Spartan Energy Drink Review

spartan energy drinkThere’s not many things in this world more hardcore than a Spartan.

Have you seen the movie 300 or heard about the controversial Spartacus TV series?

So what took someone so long to give their energy drink such a hardcore name? Well for whatever reason, its finally happened, so will Spartan Energy Drink be the fuel for a army of warriors or will it leave me asleep on the battlefield?


The design of the outside of the Spartan can shows originality and creativity, yet the contents scream generic. You guessed it, a Red Bull rip off. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it shows that RB is on the top if so many companies are trying to copy their taste, yet to these companies, I say BE CREATIVE!

Spartan Energy Drink Ingredients

The ingredients of Spartan seemed to be a bit higher and different than what you normally find in an RB. Calories (100) are about average, yet Niacin (30mg), Panax Ginseng (200mg), Guarana (200mg), Inositol (35mg), and 90mg of caffeine were all a bit higher than you would normally find. And for an energy drink that only means one thing, a NICE buzz…


After drinking so many of these 250ml (8.4 ounces) “RB-clones” you kind of know what to expect energy wise, yet Spartan Energy Drink was a bit different. The energy boost kicked in quite early and lasted surprisingly longer than I expected. Spartan had me going solid for about 3 hours.

Spartan Energy Drink Verdict

The kick from Spartan was a pleasant surprise, yet the taste to me was just too much of a turn off. Put some effort into the contents of the can instead of focusing simply on the labeling. The outside of the can may make a purchase, but it’s the contents that will have those people either coming back for more or moving on to another drink.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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  • Chris

    FYI – Spartacus was Thracian, and the TV series was set in Rome. Nothing to do with Spartans at all.

    Still, looks awesome.

  • ted

    ha ha, there’s always got to be at least one history buff floating around.. Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

  • Kat Leonard

    In fact the Romans and Spartans/Greeks kind of butted heads a bit.

  • Kat Leonard

    I hate the taste of Red Bull. I got literally ill from the taste of it. Tried it in New Orleans and vomited promptly. Probably won’t be trying this unless they change the flavor.

  • Carl

    Are you kidding! This was the best energy drink I have found out there. Not only did it lack the syrupy/ medicinal aftertaste of Red Bull, but the flavor was so much different. If you are going to critique a product I think you should at least do a side by side comparison so that you can really taste the difference. The last time I had one was a few months ago when I visited my buddy in Rockford, IL but now live in Germany constantly craving them. Word is though that they will be launching in Hannover, Germany in January 2011. Can’t wait to get my hands on another one of these as Red Bull is not a great seller over here.

  • Jan Santos

    In fact the Romans and Spartans/Greeks kind of butted heads a bit.

  • Ryan

    Okay, someone talked about Germany, it sounds like they are from the company. Pushing a launch date and saying RB is not big over there. lol OMG, seriously, RB is the #1 selling energy drink on the planet, over $4.5 Billion sold annually, nobody even comes close, Monster is at number 2 and Rockstar a far third. This is a small regional energy drink. It’s okay, and I would have to agree with Carl on this, it does not taste just like a Red Bull, do not think you should have said that. Even though, if you like a Red Bull and actually want energy, then purchase this, it’s not a bad thing you said it. RB is bigger in Europe than it is here in the states though. Like ten times bigger overseas, over there it’s a way of life, an iconic brand, Americans barely drink RB, they suffer in this market in the states because Americans are too cheap to spend a few dollars on an energy drink.

  • Carl

    Ryan, you are exactly right about RB being the number 1 energy drink however, I think you should do a little research before blasting me on my opinions. First, I live in Germany and RB does not sell well due to the high sugar content and artificial ingredients. If you’ve ever been to Germany or know anything about the people that live there, you’d know that they subscribe to a more homeopathic and natural way of living. Further, most people I’ve spoken to in Germany really don’t like the taste of RB. Now this may not hold true to other countries in the EU but Germany for sure does not buy into the hype.

    Second, RB sales are much higher in the US than any other country in the world. Think about it, if RB sales were higher anywhere else, they’d be doing more promoting there than they would here. Further, look at the overall world sales numbers for energy drinks. If you did, you’d discover that the US, by volume drinks more than any country, with ASIA coming in at a close second, while the EU collectively is close to 5th on the list.

    As for working for the company, I wish I did but unfortunately I don’t. I did however work in the beverage industry prior to moving overseas hence the reason why I am more informed than the “typical” consumer. As for the contents, also do a little more research prior to blasting the quality of the product. Just like petrol, the raw ingredients for most all energy drinks come from basically the same location. It’s the quantity of the ingredients (and sometimes the addition of proprietary flavorings) and how they are blended that give each product it’s unique taste. BTW, with Spartan, look up where Acai comes from. It’s not a cheap ingredient to add by any means and yet they added it to create a more quality tasting product.

    Again, next time do some research as to avoid sounding ill-informed and without merit.

  • Chuck Taylor

    I am not a big energy drink consumer, and I’ve tasted both RB and Spartan. If I had to choose between the 2, I would have to to choose Spartan. It taste exactly how it is described. Not only that, I hang around a lot people that do drink RB, and when they sampled Spartan their first initial response was it’s better than RB. That was a pretty impressive response coming from die hard RB drinkers(peers and strangers). RB gives you the jitters and causes you to crash. Where as, after drinking Spartan, it never had the effect. Kudos #SpartanEnergyDrink

  • Xgames Xtreme

    The writer of this article need to get his facts straight. No way this is a ‘RB-Clone’. Way better tasting and no horrid cotton mouth, medicinal aftertaste. Trust me, we drink all different kinds when doing snowboard tours and Spartan tastes nothing like RB. Perhaps the fact that you think this tastes like Redbull is because your taste buds are warped from drinking 1,458,009 cans of energy drinks

  • lisa gallagher

    my son nearly died drinking this ended up in hospital with heart racing like mad i think maybe u shud desplay in more bigger writting on the product danger to children not to be sold to a child under any cirrcumstances and let any shop owners not to sell it to children either i know most people wud say its my fault my son have this drink in first place but i didnt know he had this drink till he went to the doctors

Last Modified: September 24, 2014