a cheap drunken night with some flavor, I highly advise pouring one of these bad boys into a half of a 40oz of Old English. Good times 🙂

  • David Wallace

    Man you guys get energy drinks cheap in Canada here they are like 2.99

  • Spacemonkee23

    I drink the orange recovery every morning in place of my usual coffee and I find it wakes me up without all the shakes and twitches. I work a desk job and don’t need all the caffeine in the morning, nice and subtle. Although when I bar tend on the weekends I go for the higher caffeinated options… overall a great drink.

  • david

    Albertsons has them for a buck right now in az

  • Kat33

    3.40 plus tax 🙁

  • Lucas Welch

    Actually The Orange Flavor Recovery is a VERY Good hangover cure. Down 1 or 2 16oz after waking up and 1 hour later your good!

  • Erica

    Did the Rockstar Recover change its recipe? it doesn’t taste as good today! The Taste is the #1 resaon i drink this energy drink.

  • Grahf

    Rockstar Recovery Orange is by far my favorite energy drink, and I’ve tried at least 50 varieties. The combination of 160mg caffeine in a 20 calorie drink that literally tastes like Tang for $0.99 each is a modern miracle.

    I tell everyone I know who drinks caffeine to try these out, and none are disappointed.

  • So I started buying Rockstar Recovery because it advertised only 3g of sugar. Good, right? Learning the label vocabulary, I see both acesulfame potassum (Ace-K) and sucralose (Splenda) included after the preservatives and acid regulators, but before the nutrient boosts. Nice deceptive label marketing guys.

    It’s 3% orange juice, and still less sweet than a lot of stuff on the market. I find “other natural flavors” to be a real stretch when you’re adding not one, but two artificial sweeteners with a high glycemic index into the mix.

  • Ted

    Ace-k and Sucralose are non-nutritive sweeteners. They have no GI value.

  • Chuck Green

    This whole drink has 25 calories. That’s probably net negative after digestion.

  • Sara

    I agree with everything (This is one of my favorite energy drinks!) except the part about not getting a jolt of energy. I definitely get a little jolt that helps get me through about half of my workday until it wears off, and I’m a caffeine pro. They also make me feel more refreshed and cleaner than if I were to drink a Monster or one of the other more intense ones. Rockstar Recovery wins!!

  • Dave

    Bring it to the next level. A cup full of ice and a little water mixed with either recovery. You will never do it different. Drink it through a straw.

  • Ted

    Here in 2017 the formula is changed AGAIN. Tastes awful now. Really foul.

    Bit of trivia: a few years ago, the sugar content on RSR’s was 1g per serving. Then they bumped it to 3.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014