Top Selling Energy Drink Brands


Red Bull continues to dominate as the energy drink leader, but Monster has experienced huge growth in the last few years.

The energy drink market continues to grow even in light of the tough economy and increased health scrutiny.  Soda sales have been declining steadily over the same period, while energy drink sales have been booming.

Despite recent FDA scrutiny regarding the safety of these beverages, 2013 energy drink sales are up 6.7% over last year in the USA alone. src.

Did your favorite energy drink make the list? 

Energy Drink Brand Market Share 2013

Energy Drink Brand Market Share 2014

USA Top Selling Energy Drink Brands

Rank20152015 sales
20142014 sales ($millions)20132013 sales ($millions)20122012 sales ($millions)20112011 sales ($millions)20102010 sales ($millions)20082008 sales (%share)20072007 sales (%share)20062006 sales (%share)
1Red Bull4,550 Red Bull2,883 Red Bull3,433 Red Bull2,950Red Bull2,300 Red Bull2,200Red Bull40%Red Bull35.2%Red Bull42.6%
2Monster3,690 Monster2,476 Monster3,147 Monster2,600Monster1,900 Monster 1,500Monster23%Monster27.3%Monster14.4%
3 Rockstar820 Rockstar647 Rockstar821 Rockstar780Rockstar660 Rockstar400Rockstar12.3%Rockstar11.1%Rockstar11.4%
4NOS 542 NOS294 NOS274 Amp300Amp330 NOS200Amp8%Full Throttle6.6%Full Throttle6.9%
5Amp146 Amp212 Amp239 NOS250Doubleshot250 Doubleshot180Full Throttle4%Amp5.1%Sobe No Fear5.4%
6Full Throttle143Full Throttle114 Full Throttle104 Full Throttle140NOS220 Amp140Doubleshot2%No Fear2.7%Amp3.6%
7 Xyience Xenergy40 Xyience Xenergy43 Xyience Xenergy40Full Throttle130 Full Throttle110NOS1.5%NOS2.1%Sobe Adrenaline Rush2.9%
8Arizona Energy28 VPX Redline VPX Redline15Xyience Xenergy30No Fear1.4%Adrenaline2.1%Tab Energy2.3%
9 Rip It22
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* Although the energy drink market grew in 2014 with all the major brands showing increased sales as well, the data above doesn’t reflect this. This is due to IRI² not having access to certain retailers’ sales data.   Pre-2013 data does not include Walmart sales so most numbers would be higher with that factored in. 2009 sales data is unavailable.

The top Monster drinks are: Monster Energy, Java Monster, Monster Mega Energy, and Monster Rehab.

In case you didn’t read that correctly: Red Bull sold US$3.4 BILLION dollars of energy drink product in the 52 weeks prior to July 2013. Monster sold US$3.1 BILLION worth.

A huge part of energy drink popularity is in the sponsorship efforts, with top brands spending large sums of money to achieve brand placement. Xyience has definitely been lifting their marketing efforts and it’s paying off with their recent entrance into the top 15 energy drinks ranking.

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That’s fine for the USA, but many have been wanting some data for the worldwide energy drink market.

Good news! We finally were able to track down some numbers.

Worldwide Top 15 Energy Drinks

Based on worldwide sales figures here’s how the energy drink brands stack up worldwide.

Rank20152015 sales
1Red Bull12,463
3 Rockstar1,085
4Lucozade 709
6 Burn472
7 M-150325
8 Sting261
9 Cobra260
11Eastroc Super Drink213
12Adrenaline Rush177
12Dekavita C174
13Power Horse173

The data for the above graph was provided to us by Euromonitor International who tracks the worldwide sales of energy drinks and many other consumer products.

Red Bull has a sizable lead in the USA, but worldwide the energy drink giant has a massive lead over any other competitor.

Top Selling Energy Shot Brands

Rank20152015 sales
20142014 sales ($millions)20132013 sales ($millions)20122012 sales ($millions)20112011 sales ($millions)
15 Hour Energy 7255 Hour Energy7325 Hour Energy1,1145 Hour Energy896 5 Hour Energy996
2Stacker inc/6 hr. Power 10Stacker inc/6 hr. Power11Stacker inc/6 Hour Power476 Hour Power30 6 Hour Power22
3 Tweaker8.3Tweaker8Private Label17Red Bull Shot25 Worx14
4 RhinoRush 3.7Street King3.7Worx Energy Shot7Monster Hitman10 E65
5 Vital 4 U  3.5Vital 4 U 3.4Tweaker5Stacker 24 Stacker 24
6 Fuel In A Bottle 3.3Fuel In A Bottle3Street King4.9Nitro 2 Go3.4 Redline Power Rush3.5
7Street King 3RhinoRush2.9E6 Energy Shot3.9Redline3.2 Spike Double Shot3.2
8E6 Energy Shot 2.5Nitro 2 Go2.68Rip It Energy Shot3.2Vital 4U3.1 Vital 4U3
9 Rip It Shot 1.7E6 Energy Shot2.65
10 Nitro 2 Go 1.4Worx Energy Shot1.3

5 Hour Energy certainly has the energy shot market cornered with none of the others anywhere in the same universe as 5 Hour, but they seem to be losing their dominance in late 2014 as other brands gain market share. The energy shot market segment was down 4.1% in 2014 compared to the same time period the previous year and in 2015 down again. It looks like some are losing their enthusiasm for the energy shot. ²

Top Selling Energy Drink Mixes

Rank20132013 sales ($millions)
1MIO Energy55
2Crystal Light Energy39.5
3Private Label36.7
4Propel Energy Drink Mix23
64C Energy Rush3.3

Which Companies Own Which Brands?

