Spot On Energy: The Caffeine Addicts Patch!

spot-on-energyI was convinced that if there were anything that you could squeeze a milligram of caffeine into, it had been done.

Soda, candy, pain relievers, soap, water, etc…  I guess my imagination was not quite broad enough to envision this weeks product, Spot On Energy Patches.

Trans-dermal caffeine delivery, as far as I’m aware, is a novel concept in the energy market.  They come packaged in thin, foiled envelopes that open to reveal 4 vinyl patches on wax paper.  Not unlike nicotine patches, you place one (or two) of these on a fairly hairless area of skin and go about your day without the signature of massive energy addiction, a 16oz can stuck to your hand.

I shook off Rockstar withdrawal long enough to make this report…


Obviously if I had tasted these, I’d have been doing it wrong. The energy without taste thing kind of intrigued me. Many times I’ll be partaking of an energy beverage thinking “If this didn’t have copious amounts of high powered stimulants in it, would I be drinking it?” The answer most times is no. Who would choke down a Monster simply because it tastes good. Maybe a few people but not the vast majority.

Spot On is a good alternative to those whose taste-buds cannot be subdued long enough for an energy fix. Another good aspect of this model is energy without calories as sugary energy drinks can be very high calorie (240 in an 16oz Rockstar Punched).


Each patch contains Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Green Tea Extract, Niacin, and Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 in addition to a seemingly paltry amount of caffeine at 20mg.

Spot On Energy now contains 65mg of caffeine per patch.


So what does 20mg of caffeine get you? Turns out quite a bit. As recommended by the manufacturer, I wore two at a time and was ecstatic at the results. Shortly after putting them on, a wave of tingly energy comes on and then settles back into a perfect wide awake and alert state that lasts for hours. Best of all when the patches are depleted there is absolutely no crash.

Expect increased effects with the newer patches containing 3x the caffeine.

You are only marginally aware that you are less amped than before. After several days with the Spot On patches I am hooked. There are so many situations were you can’t take an energy drink, but need to be alert and focused. The patch is perfect for taking tests, sitting in long meetings, marathon gaming sessions, you name it.


I was skeptical that such a small amount of caffeine would be able to lift me in any significant way. I’m happy to say that my skepticism was completely unfounded. Others that I’ve had try the patches report much the same result.

Strong, clean energy. No jitters, headaches, heartburn, or upset stomachs. Also, considering they are $2.99 for a 4 patch package, they are quite a good value. If I were rating on a scale of 10, Spot On ranks a solid 9. Try some if you can find some. You’ll be surprised too.

Spot On is available on Amazon here.

Reviewed by TNT

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  • Sure, they may help since people wont see the can. But can imagine what they would do if they knew you had a patch?!?! I’d never hear the end of it haha.

  • Nick

    I’d drink a Monster because it tastes good, seeing as I do. I’d drink BAWLS a lot more though, but I can get 24-packs of Monster for a pretty good price at Sam’s Club. I gotta look for these though, sounds really cool. I’d love them for school if I had a bad nights sleep.

  • Gilly

    Oh my freakin’ goodness. That sounds so nerdy but funny and curiously intriguing! I would never live it down either if people found out I had “the patch” on either haha. But man, now I wanna try it.

  • Evan

    WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP SAYING ENERGY DRINKS TASTE BAD WHEN TALKING ABOUT THIS THING?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was under the impression that most people drink energy drinks because of both their kick AND taste. Drinks like Monster, Rockstar, and all the juice flavors are some of the best tasting drinks i have ever had, and Red Bull is THE best tasting. The only reason I cut back on energy drinks recently is because of the crash and cost. The only thing I really miss is the taste.

  • Buzz Killington

    Sorry to ruin the mood guys, but caffeine is terrible at being absorbed through the skin. After a few hours, you might be able to absorb a fraction of the 20 milligrams of caffeine, but you wouldn’t be able to feel it. All you felt here was a placebo effect, sorry to say.

  • TNT

    Buzz: Say what you will about absorption. These things work. I used them every day for a week sometimes with and sometimes without additional caffeine. I was skeptical and so were many others that I had try these things and we all had the same experience.

    Evan: Not everyone feels the same way you do about the taste of energy drinks. I personally hate the taste of Monster and have no particular fondness for Red Bull. Many people do not like any of them and would prefer something like an effective patch.

    I’m not trying to be a shill for the product but they do work and have an opportunity to break through for folks who otherwise despise energy drinks.

  • Buzz Killington
    Sorry my friend, but this just can’t possibly work. The placebo effect is a very real occurrence, and I’m afraid that’s all this is.

  • Stephen

    Umm ok “Trans-dermal caffeine delivery, as far as I’m aware, is a novel concept in the energy market.”
    I think maybe you needed to slap on a couple more patches because you mentioned soap right above that sentence. The purpose of putting caffeine into the soap is for trans-dermal absorption. So this is more of an extension of that idea as opposed to a radical new thing.

    I agree with Evan though. I quite enjoy the taste of most energy drinks and I would still drink monster even without the caffeine.

    Trans-dermal absorption of caffeine is actually a bit of controversal thing with some people saying it is effective and others saying the opposite. Regardless of the truth, it is still possible for them to appear to be extremely effective even if there is no real pharmacological action. It’s called the placebo effect. Your mind is quite powerful which is why placebos are included in drug trials becauase the new drug must show that it is more effective then just telling people that theyre taking medicine when they are actually just taking a sugar pill. Ever heard of something called the q-ray bracelet? That’s pretty much placebo exemplified right there (sorry to the q-ray wearers out there but I’m just not a believer).

