Spider Energy Drink Review

spider-energy-drinkOn the fence about whether Spider Energy Drink is a beverage you should care about or not?

If I may, here’s a snippet to help direct your decision: Spider was over two YEARS in the making, with one of those years being dedicated to flavor alone.  Let’s continue on, shall we?


If a modern classical masterpiece could be met with a new age influence and then remixed by a melodic trance DJ, only to be covered by Metallica, it would be the auditory sensory equivalent to the gustatory thrill ride that Spider delivers.  No, I don’t expect you to get the slightest clue from that pertaining to what this drink actually tastes like.

Speaking more directly, Spider Energy Drink utilizes light carbonation and a little magic to build upon a wonderful orange undercurrent much like Rumba.  There is no doubt in my mind that Spider’s taste was a year in the making.  It’s not the best tasting drink out there, but it is shockingly developed with a tangible introduction, plot, and conclusion.


Now if this isn’t a lust-worthy list, I’m not sure what is: 240mg caffeine, 200mg guarana, 500% B12, 400% B6, 600% of B vitamins 2, 3, and 5, and 2000mg of taurine.


After popping this can open, dig in and strap yourself down; you’re about to get launched!  Waking up, slumping through the afternoon, succumbing to a boring day, failing nocturnal abilities – every circumstance Spider Energy Drink corrected for me.  The strong energy boost lasts for a few productive hours, after which it fades off a bit steep.  All in all, this is a top-performing energy drink.


So there you have it: hard work pays off.  Spider looks wicked, tastes in-freaking-credible, and never fails to give you a welcomed kick in the butt.  If I had a seal of approval, it would be on Spider Energy Drink.   It would also feature a graphic of a seal sitting on a beach ball and clapping in approval.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • bob

    It’s orange. Thats it nothing breath taking or amazing. Not bad but I would expect more than orange soda after a year of research. Really good kick though.

  • Cory Hails

    Great tasting energy drink! I tried the light sugar free version and was surprised that it tasted so good for only 99 cents.

  • Stephen K

    It’s orange without the medicine-like bite most energy drinks suffer from…. making it a big deal if you’re looking for an orange flavored soda that actually tastes like an orange soda 🙂

  • Cat5krusher

    The best energy drink for your 99 cents. Highly recommended. Great taste something monster-like but with no bad after taste like some energy drinks. Find em at the 99 cent store.

  • Ultradude54

    I love spider, though I personally prefer the widowmaker flavor, which is pomegranate and acai flavored

  • As always, I can count on Caffeine Informer for some credible information. Spider Energy Mimic (brand new) review just posted on GreenEyedGuide at http://wp.me/p3SHzu-Ib

  • James “St. Jimmy” Fowler

    I got Mimic while out at the store, and I’m a little disappointed. For me, all I can taste is Red Bull or something slightly different from Monster. I hope that’s just my palette being unrefined, because I’d hate to have stumbled across something that’s too similar to the ones I love (i.e. Monster).

  • It’s not just you – Spider Mimic does taste similar to those two; in fact I believe that’s what they were going for, hence the name. If you want a comparison of Spider v Monster v Rockstar, this short video goes into the ingredient differences. It’s not too science-y but helpful. https://youtu.be/GDhs-5dAfLw

  • terrytrainor

    You like Monster, find a brand that has matched that flavor for 1/3 the price, and you are disappointed?
    Spider makes several flavors, and they are all very good and very distinct. Mimic is the ONLY one that AIMED to match an existing product.
    I am SO glad Spider came out with Mimic, because honestly I stopped drinking Monster due to the horrid price, even though I love it.

  • Spider has more caffeine per can than most Monster flavors, so for some people, like myself, Spider is too much caffeine. Yes, cost matters, but it’s not the whole picture. I’m glad you like Mimic. I wrote a review about it awhile back and I thought it was a great addition to their product line. Plus, who doesn’t love lime green and black color scheme?

  • joe smith

    That is the only place I have ever found them at. What state you from. I found them in Texas and bought about 24 cases over time while passing through. I got the original, original sugar free, drank about 9 cases of cherry limeaide (unfortunately discontinued), widow maker sugar free, widow maker, pucker punch, and thats all I been able to get. I drink them at work. I would get a spider sign if I could like led or something. I hope they have those soon.

  • joe smith

    I haven’t seen the Mimic’s yet. I got backstock of cherry limeaide, sugar free origina, citrus bite, citrus bite, widow maker sugar free, widow maker, and a few maybe pucker punches left. I probably bought at least 24 cases so far. I buy the store out when I see them. 🙂

  • Don McLean

    Spider low sugar strawberry lemon is the best energy drink I’ve ever tried. It tastes the best, and it works the best, and the price is lower than the other energy drinks. Most energy drinks are high in sugar or taste real bad, or both. The other thing I like about the strawberry lemon version is that it’s non-carbonated! Carbonation works for soda, but it’s a bad idea for energy drinks. It’s like drinking carbonated cough syrup. It’s terrible. The only exception is the sugar-free Spider orange. With carbonation, it’s like orange soda pop, but without all the sugar, but I’m usually in the mood for the strawberry-lemon version. Everything about it is just right. Low sugar, no aspartame, non-carbonated, great taste… The only downside with Spider is that it’s not available everywhere. Where I live, only 1 small privately owned mini-mart has it, and they always run out of the strawberry-lemon version first, because that’s the one everybody wants. It is the very best energy drink, yet. Oh, and besides the vitamin B ingredients, it also has those other ingredients that help in a noticeable way, too. A lot of energy drinks have the vitamin B’s and a ton of sugar, but not much else. I really appreciate what the people at Spider are doing, because they’re doing it right.

  • Cat5krusher

    In california, L.a county.

Last Modified: January 3, 2011