It’s also interesting to note that some parent companies own several different brands of energy drinks. Here’s a bit of the breakdown.

  1. Coca Cola owns Nos, Burn, and Relentless but has given Monster Energy the rights to these brands.
  2. Pepsi Co. owns Amp, Starbucks bottled drinks, Mountain Dew Kickstart but sold No Fear.
  3. Monster also owns Worx Energy Shot.
  4. Coca-Cola just bought a 17% Stake in the Monster Beverage Company. Monster will take over Coke’s Energy Drink Brands and Coke takes over Monster’s Hanson brand.
  5. Rockstar is still flying solo, but is distributed by Pepsi.

Does top selling mean that they are also the best energy drinks? 

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  • Big Popi

    I am suprised that no one has mentioned XS. It is the best tasting wellness drink on the market. 0 Sugar and about 8 calories per serving there is no competition!!!Each can contains an enormous 4900% B-12 serving.Want to party like a rock star?? Drink 2 cans of this and tell me what happens. I bet you will not have a nasty hangover like you would fom the “Bull”. That my friends is no Bull!!

  • Ryan

    I think act is one of the better ones i have had. i buy it wholesale and its very cheap, no crash, no jitters, lasts up to 6 hours. i drink alot and gain no weight with it.

  • I agree with Big Popi, I’m very, very surprised XS wasn’t on this list. I’m one of the people you’re able to get it through. Go to the website I have posted here and you can purchase a case with your choice of several flavors and try it out yourself, just create an account and you’re good to go. Then tell me if you like Red Bull or any of the others still. This is the healthiest energy drink you’ll ever come across and still has a powerful kick to it.

  • Monster-T

    Redbull has an okay taste, everyone i work with love redbull and say it tastes the best, i disagree. i think it tastes to different. its nothing like a regualr pop or juice would taste like, and not worth the money.. IMO, the Monster takes the cake for me. the taste is great, and the fact it comes in different flavors, you wont get bored of the taste. the bigger serving gives you a larger and longer boost then a redbull. Monster Energy FTW! 🙂

  • Anna

    I think monster is the best it comes in soooo many differnt flavors and it’s way better than red bull

  • Darren Smith

    I would like to tell you all to try Bomba Energy. It is out of Austria but is now here in USA. Four different flavors no crash and no spike. Best drink I have tried.

  • Joe

    XS is the best energy drink ever ! it has 13 flavors , 0 carbs 0 suger ,
    it will be number one on the market by next year ! its all of the energy and none of the bull.

  • CHAN

    XS is a hot product

  • DarkurTymes

    I love monster.
    And the reason VOn Dutch made it is because everyone has tried it or bought it really cheap.
    And Im suprised about Bawls as well.
    And Ive heard Monster and Vodka is good. Lol.
    But I dont know that girl drinks alot.

  • energy-holder 3.0

    redbull= Crap (tastes like sugar and water mixed together)
    monster= an amazing energy drink amazing taste and sooo many different flavors, plus the new BFC is getting bought off the shelves veryyy fast (at least where im from)

    im very suprised von dutch made it up there as well..
    just because its veryy cheap and everyone has tried it..
    im also very suprized that NoS energy didnt get up there its a very good tasting energy drink and plus the bottle it comes in doesnt look so shabby either.

  • Red Bull advertises like crazy

  • Lucky

    Bawls should of been on there nd red bull i drink the top 2 (monster red bull) well there both good ppl say nos is made out of bull sperm…

  • Eric

    Unfortunatly XS would be second…however because it is considered privately sold it cannot be part of the ranking. But yes, it is number two behind Red Bull. Furthermore it is the HEALTHIEST energy drink out there and I love the tropical blast. You can also get caffinee free and avoid the crash after.

  • anyone have any thoughts on Jolt?

  • josh

    i think nos should be on your list because its the shit

  • levi

    my favorite energy drink,is guru,not only do they taste the best to me,they also feel the best.

  • Have you had a bHIP Energy Blend. bHIP Energy Blend is the world’s first ‘herbal clean energy’ formula. it is laoded with Vitamin’s and Amino Acid.
    For more info goto

  • joel

    My favorite energy drink is Xplosive however little known its tastes the best and gives the best results

  • the best energy drink is the steven seagal’s lightning bolt!!

    it’s an asian experience in a can!

  • mike

    what about funtion energy drink i like that

Last Modified: March 14, 2016


  • 1. 2013 Data is from the top brands per, latest 52 week period, Total U.S. Multi-Outlet w/ C-Store (Supermarkets, Drugstores, Mass Market Retailers, Gas/C-Stores, Military Commissaries and Select Club & Dollar Retail Chains) provided by "IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide)".
  • 2. 2014 and 2015 Data is from IRI covering a 52 week period ending November 2, 2014 and March 22, 2015; based on USA sales only and some retailers not reporting.
  • 3. Prior to 2013 the data was compiled from data published by beverage industry insider