SLAP Energy Drinks Review

slap-energy-drinksHere’s a fun factoid: SLAP is only the 5th energy drink I’ve reviewed with a verb as its name (Alongside Flirt, Mini Chill, Sin, and E-Boost).

Now that we have the pointless matters out of the way, let’s get onto the meaningful content, shall we?


I was sent three flavors of SLAP, and they are all born from a quality blood line. Frost is the default flavor, given that it also comes in a low calorie version. There’s also Crisp Apple.

Frost is a treat to drink. It’s solid-bodied with a crisp, clean finish and a very slight hint of Monster. Frost Low Calorie, as you may expect, is a defunct offshoot of the regular version with its more conservative ingredients. Crisp Apple is just as good as, if not better than, Xyience Xenergy Apple Jak’d (the only other apple flavored energy drink I’m aware of). It tastes like Sprite combined with an apple Jolly Rancher, and is downright tasty.


While all three SLAP drinks pack 200mg of the good stuff and a combined 300% of vitamins B3, 6, and 12, Crisp Apple also adds in a measure of green tea solids. Guarana also says what’s up from deep within the “Energy 9.0” Blend, whatever that means.


Yep! I mean, isn’t that all you need to hear? Honestly. Yep, SLAP Energy Drinks wake you up. Yep, they do so reliably. Yep, they won’t make you crash. Yep, they perform wonderfully. Yep!


From my viewpoint, these drinks are an outright success. For the makers of SLAP, they may currently be feeling a twinge of disappointment. Why’s that? Because I said nothing about the drinks and their claimed “multi-stage energy” abilities or Frost’s claimed mouth “chilling” ability. Why didn’t I address those points? Because neither of them existed, that’s why. No hard feelings.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Tom

    Had the red one, the blue one and the lemon tea one. The blue is kinda gross and the lemon one is too sweet. The red one is decent for $1 though.

  • Im not sure if someone mentioned this allready. but one other main factor that kept me buying it is that it also has the LOWEST sodium content out of all the energy drinks. I believe SLAP has 16mg of sodium compared to all the rest which are well over 125 mgs . This with the low calorie Frost is great!
    Now for the problem, my dang local Walmarts doesnt carry it anymore.
    What the heck rt?
    bottom line love the drink but cant find it anymore locally 8(

  • Tim

    SLAP Frost did have something that reminded me of peppermint oil or spearmint perhaps after drinking the can. So it’s present, just not overwhelmingly so….that could be a blessing though? Also…yes the price fixes all complaints.

  • There is absolutely a chill / mint affect when I drink SLAP Frost. I just found these at Wal-Mart and thought why not try it for $10/10cans. Love them. 220mg of caffeine listed on my low calorie can which is close to sugar free NOS that is so hard to find. At this price point I just might stock up on SLAP Frost low-cal instead of Monster sugar free.

  • um brianna, hecka funny dude… lol when i saw your post i thought you said “fart” instead of “start” … dont ask why, even i dont know and i’m the dumbass who apparently thought i saw it…

  • anthony marshall

    I just want to say to the makers of Slap, this is the very first time I have tried an energy drink because I am epileptic, but I am working two jobs and I was sceptical about getting an energy drink. Once I tried one, may I say that it did not give me any jitters, like drinking a lot of mountain dew or coffee. I am sold on the SLAP.

  • Are you kidding me? Anyone who says this energy drink tastes good obviously has no tase buds. It was only 99 cents, so I tried it. It tastes horrible. Don’t buy it, its a waste of a dollar.

  • i heard it taste like red bull so i want to try it but where i live they dont have it! ? how much it cost?

  • I can not drink the Frost. It reminds me of cough medicine. Kind of like if Robitussin used that “Cool Cherry” flavor. I used to drink that kind of stuff a lot and now some cherry flavors make me want to puke just from the smell.
    The apple flavor is good though, but for an extra $1 just get a cold Monster or Rockstar by checkout. Worth a try though if your in a pinch.

  • Energy Drink Dude

    Yep, I tried the Frost. It really couldnt finish it. The mint flavor was just too much.

  • don

    where can I buy a slap ener. drink in san diego ca.?

  • Holy shat

    The frost sucked bad. Waste of a dollar that could have went to a monster or red bull. Beware of this shat. The taste is garbage and piss

Last Modified: July 13, 2016