Shock-A-Lots: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

I usually hate energy candy. The taste is most always sub-par, the buzz is weak, and they are filled with empty calories.

I was somewhat intrigued by Shock Coffee’s Shock-A-Lots, because the candy is basically chocolate covered coffee beans, the same beans they use for the coffee which gave me a wicked buzz.


These things taste very good. In my experience, you will not do much better in the taste department in regards to energy candy. Shock-A-Lots’ chocolate coating is like an M&M and the center is a coffee bean, which gives the coffee flavor (obviously). If you enjoy coffee and M&M’s, you will like this hybrid. They do leave a bit of grit in your mouth, which I would assume is what happens when you chew a coffee bean. This might turn some off, but it didn’t bother me.

Shok-A-Lots Ingredients

A packet of Shock-A-Lots has 130 calories and 15 grams of sugar. The caffeine content of Shock-A-Lots is not listed on the packaging. It states the dreaded “equal to one cup of coffee” statement. Shock’s website offers no help. You can do your own guessing there, but I would estimate the likely caffeine content to be around 100mg.


I ate Shok-A-Lots first thing in the morning before a workout. I felt a slight lift, but nothing over the top in the energy department. I’d say I got about an hour and a half of energy with a pretty substantial crash at the end (there’s a lot of sugar in this product after all).


I liked Shock-A-Lots, but I think I would reach for a brewed cup of Shock Coffee over these if I had a choice. Shock-A-Lots would be a good snack if you are looking for something sweet with an energy boost, but they fall short of the effect that a good cup of Shock would give you.

This candy is not safe for children and is intended for adults only.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

You can buy Shock-A-Lots in bulk here.

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  • Avery Hage

    According to this site, Shock-A-Lots contain 20 milligrams of caffeine PER BEAN. Since there is about 14 beans in a bag, the caffeine content is 280 milligrams, give or take a few.

  • ted

    yeah Avery, i just looked at that entry and I think that needs updated. A coffee bean has between 8 and 10 milligrams of caffeine so I think 20 is too high unless there are two beans in each piece. I’ll do some research. 🙂

  • I’m in S.A

    and would love to get hold of this shock a lots can you direct me to

Last Modified: July 21, 2014