Steaz Energy Drink: Organic Fuel (Berry)

I recently received Steaz Energy Drink, the can says organic, so that usually means the taste will leave you thirsting for something else, yet we must be fair, so lets give Steaz Berry a fair shot, ok?


As I pop the top, I get a very nice aroma from the large mouth on the top. As for the taste, the can says contains Green Tea, and boy does it. I didn’t find any berry taste, but a carbonated very much green tea taste. Not to carbonated, almost a watered down carbonation, yet the taste of Steaz is dominated by the green tea.

I personally, am not a big fan of green tea, yet the taste wasn’t a turnoff. If you love the green tea, you will adore this drink, yet even if your not, the flavor shouldn’t be enough to prevent you from finishing the can.


As for ingredients, I could actually pronounce all of its ingredients listed on the can, some of which are organic acai berry juice, organic cane juice, organic green tea and natural berry flavor. Also including 34 grams of sugar and organic guarana extract. The caffeine content clocks in at 100mg.


As for the effect of Steaz Organic Energy Drink, just as the taste was average, the effect was average at best. I felt a slight increase in my energy level, yet nothing that would sustain me through a long day at the office. Mirrors the taste, nothing special.


In many of my energy drink review journeys, the word organic on the can usually means noting special inside, and that’s just what I found with the Steaz Energy. The taste wasn’t good, yet wasn’t that bad either and the energy it provided was there, but nothing to write home about. So I guess the best description I can give Steaz Organic Energy Drink would be its as blah as an energy drink gets.

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  • Chris

    there’s a drink that I think is made by the same company, I think it was the Orange flavor, and I think only one of the 2 sizes wowed me, but it’s one of teh few noticeable buzzes that I can still get from and energy drink. Perhaps it’s higher in dl-caff and I don’t normally have that high of a ratio, but I try not to drink it too often so that I don’t build tolerance to whatever it is.

  • Evan

    My all-time favorite energy drink is definitely Guru original. The fact that it’s organic and all-natural really makes the flavor complex and amazing, and the buzz is great (if my caffeine tolerance isn’t ridiculously high). I do agree that most organic energy drinks are lacking, but they’re usually fairly inexpensive and have interesting flavors.

  • Looks like I need to get one and try it out for myself. It contains 100mg Caffeine, is it too high or normal?

  • ted

    That’s pretty average for a ED actually.

  • Mary Nichols

    I love Steaz- I’m a non-GMO eater and its one of the few that doesn’t give me jitters plus it actually works because I have some kind of medical problem I’m being seen for that isn’t identified yet where I immediately have to lie down for 20 minutes very suddenly and if I don’t I never recover- sometimes a nap isn’t possible! Steaz actually stopped the attack.

Last Modified: May 5, 2017