Spike Shooter Pulled From 7-Eleven Stores

spike-shooter-bannedSpike Shooter has been banned due to it’s extremely high caffeine and the inclusion of other stimulants.

CBS news covered one such story of why and how the ban occurred.

Here are some curious things about the story.

  • 7-Eleven were handing out free samples of Spike Shooter to high school students. That strikes me as being a little irresponsible. Who was doing the handing out – was it Biotest or 7-Eleven?
  • Does it make sense to you to hand out a product to high school kids that specifically says “not for under 18s”?

One guy featured in the story was sent to the emergency room and diagnosed with a “caffeine overdose”. We know that Spike Shooter has 300mg of caffeine. That seems a little low for an overdose – given that you could get the same amount of caffeine out of a Starbucks Grande brewed coffee, but taken all at once can be troublesome for some.

The problem with Spike Shooter could be

  1. The synergistic effect of the N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine and Yohimbe Hcl.
  2. The unfortunate guy in the story was quite caffeine-sensitive and/or had low-tolerance and/or had not eaten anything for a while.
  3. He had already consumed caffeine prior to this.

His symptoms were quite serious – increased blood pressure, heart rate. He claimed he was “going blue” and shaking.

Blanket bans of products simply because people don’t take warnings seriously probably only make products more appealing (prohibition).

However – if some of these diet supplement companies are going to push their drinks into the teen demographic (either overtly or by subtle branding tactics) — then we are going to have a problem.

Spike Shooter Also Banned in High School Athletics

Doherty High School in Colorado Springs has “banned” students from drinking Biotest Spike Shooter.

After drinking a can each – two students were taken to hospital after complaining of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and heart palpitations. Apparently one girl had to be “brought down in a wheelchair because she could not walk steadily”.

It’s important to note that Spike didn’t make Caffeine Informer’s most highly caffeinated drink list. (includes pictures of nutrition labels).

Spike Shooter comes with a VERY clear warning: “Don’t drink if under 18.”

I also suspect these students were drinking it on an empty stomach. Even drinking brewed coffee can cause problems when consumed on an empty stomach.

Spike Shooter also warns “drink only half a can at a time”.

At Caffeine Informer we’ve heard some positive reports about the drink – particularly with those who are active weight lifters.

The school principal is right to ban the drink from the school – because SPIKE is only for people over 18.

Another question is – where did the kids get the drink?

If from GNC – then the salespeople there have a duty to use some common sense when selling supplements to people under 18.

The issue here is not so much the strength of the drink – but if and how it is being marketed to young people.

Xyience Xenergy is in the same category – they are making a very clear push into the teen demographic – yet they are a supplement company who make energy products for bodybuilders.

Redline RTD is also in the same category – why sell a supplement like this at a 7-Eleven?  It has also sent people to the hospital.

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  • Justin

    I work in the medical field (paramedic) and i drink a bottle daily, of course I work a 24 hour shift so i need to stay alert and this stuff does it for me. I was first turned on to spike in 2007, I had to show i.d. for the first can i bought. Should people under 18 drink this stuff? No, and not necessarily because it’s bad for them. They shouldn’t drink it because it doesn’t mix well with the Monster energy, rockstar, redbull, etc. that they’re already choking down from seeing their favorite extreme athletes being sponsored by the companies. THEY’re the ones marketing to kids. bummer.

  • jim

    I got a free sample of this stuff about 2 years ago. I consumed 2 cans and did not sleep for over 24 hours. My friend got sick from 1 can and turned blue as the guy in story was.

  • bob

    I had a can of this stuff on the weekend for a little test run of it to see if it is really as good as it says it is. It really lives up to it’s extreme claims. It’s a really nice drink, makes me feel perfect, depression cure in a can, for someone like me that has quite a history with it. I didn’t experience any crash either and I can really say this stuff gets you high. It feels euphoric backed by the subtle more aggressive high of the caffeine in it but can vary depending on the person. Caffeine here isn’t the real star of the show, it the other stimulates in it and from reading this, I guess some people can’t handle it. As long as you drink responsibly, no harm done. I’m 18 now and still think that teenagers make a joke out of everything and makes people like me that actually enjoy drinks of this power look really immature and stupid in all of their energy drink gear who drink it for all the wrong reasons. If I ever need to show an ID to buy any drinks because so many teenagers are so fucking self-destructive with whatever they touch that requires a little responsibility on their part I’m going to be pissed. Anyways I’m going to have a can every Wednesday after excerising later when I’m most tired and go take a night walk later while listening to some uplifting music, will make a great night greater all thanks to this drink.

