Slow Cow: Mind Cooler Beverage

slow-cowSlow Cow is a beverage that’s supposed to relax you instead of give you energy.

And, because of our dependance on caffeine, many are looking for such a product to help them relax and sleep.

We received a question from a visitor regarding Red Bull.

“I have realized that if I drink a can of Red Bull in the afternoon about 4pm, I don’t have a very good nights sleep. Either cant get to sleep or wake up after an hour. Can you take anything that would neutralize the caffeine? Will stop drinking red bull from now on.”

We have found the answer Linda and its Slow Cow. So  if Red Bull “gives you wings” then Slow Cow “gives your eyelids lead weights”. Here is how Slow Cow “calms you down”.

Slow Cow Ingredients

  • L-Theanine– Increases GABA levels which promote feelings of relaxation and believed to counteract the effects of caffeine.
  • Chamomile– It is believed to be a calming agent to fend off stress and aid in sleep.
  • Passiflora– It is known for its antispasmodic and sedative properties.
  • Valerian– It is useful in reducing anxiety and restlessness,improving mental balance, and it aids in restoring a good night’s sleep.
  • Linden– It is an effective cure for insomnia and is known as a sedative.

Does it Neutralize Caffeine?

No, Slow Cow will not neutralize the caffeine, only the herb Evodea has been shown to do that.

Slow Cow may make you more relaxed but any caffeine in your system will be metabolized at the normal rate.

Slow Cow Mind Cooler is available in Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, and many other locations around the world.

I think I’m ready for a nap just from typing that ingredient list. So snuggle up with good book and a can of Slow Cow and dream of flying instead of really doing so with the wings you get from Red Bull.

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  • Tim

    How many of these anti-energy drinks are there? I remember seeing your review of “Drank,” and i’m wondering how many there are…

  • ted

    Not sure Tim, but they seem to be getting more prevalent.

  • Tramp

    if only these were popular enough to land on the shelf somewhere prevalent. i’d love to give em a shot but i don’t want to drive to kingdom come to find it..

  • doody

    oh yay i just love mixing uppers and downers

  • Dr. Spaceman

    Have you tried one yet, or are you just telling us it exists. How about some pricing, availability, or a review.

  • ted

    Dr. Spaceman, if you check the category it didn’t say review therefore we have not tried it. For all the other stuff I included a link to the Slow Cow web site.

  • Matt

    hmm i dont know what i think about having the combination of the stimulants from red bull and then the depressants in slow cow in my system…im no expert but that seems risky.

  • Gilly

    I’m with Tramp. I’d love to try one of these sometime if I could find them… But alas, the face in the gas station coolers rarely seems to change.

  • Evan

    I hope this type drink catches on because I could see them being useful for relaxing at night (especially once school starts again).

  • Evan

    I read an article in the Washington Post about these relaxation drinks. Apparently they come in shot form too for if your in a hurry to relax(??).

  • Tramp

    that’s hilarious.
    “For EXTREME!!!! relaxation, try Slow Cow shots!”

  • JK

    Hi Guys,
    This will be coming to the UK soon. A company has just been selected to bring this to the UK.
    I brought a few from Canada and they are brilliant. This drink is going to be massive in the UK, especially amongst business people in the cities…

  • rc

    Jk, how do you know a UK company has been chosen, its good news if so, the drink looks great

    I am forever getting stressed, finally something to combat it

  • JK

    Hi RC,
    It’s my company that’s got the exclusive rights for this in the UK. I had a few cans delivered to me in the negotiation phases with Slow Cow and the drink is absolutely fantastic – I was pleasantly surprised.
    We start shipping in January.
    Best Wishes,

  • rc

    Hi JK, I also bidded for Slow Cow. I would like to talk to you about it if possible, see if we can help each other? Can you send me a email to my hotmail account and we can discuss where we maybe able to help each other?


  • Hi JK

    What is the company name – i’m interested in buying some when it starts shipping – what is your web address?

    thanks very much


  • Jk

    Hi Jamie,

    I am currently in Montreal with the Slow Cow team – please excuse the slow reply.

    We are going to have two websites running in the UK, one is and the other is going to be for all orders. These should be up and running in the next four weeks. Due to the text on the cans requiring changing to match the UK and South African markets there is going to be a short delay, but expect Slow Cow Drinks to hit the shelves in April.
    Any queries then please email me at

  • Jamie

    Hi JK,

    thanks for such a detailed reply. Looking forward till april, got your sites bookmarked so will keep an eye out.. Never been excited about a soft drink launch before but suppose there is a first for everything! Good luck with future of slow cow in uk.. I’ll definitely be plugging it 🙂


  • Brian

    Hi JK,

    What is the chance of slow cow hitting America (specifically New York)? I read about it this morning, and I’d LOVE to try it

  • Vancouver Olympic 2010

    They have them at 7/11 chains in Vancouver now. I just popped online to see what “Slow Cow” was all about after I picked one up after a long day of Olympic Partying. The label hinted that it might put me to sleep and that’s exactly what I need right now…

Last Modified: June 22, 2016