Sugar Free Energy Drinks List

sugar-free-energy-drinksOur Sugar Free Energy Drink table outlines many popular sugar free energy drinks and their caffeine level.

We also identify which artificial sweetener is used, so you know what to look for when you are peering into the cooler for a sugar free energy drink.

This chart does not include energy shots as they are almost always sugar free anyway.

Also, several natural sugar free energy drinks are beginning to appear in the marketplace. These generally use stevia or sugar alcohols and some are included in the list below.

Popular Diet Energy Drinks

Drink NameCaffeine (mg/can)Sweetener type
Rockstar sugar-free160Ace-K, Sucralose
Rockstar Pink120Ace-K, Sucralose
Monster Zero Ultra135Sucralose, Ace-K
Rockstar zero-carb240Ace-K, Sucralose
Monster lo carb160Sucralose, Ace-K
Java Monster160Sucralose
No Fear sugar free154Sucralose, Ace-K
Red Bull sugar free80Ace-K, Aspartame
Crunk sugar free200Sucralose
Sobe Adrenaline Rush sugar free152Sucralose, Ace-K
Venom low-carb160Sucralose, Ace-K
Go Girl100Sucralose
XS Energy (all flavors)83Ace-K, Sucralose
Full Throttle144Sucralose, Ace-K, Saccharin
Lady Pink?Sucralose, Ace-K
Amp sugar free160Sucralose, Ace-K
Guru Lite125Cane Juice, Stevia, Luo han guo juice
Xyience Xenergy (full line)200Sucralose, Ace-K
Spike Shooter300Sucralose
Redline RTD & Princess250Sucralose
BAWLS Exxtra150Sucralose, Ace-K
Hype Enlite80Sugar, Sucralose, Ace-K
Monster Absolutely Zero135Sucralose, Ace k and Erythritol
Monster Ultra Pink135Sucralose, Ace-K
Celsius Energy Drink200Sucralose
Liquid Ice Sugar Free80Sucralose
Wave Sugar Free?Aspartame, Ace-K
Red Bull Total Zero80Aspartame, Sucralose, Ace-K
NOS Sugar Free260Sucralose, Ace-K
Cintron Tropical Azul170Sucralose, Ace-K
Roaring Lion Zero161Stevia

monster-zero-ultra-energy-drinkThe diet beverage market has been growing. In fact, last year Diet Coke and Coke Zero both found their way into the top ten soda’s according to sales.

The same is true with diet energy drinks since more and more consumers are becoming aware of the dangers of sugar filled beverages.

As you see above, most sugar free energy drinks use the standard artificial sweeteners with the exception being Guru who is marketing some natural low calorie sweeteners. Sucralose a.k.a. “Splenda” has been getting some bad press lately, so who knows if that will cause other companies to go the more natural route as well if consumers begin shunning sucralose the way they did aspartame and saccharin which were previously used in sugar free energy drinks.

Stevia based sugar free drinks are also becoming more popular. This natural sugar is being marketed as a better alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Time will tell if the trend eventually filters into big brands like Monster and Rockstar.

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  • D

    Just an FYI the Monster Absolutely Zero does have surcralose which is not stated above. it says it directly on the can.

  • ted

    Thanks, somehow we missed that when looking at the ingredients list.

  • Jumping Jehosaphat

    The one that I find works the best is Nos Zero

  • mike

    Check Boostnrgy a sugarfree energydrink, bought in the Netherlands, based on 100% sugarfree natural stevia

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  • Minh Le

    Anyone interested in healthy energy drinks? Vemma Verve might be what you’re looking for.

    Let me know if you would like more info. Thank you.

  • Shane Toman

    Hogwash. There is zero research that shows it causes any real health issues.

  • Nate

    Doctors won’t help you the energy drink industry is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut applying pressure to the FDA. Then they merely claim compliance with the rules they gave to the system which isn’t much since the product is a unregulated health supplement and not a food or drink product. Just the fact it is not considered a drink should be reason enough alone not to use them. The best you will do is the FDA is forced to maintain a list of all the people that died or were hospitalized after using the product but “aren’t directly linked to the event”. I am a number on there.

  • Nate

    It took decades in court to be able to say there is real research that tobacco causes harmful side effects. You don’t need research to prove that shoving the same amount of stimulants as 20 cups of coffee can cause health issues. Just not be an idiot.

  • SSSsniper Fox

    Sucralose causes cancer don’t drink that shit

  • SSSsniper Fox

    Sucralose also kills but your SO CORRECT

  • SSSsniper Fox

    Its so true

  • SSSsniper Fox

    Yes it does look it up many people got cancer by sucralose and aspratame they did science studies on two people one of them was loaded on aspratame everyday and the other one was on sucralose they both got cancer

  • Ted

    Can you provide a link to the scientific study?

  • Brenda Balde Brooks

    Well people out there we just launched the first all natural energy drink no added sugar and caffeine is from green tea it a amazing and I just read all info on these drinks we going to take over the market and ours is so healthy amazing

  • April

    Anything in copious amounts is bound to be bad for you. Moderation is key.

  • Adam

    20 cups of coffee???? A normal cup has what, 80 mg. Monster has 70mg, 140 if you drink the entire can, but a can is TWO servings.

  • Penny

    Do you want something that all naturally give you energy Take a teaspoon of raw honey And follow it up with a bottle of water

Last Modified: September 11, 2014