  • had can a an hour an half later i was going through convulsions my heart rate was way up i was feeling sick to my stomach on the ground of target parking lot luckily people were getting off work seen me i told them to call 911. i emt an the rest of the crew that shoed up was callin me a drugged overdose would not take my word about the drink sayin they never heard of it, wouldn’t bother lookin for the can interrogated me. took their time getting me to the hospital got same treatment there. would like this article sent to my e-mail please,,,

  • nelson

    i work in a resturant 5 hours straight of on your feet moving like an arobic exercise i drink two a shift sometimes.but that said i can also drink monster like water.its all in tolerance.if you read the directs it says drink half then see how you feel not slam whole can and good luck.pay attention posers.plese keep selling this stuff its the only drink that does what it says.wing joint

  • Georgez

    I normaly don’t agree with cbs news cuz its stupid and their story is damaging somone else company. since I first tried spike the shot gun since I drank the whole can nothing didn’t happen at all that I didn’t get sick or anything at all but the problem is the store own of 7-11 needs to check the people’s I.D before buying the products same with buying beers and stuff. My body can handle up to two 16oz can of spike I’am not joking at all. Plus I never had any bad problems to my self because I drank it right, in right time.

  • Danny

    This drink is the best tasting and for energy there is nothing like it on the market period. I’ve tried everything I hope they don’t take it off the market every time something good that works ends up being taken off the market. Its like alcohol drink responsible and you will be fine. Start slow and see how you do. If people can drink coffee all day then you should be able to drink one can of this but take it slow. I hope you can get into all the 7-11 so it will be easy to find.

  • Mordrax

    This drink is the only true energy drink that does what it says. That being said, it is the responsibility of the person consuming the product to follow the warning labels and if it keeps the drink in 7-11 then they should ask for ID. I have had both the 8oz and 16oz cans, the 8oz cans say never exceed 1can daily, the 16oz cans say never exceed 2 cans. I have had 2 8oz cans within 10 minutes of each other while I do have an extremely high tolerance for caffiene I don’t recommend doing that. My only ill effect from 2 cans was a very upset stomach. I have many times had 2 cans around 12 hours apart with no ill effects. For those looking to find spike the 8oz can is much more potent and can be found at the vitamin shoppe and GNC I hope 7-11 will bring it back though because there are many more of those stores.

  • Nick

    I am 14 years old I have a pretty medium tolerance to energy drinks and I wanted to try it I got the spike shooter which I don’t know if it’s stronger or weaker but I drank it pretty fast I had a light caffeine high which lasted about ten minutes but after that I only experienced a small burst of energy I did make sure to eat afterwards because if I don’t eat I feel sick but he must have gotten sick because he didn’t eat anything afterwards by the way I wasn’t id ed but I’m still not sure if it’s legal or not

  • James

    I love spike shooter it is the only energy drink that does anything and yes there are like 5 warnings on the can so the company can’t be blamed for any ignorance on the users part but my 7-11 still has them and if they pull them I will never shop there again

  • Steve A

    I love this stuff!!! Great for caffeine lovers. One can is not that big a deal and I don’t feel like i got ripped off!!!!

  • Mom

    My son drank Spike – and died from a massive heart attack. He was only 25.

  • Ted

    I’m so sorry for your loss. When did this happen? was it covered by the media?

  • Gary Hart

    I’ve been drinking Spike Shooters almost every work day since 2006 instead of drinking coffee for hours on end. Have had absolutely no ill effects.

  • Zeeshan Mahmud

    Absolutely unacceptable. Weed and this shit are illegal but alkie aint. What a ffin joke!

  • Amelia Pond

    I used to drink two or more of these a day and I got really sick but I learned my lesson on that. I won’t be doing that again. I do, however, love this energy drink because it’s the only one that actually works for me. There was one case where I thought I had a caffeine overdose, but a lot of food and laying down helped me feel better. If people were more responsible with this then this wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Ted

    Just remember, this isn’t a typical energy drink since it has additional stimulants in it. Thanks for sharing.

  • demetria

    I had my first spike shot, and all it really did was give me indigestion, and I was more alert. But sadly it only lasted for four hours lol, but then again, I drink about four 2 liters of mountain dew, rockstars, and red bulls almost every day. I will admit I am a caffeine junkie, but for me, the crash on spike was a little worse than my red bull crashes. And for me, red bull is crack in a can, and I normally down 2 to 3 20 oz red bulls a day. But my crash was extremely tired and sluggish. So I would say, it really is based upon the person who consumes the drink, tolerance, and eating habits. Now I ate a sandwich and some cheese before sharing the shot with my co worker, and I know how to handle my shit. Why not try taking some deep breaths, and a cold shower? If it helps alcohol poisoning, and drug overdoses, I don’t see why it wouldn’t help with this. You have to remember caffeine really is a drug, just like nicotine and is more addictive than cocaine and meth.

  • Joe

    That’s a troll comment. IF anybody dies from this product its because of their own stupidity and inability to READ WARNING LABELS!

  • kat

    i had spike and im 17, the first time i drank it i only had a couple gulps and i felt really really weird like i was high but i wasnt. after drinking it for a while the drink really has no effect on me except short term burst of energy and made my adhd go up. while sitting in church usually i bounce my foot for a minute or 2 but i was shaking my foot the whole time i was there and started tapping my fingers. my dad doesnt allow it in the house because 1. me and my step mom drink it all the time and 2. he says that it made up act like we were on meth. this drink is definatly addicting and works so if you need an energy drink for actual energy, this is your drink. just watch how much you consume.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014