The 10 Dogs of Energy Drinks

dog-drinksHave I missed something?

Since when did the term or image of a dog equate energy? I mean I’ve seen some hyper dogs in my time, but once they leave the puppy stage most dogs just lay around most of the time……

Well after some intense research (not really), I discovered that quite a few energy drink marketers have looked to the dog to fetch sales.

This post is just for fun.

Here’s the list

  1. Frigid Dog– Ok, this makes me think of my poor childhood dog “Poodle” chained to his box on a cold winter’s night. I need a moment.
  2. Dark Dog– Because light colored dogs just don’t have as much kick.
  3. Strait Dog– As opposed to all the gay varieties…
  4. Raw Dawg– I prefer my dog roasted with garlic, thank you.
  5. Dr. Dogg– You definitely don’t want this doctor probing around.
  6. Atomic Dogg– When a B movie turns into a D energy drink.
  7. Bulldog– Yeah that cute slobbery breed makes me thirsty.
  8. Hair of the Dog– Now that’s a great feeling….You feel a piece of hair on your tongue and find that it’s dog’s hair….
  9. Scalded Dog– Yes please, with a side of fried rice.
  10. Fire Dog– Teaching children everywhere about energy drink safety.


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on August 25, 2014