Speed Energy Drink by Robby Gordon

So I’m at our local superstore, the kind of store that sells everything under the sun and about to check out, when this new Speed Energy Drink endorsed by Robby Gordon in the cooler catches my eye.

The store sells everything from tomatoes to toilets, so why wouldn’t it sell energy drinks?

I decided to give Speed Fuel Energy a try and see if it does speed up my energy or just leave me flat. Speed is also available in Octane and Unleaded varieties.


The scent as I open the Speed Fuel can is kind of like Orange Crush, a nice refreshing orange smell. The orange flavor is just right. Very smooth without being over powering or watered down. The carbonation is also just right.

Even if the flavor is good, too much carbonation can ruin the drink, but not in this case. Speed Energy Drink is a lot like many of the orange flavored sodas on the market. It can be consumed alone or with a meal.

Speed Energy Drink Ingredients

Speed has about the usual 160 calories, yet the amount of sodium is quite high, 305 mg. I don’t remember other energy drinks having that much sodium. Speed also has 75mg potassium and 40g sugar. As for vitamins, Speed packs a pretty good punch, 140% of your B2, B3 and B5, 285% B6 and an extreme 710% B12, with trace amounts of vitamin C and folic acid. The energy comes from a energy blend of 1815mg made up of the usual subjects (taurine, caffeine, glucuronolactone, inositol, ginseng extract and guarana seed extract).


The effect of Speed was pretty average. It gave me a decent rush within about 15 minutes but lasted roughly 2 hours with a very light crash.

Speed Energy Verdict

This energy drink was somewhat solid. The taste was good, yet I could have used more of a rush. However, the taste was good enough to make me go back to it in the future. Overall, Speed Energy Drink is a good energy drink in a market full of garbage ones. If you’re looking for an energy drink that won’t rock your world, but will satisfy your energy thirst, you should be fine with reaching for a Speed. This also will be a hit with Robby Gordon Nascar fans

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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  • Nick

    I love this stuff, probably one of the most refreshing energy drinks I’ve had. I don’t buy it too much though, the only place that sells it around here also sells Rip-It in 4-packs, twice the size, $2 less and still tastes pretty darn good.

  • hEATH

    I’ve tried 2 of the SPEED ENERGY flavors, the Orange (FUEL) and it was like a Sunkist on steroids. Great taste with a kick. The Yellow (Octane) was awesome! Best tasting energy drink by far! It had a great citrus taste and just enough kick that doesn’t overpower you. (By the way, the yellow “Octane” drink also glows in the dark & is a great mixer). I’ve tried a few energy drinks and most seem to be sugar rushes with bad taste…however, SPEED ENERGY is the best tasting energy drink hands down!

  • Frankie

    If you live in the southeast, you can buy Speed Energy Drink at Harris Teeter. The stuff is awesome!

  • andyp

    Awesome drink. I don’t drink energy drinks all that often because many make me feel like a tweeker but this one is different. Nice boost without too much. And the best tasting of ALL that I have had. Solid energy drink! A must try.

  • Karen

    The Unleaded is my favorite. Cant wait till it is in more stores. So far in Texas the only way to get it is online. More expensive due to shipping charges but worth it!

  • Tommy

    I’m not a big energy drinker as they have a tendency to upset my stomach. But I was offered a free Speed Energy Orange and I figured I would take a sip to see how it tasted. I was very surprised that it was smooth and did not have that energy drink sweet taste. I fund myself taking more sips of this drink as I walked through the store. By the time we were done shopping I had finished the whole drink. I was sort of worried I would end up with the same upset stomach I get with to much sugar or other energy drinks I have had. But this time I did not have any bad side effects from Speed Energy.

    I guess the question is would I drink another Speed Energy? Yes I would, but I dont know if it would make me become a regular energy drink drinker like many I know. My guess is the regular energy drink fans are going to enjoy this drink.

  • Sarah

    As an already hyper person, I am not a big drinker of energy drinks. However, as a fan of Robby Gordon, I had to give these a try. The flavors are great without having that sort of ‘medicine’ flavor some energy drinks have. Fuel is a like an orange flavored soda, unleaded has a berry sort of taste and the Octane is a good smooth citrus flavor as well as my favorite. The energy lift was there, but not to the point of keeping me up all night. Hope SPEED ENERGY is soon sold in the outer DC area.

  • Hmmm

    How come Robby hasn’t tried to put Speed at the local universities? I keep checking here at UNC but am pretty bummed that the case is EMPTY.

    Fill it please.

    I demand it.

  • MBC

    If you travel to Tijuana or Ensenada Mexico, you can find SPEED ENERGY at a local Wal-Mart.Speed Energy is the best tasting energy drink in the market!!

  • Roger

    I like enrgy drinks and usually have one after work, I work 10hr days, I seem to have more energy and feel more awake from Speed unleaded which I pickup in 4 packs at Menards. I even like them better than 5 hr energy and Rockstar.

  • somos jugadores de futbol, estamos inquietos por ver los resultados de speed energy, el domingo probaremos su punch y tendremos que ganar estaremos a la espectativa de saber como nos ira, esperen nuestros resultados. (We are football players, we are anxious to see the results of energy speed on Sunday and will test its punch to win will be the expectation of knowing as we rage, expect our results.)

  • Wow!!! That stuff looks AWESOME!! I wish I could have some, but I live in western PA, so the nearest store that sells it is in Ohio 🙁 (Still looks cool 😀 )

  • craig

    I was given a couple of free ones from a Robby Gordon crew member at a track,and I was hooked! Love both the orange (fuel) and the yellow (octane)the best. i;ve been buying them from harris-teeter stores ,but 30 min ride to get!

  • Elliot

    Robby Gordon does not endorse it.
    He makes it. It’s HIS company.
    It used to be an exclusive web show called SPEEDFACTORY.TV but in July 2011 it TRANSFORMED into an energy drink!
    I can’t wait to try this stuff!

  • ted

    If he owns it then I’m pretty sure he endorses it. 🙂

  • Craig M.

    Great energy drink, bought two and was given a free one by the speed crew at a local gas station in my area, never will drink Red Bull again.

  • jim heggemeier

    We sell only Speed at our roller skating rink now.no more red bull for us.or any orther energy drink.This is going to be BIG !!!

Last Modified: September 24, 2014