SLAP Energy Drinks Review

slap-energy-drinksHere’s a fun factoid: SLAP is only the 5th energy drink I’ve reviewed with a verb as its name (Alongside Flirt, Mini Chill, Sin, and E-Boost).

Now that we have the pointless matters out of the way, let’s get onto the meaningful content, shall we?


I was sent three flavors of SLAP, and they are all born from a quality blood line. Frost is the default flavor, given that it also comes in a low calorie version. There’s also Crisp Apple.

Frost is a treat to drink. It’s solid-bodied with a crisp, clean finish and a very slight hint of Monster. Frost Low Calorie, as you may expect, is a defunct offshoot of the regular version with its more conservative ingredients. Crisp Apple is just as good as, if not better than, Xyience Xenergy Apple Jak’d (the only other apple flavored energy drink I’m aware of). It tastes like Sprite combined with an apple Jolly Rancher, and is downright tasty.


While all three SLAP drinks pack 200mg of the good stuff and a combined 300% of vitamins B3, 6, and 12, Crisp Apple also adds in a measure of green tea solids. Guarana also says what’s up from deep within the “Energy 9.0” Blend, whatever that means.


Yep! I mean, isn’t that all you need to hear? Honestly. Yep, SLAP Energy Drinks wake you up. Yep, they do so reliably. Yep, they won’t make you crash. Yep, they perform wonderfully. Yep!


From my viewpoint, these drinks are an outright success. For the makers of SLAP, they may currently be feeling a twinge of disappointment. Why’s that? Because I said nothing about the drinks and their claimed “multi-stage energy” abilities or Frost’s claimed mouth “chilling” ability. Why didn’t I address those points? Because neither of them existed, that’s why. No hard feelings.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • DiscipleN2k

    Man, I just had 2 of these this weekend (the Crisp Apple and the Lemon Ice) and I only I had the experience you did. I downed a can and a half over the course of about 2 hours and never even got a slight pick-me-up. I may have built up a bit of a caffeine tolerance, though.

    I may have to go caffeine-free for a month to reset the system and try ’em again. I’d love to be able to pay $0.50 for an energy drink instead of $2-$3.

  • ted

    @discipleN2k have you read My caffeine detox? It’s really helped a lot now only having caffeine several times week is great, it actually works again….

  • Evan

    Wow, these go for under $1? They seem to be getting good reviews everywhere, so hopefully I can find some.

  • The Crowing

    Slap showed up at the local Big Lots not too long ago, and I always try energy drinks I haven’t seen before..
    The can sported the outline of a hand with a face in the middle.

    I’ll be honest, I usually agree with your findings Dusty, but I thought these drinks were awful. I got through maybe a quarter can of each of the three that I got. (Frost, Citrus (Red Tea Energy), and Black (Coffee+Energy). In my opinion, they weren’t even worth the 60cent price tag.

  • Tony

    Found these at Big Lots and purchased the Frost low calorie version and a coffee flavor. After a few sips of each I had to pour them down the drain and toss the other cans in the trash. I’m suprised they got a good review, absolutely horrible.

  • Dusty

    Tony, you find me one energy drink with a taste that can be universally agreed upon, and I’ll step down from my writing position here 🙂

  • DiscipleN2k

    @ted I remember reading that one a little while back now that you mention it. I’ll have to give it another read and see if I can pull it off!

  • Dusty

    Thanks for reporting back on your guys’ opinions. At the least, it’s nice to know people are still reading my posts.

    It’s odd my review seems so far off. I offer two thoughts:
    1) I’ve noticed the design of the cans I were sent is different from the ones it looks like you’ve tried. Is it possible the updated can design also brought a new formula with it?
    2) It’s been a few weeks since I tried my first can of slap, and if I recall the drink was OK the first time. By the time I wrote this review, though, I had come to like the taste. In retrospect, maybe I just unknowingly became accustomed to it? I was sent 3-4 sets of each flavor.

  • Andrew the Great

    i agree with dusty. the taste of the drink gets way better the more u drink it.

  • Ree Ree

    Just tried SLAP Frost and it is wonderful! Still trying to finde out what the mystery ingredient is. I found it at a local Big Lots. All I can say is keep em comin!

  • Allie

    Ihad tried the Green Apple. For some odd reason it reminds me of Green Apple Vodka or Green Apple Smirnoff.Hurray! Speaking of which, when will they come out with Energy Popsicles? Ive foren energy drinks before and eaten them like popsicles… quite a good idea.. They also need caffienated toothpaste. Anyone know where I can aquire some?

  • Tony

    I recently found the re-designed cans at my local store. I decided to give Slap another try and I must admit it is better than the first go around. Only advice I can give is avoid the can with the face on it like the plague. The newer cans like the ones pictured are decent.

  • Joseph

    Like others on here I bought SLAP from Big Lots. I figured that 50 cents a can was cheap enough to warrant a try. The first sip was not offensive, and no worse than any other brand. Then the aftertaste kicked in.

    The aftertaste was familiar, it reminded me of something chemical. Then it hit me: Lacquer Paint thinner.

    I had the Green Apple and can honestly say that it was one of the most disgusting drinks I’ve ever attempted to down. I tried to be impartial and drank 3/4 of the can but couldn’t finish it all. I usually agree with your reviews and don’t find a reason to write, but I feel you were way off on this brand. Maybe it’s old stock that Big Lots purchased from a warehouse?

  • christine

    I stumbled upon Slap a few months back and I really enjoy the low calorie one. Just enough caffeine to get me going without the jitters! And the price is very reasonable.

  • Dawn

    With the exception of coffee, I haven’t experimented with an energy supplement since “Vivarin”, a little yellow pill from my college days, (yes, I’m dating myself!) I was EXTREMELY hesitant, but also extremely exhausted so I gave the crisp apple version a try (purchased in the cafe’ at the college where I work). I REALLY like it. The taste is pleasant, not too tart or too sweet, and the effect was energizing with no jitters (Vivarin was very jittery!) I feel like I want to share it with everyone!

  • Deadly Psycho

    Honestly i bought this and i feel the mouth chill i am like hey 98pennies for a drink called slap awesome. so I bought it drinking slap Frost the default one i realize dam my mouth has a funny feeling. so i read the can its awesome.

  • Sean

    I would just like to say that I just had my first Slap just now, never heard of them before. The taste is better than Monster but I still like Red Bull better.
    Also, the chill effect worked for me… dunno maybe it’s cause I read the can and had it in my head that it was going to work.

  • brianna

    kk > so slapp iss taste just like MONSTER but it made me start laughing so bad but it slaps the tired right out of you
    k BYYEE
    <3 briannna <3

  • Yeh!!! The Frost Slap Drink was off the hook it waz tha frist time I drank it, it give mi alot of ENERGY!!! I hope they stay in good price because I like them and I feel like buying more!!!

  • rlx

    Mmm…ok frost was super good. Crisp apple gave me this weird taste like a nail or hair salon smell taste weird & sick. Other than that for the good price of 99¢ I can’t complain

Last Modified: July 13, 2016