Sin Energy Drink: Greed

sin-energy-drinkDid your mother never let you watch TV in the dark?  Was your infinite adolescent creativity held back by your school’s notoriously pointless rules and power-hungry teachers?

Taking a forward logical step, are the Ten Commandments too stringent for your dynamic lifestyle?  If so, take a piss on authority, break some rules, and Drink in Sin.


If there is any doubt in your mind about the integrity of  Sin Energy drink’s marketing direction, it will be blown away at your first sip.  Why?  Because this drink is so devilishly good (hah bow down to my writing skillz) that your mind can only default to the thought that you must be committing a sin.  I was only sent the Greed flavor to sample, and its lemon flavoring was bright, crisp, and surprisingly full-bodied.  Flawless!


Sin is rocking 300% combined B vitamins and undisclosed amounts of guarana and caffeine (guarana coming before caffeine in the ingredients list).


Sin Energy Drink, to my knowledge, is only offered in the standard Red Bull-sized 8.4 oz can size.  Usually, drinks of this stature will reliably report “insufficient funds” when you attempt to make an energy withdrawal.  Sin, however, refuses to fall into this norm.  That’s right, you can expect a nice solid boost from Sin, much to my delight.


Sin has created in Greed a flawless drink (again, skillz).  The taste is phenomenal, there’s plenty of energy to help you continue estranging yourself from Heaven, and admit it: the marketing scheme is at least a little clever.  I have no idea where you’re ever going to find this drink, but if you ever come across it, please set your angelic intentions aside for a minute and give Sin Energy drink a go.  You won’t regret it!

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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Last Modified: May 2, 2012