Spider Energy Drink Review

spider-energy-drinkOn the fence about whether Spider Energy Drink is a beverage you should care about or not?

If I may, here’s a snippet to help direct your decision: Spider was over two YEARS in the making, with one of those years being dedicated to flavor alone.  Let’s continue on, shall we?


If a modern classical masterpiece could be met with a new age influence and then remixed by a melodic trance DJ, only to be covered by Metallica, it would be the auditory sensory equivalent to the gustatory thrill ride that Spider delivers.  No, I don’t expect you to get the slightest clue from that pertaining to what this drink actually tastes like.

Speaking more directly, Spider Energy Drink utilizes light carbonation and a little magic to build upon a wonderful orange undercurrent much like Rumba.  There is no doubt in my mind that Spider’s taste was a year in the making.  It’s not the best tasting drink out there, but it is shockingly developed with a tangible introduction, plot, and conclusion.


Now if this isn’t a lust-worthy list, I’m not sure what is: 240mg caffeine, 200mg guarana, 500% B12, 400% B6, 600% of B vitamins 2, 3, and 5, and 2000mg of taurine.


After popping this can open, dig in and strap yourself down; you’re about to get launched!  Waking up, slumping through the afternoon, succumbing to a boring day, failing nocturnal abilities – every circumstance Spider Energy Drink corrected for me.  The strong energy boost lasts for a few productive hours, after which it fades off a bit steep.  All in all, this is a top-performing energy drink.


So there you have it: hard work pays off.  Spider looks wicked, tastes in-freaking-credible, and never fails to give you a welcomed kick in the butt.  If I had a seal of approval, it would be on Spider Energy Drink.   It would also feature a graphic of a seal sitting on a beach ball and clapping in approval.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on January 3, 2011