    To placate the spot on believers (i’ve never tried it so ill remain neutral), i will also offer an explanation as to why 20mg of caffeine, a relatively small amount, would seem as effective as 80-140 mg from an energy drink. Chemicals/food you ingest is absorbed in the intestines where it then passes through the liver. A portion of these chemicals are de-activated/metabolized immediately and so not all of what you ingested ever makes it to your blood stream. The same thing does not happen when you absorb something through your skin. Those chemicals would travel directly into your blood where it could then proceed to your head (and everywhere else). This means the amount of caffeine from a Rockstar that actually makes it into your blood stream may not be as far off of 20mg as you would think.

  • TNT

    Buzz and Stephen: While I believe the placebo effect is a very real and possible explanation for the effects of these patches, I think it’s also possible that caffeine might be able to be absorbed trans-dermally. The erowid link you posted describes the challenges in absorbing caffeine through soap. The soap is designed to be rubbed on the skin and immediately washed off. I can see how there wouldn’t be enough contact or time for the skin to absorb anything. But we’re talking about a patch that is attached for 4-5 hours at a time. Let’s also not forget there are B-Vitamins, Taurine and other things involved. Bottom line: I don’t know why these work but they do. Believe it or not.

  • willie

    TNT: thank you for the recommendation i’m going to try their free sample(cost of postage stamp) and when i recieve it i’ll be sure to write back my opinion here.

  • Evan

    I got the free trial and was extremely surprised that I noticed an effect, but I ended up getting a massive caffeine headache about 2 hours later because I had not had any coffee in order to see what the patches could do. Did anyone else have the same problem? Maybe I just need to have little caffeine with the patch.

  • Bernice

    I tried the free trial and they sent me 3 packages of 4 patches! Nice deal. I like them a lot, but be careful about leaving them on at night, they will keep you from sleeping. I also think it’s cute how they put the logo on the patch, that way people don’t think you’re wearing nicotine patches!!

  • Daren

    This sounds pretty great.

    I should order some. And that caffeine headache you got because you are used to much higher doses of Caffeine than the patch supplies.

    Less caffeine is required because of the method of absorption.

  • Steve

    Methylphenidate also isn’t able to be absorbed through the skin, unless its in the form of a patch like daytrana.In fact, if you simply google search “Caffeine Patch” the second result is a study on the feasibility of a caffeine patch. They determine that yes it is feasible

  • Red Energy

    I understand how one would ascertain that there is a definite placebo effect from products such as this caffeine patch, red energy patches, or even the big patch-making company out of Australia. Simple fact is this: If the inert ingredients weren’t in these patches, they wouldn’t exist. Knowing that, I think that it’s a fair estimation that unless one actually tries it for a good period of time (one box worth would be a good test period), then it’s not factual to give an “informed” opinion.

  • I just sent off for their free trial offer and I can’t wait to try these out. As a geek, programmer, gamer, and all out dork I’m always looking for the newest in caffeine products. I will post again after I’ve had the chance to try these out. Also, I will agree that most energy drinks taste bad. Although I do like the taste of Jolt: Ultra, Vault Zero, BAWLS, and SoBe Addrenaline Rush but those are the only ones I can drink without making that omg that tastes like cough syrup face.

  • Buzz Revivington

    Buzz Killington…go to this link and scroll to page 7.

    I would tend to rely on published studies with supporting empirical findings as opposed to the loose references that you’ll often find on Erowid

  • FallenWind

    I remember when I first decided to try these things out.

    A friend who had been pestering me about my caffeine habits and had gotten me to lay of caffeine for a while, had walked into a gas station one evening. She made small talk with the lady behind the counter and over heard one of the other employees complaining that the “Spot on Energy Patches” weren’t selling. She found it a novel idea and decided to bring it up next time she saw me to poke fun at my crazy caffeine mentality.

    I will try anything once.

    I bought some, didn’t read the package and just slapped a single one onto my skin and felt disappointed with the poor results. It was not until I got home and did some research online (and on the back of the foil package) that I realized that you needed to put on two at a time for maximum results.

    The next day I did this and I was simply amazed with the results. I was skeptical at first with the whole possibility of a placebo effect considering the fact that I was getting so much energy from such a minuscule amount of caffeine.

    That’s when I decided to put these to the test.

    I deprived myself of sleep for a few days, getting just enough to function at work without getting fired, then I decided to pull an all niter and then work a 10 hour shift using just the patches.

    And boy was I convinced. Usually it would take me 3-5 200mg Vivarin and a few energy drinks or coffees to get me through something like that, but with the patches I was able to get away with just 6 patches, two every 3-5 hours. While I did exceed the maximum recommended dosage of 4 patches per 24 hour period, you have to remember that most energy drinks recommend only two 16 oz cans per day and many people vastly exceed that daily.

    To all the skeptics out there, say what you will! They’ve worked great for me and others, and in the end you shouldn’t knock it before you try it!

    I am sad to say that I can easily see the “Spot on Energy” corporation, or whatever they are, going bankrupt in a few years due to the skepticism that out society has toward new things. The fact that the 5-hour energy shot has done well gives me hope, but when you consider how vastly absurd an energy patch truly seems in the eyes of so many you can’t help but shed an early tear for an idea that just may be ahead of it’s time.

  • Cameron Booth

    Doesn’t work, Scam. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  • This is a great substitute for coffee and energy drinks. Spot on energy is a caffeine, b-vitamin patch and has similar ingredients to what you find in energy drinks but without the calories, sugar and preservatives. It is a patch product that comes in a “4-patch pouch” and a normal application is to wear two patches at a time. It sells for around $2.99 same as the drinks and shots but offers twice the value (in other words two doses of energy per 4-patch pack). It really does work.

Last Modified: July 31, 2014