The Complete Guide to Starbucks Caffeine

starbucks caffeine
Starbucks has some of the highest caffeine amounts of any coffee chain.

These charts were compiled using data from Starbucks in-store leaflets, their website, and from independent laboratory tests.

Caffeine in coffee can vary (due to coffee bean origin and blend used) and may be more or less than the amounts shown.

Starbucks Hot Beverage Caffeine

  • USA
  • UK/Europe
(8 floz)
(12 floz)
(16 floz)
(20 floz)
Pike Place Brewed Coffee180mg260mg330mg415mg
Blonde Roast180mg270mg360mg475mg
Clover Brewed Coffee170mg280mg375mg445mg
Featured Dark Roast130mg195mg260mg340mg
Brewed Decaf Coffee15mg20mg25mg30mg
Caffè Americano75mg150mg225mg300mg
Caffè Latte (also flavored)75mg75mg150mg150mg
Latte Macciato150mg150mg225mg225mg
Caffè Mocha (also flavored Mochas)90mg95mg175mg180mg
Flat White130mg130mg195mg195mg
Caramel Macchiato75mg75mg150mg150mg
Caramel Flan Latte75mg75mg150mg150mg
Molten Chocolate Latte95mg100mg185mg195mg
Espresso Macchiato75mg
Espresso con Panna75mg
Hazelnut Macchiato75mg75mg150mg150mg
Cinnamon Dolce Latte75mg75mg150mg150mg
Pumpkin Spice75mg75mg150mg150mg
Salted Caramel Mocha90mg95mg175mg185mg
Tiramisu Latte75mg75mg150mg150mg
Smoked Butterscotch Latte75mg75mg150mg150mg
Toasted Graham Latte75mg75mg150mg150mg
Peppermint Mocha75mg75mg150mg150mg
White Chocolate Mocha75mg75mg150mg150mg
Hot Chocolate15mg20mg25mg30mg
Caffe Misto75mg115mg150mg195mg
Oprah Chai Tea Latte25mg40mg50mg65mg
Classic Chai Tea Latte50mg70mg95mg120mg
Teavana Earl Grey Latte40mg40mg40mg40mg
Teavana Green Tea Latte25mg55mg80mg110mg
Teavana Royal English Breakfast Latte40mg40mg40mg40mg
Pineapple Kona Pop Brewed Tea0mg0mg0mgomg
Teavana Brewed Earl Grey65mg65mg65mg130mg
Teavana Emperor’s Cloud & Mist0-15mg0-15mg15-25mg15-25mg
Teavana Jade Citrus Mint15-25mg15-25mg40mg40mg
Teavana Mint Majesty0mg0mg0mg0mg
Teavana Oprah Chai Brewed Tea15-25mg15-25mg40mg40mg
Teavana Passion Tango0mg0mg0mg0mg
Teavana Peach Tranquility0mg0mg0mg0mg
Teavana Royal English Breakfast40mg40mg40mg40mg
Teavana Youthberry0-15mg0-15mg15-25mg15-25mg
White Hot Chocolate0mg0mg0mg0mg
Starbucks Verismo40-45mg
espresso pod
brewed pod
Brewed Coffee160mg240mg320mg400mg
Brewed Decaf Coffee15mg20mg25mg30mg
Caffè Americano75mg150mg225mg300mg
Caffè Latte (also flavored)75mg150mg150mg225mg
Caffè Mocha (also flavored Mochas)90mg170mg175mg255mg
Caramel Macchiato75mg150mg150mg225mg
Flat White150mg
Espresso Macchiato75mg
Espresso con Panna75mg
Pumpkin Spice Latte87mg87mg174mg174mg
Salted Caramel Mocha99mg192mg199mg292mg
Orange Mocha91mg171mg181mg270mg
Egg Nog Latte87mg87mg174mg174mg
Gingerbread Latte87mg87mg174mg174mg
Toffee Nut Latte87mg87mg174mg174mg
Vanilla Spiced Cadamom Latte87mg87mg174mg174mg
White Chocolate Mocha75mg150mg150mg225mg
Signature Hot Chocolate10mg15mg20mg25mg
Classic Hot Chocolate15mg20mg25mg30mg
Vanilla Spice Hot Chocolate4mg5mg7mg9mg
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate12mg18mg25mg31mg
Caffe Misto75mg115mg150mg195mg
Chai Tea Latte50mg75mg100mg120mg
White Hot Chocolate0000
Starbucks Verismo40-45mg
espresso pod
brewed pod

Note: The caffeine amounts in Teavana retail teas are found here.

Starbucks K-Cups

It is difficult to determine caffeine amounts per blend in Keurig K-Cups. However, Keurig claim that “specialty beverages containing tea, coffee, or chocolate may have up to 60mg per 8oz serving”.

How Many Shots?

The caffeine amounts of the espresso-based drinks show that a Tall Latte (and Cappuccino) has just a single shot of coffee. For a 12 oz cup size – this is quite weak and has considerably less caffeine than a brewed coffee of the same size.

Most conscientious coffee vendors serve at least a double-shot in drinks over 8 ounces. Most provide double-shots (by default) in regular takeaway cups. This is because many takeaway cups tend to have more volume than their china or crockery counterparts.

starbucks frappuccinos, iced coffee

Frappuccinos, Iced Coffees, Iced Teas, Refreshers

  • USA
  • UK/Europe
(12 floz)
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
(30 floz)
Cold Brew Coffee 150mg200mg300mg330mg
Cold Brew Coffee w/milk150mg200mg300mg330mg
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew140mg185mg275mg
Nitro Cold Brew*230mg325mg
Nitro Cold Brew w/sweet cream*215mg280mg
Caffe Espresso Frappuccino75mg105mg135mg
Molten Chocolate Frappuccino80mg110mg150mg
Vanilla Frappuccino65mg95mg125mg
Caramel Flan Frapp65mg90mg125mg
Caramel Frappuccino70mg100mg130mg
Caramel Ribbon Crunch
(Creme: caffeine-free)
Cinnamon Dolce
(Creme: caffeine-free)
Coffee Frappuccino70mg95mg130mg
Double Chocolaty Chip10mg15mg15mg
Espresso Frappuccino
(coffee and espresso)
Hazelnut Frappuccino65mg90mg125mg
Java Chip75mg110mg145mg
Mocha Cookie Crumble75mg105mg140mg
Mocha Frappuccino70mg110mg140mg
Green Tea Creme50mg70mg95mg
Strawberries & Creme0mg0mg0mg
Vanilla Bean Creme0mg0mg0mg
White Chocolate Creme0mg0mg0mg
White Chocolate Mocha70mg90mg125mg
Iced Latte (and flavors)75mg150mg225mg
Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte75mg150mg225mg
Iced Mocha (and flavors)95mg175mg260mg
Iced White Chocolate Mocha75mg150mg225mg
Iced Caramel Macchiato75mg150mg225mg
Iced Americano150mg225mg300mg
Doubleshot on Ice150mg225mg375mg
Iced Flat White90mg130mg175mg
Iced Coffee120mg165mg235mg285mg
Iced Coffee with Milk90mg125mg170mg190mg
Iced Classic Chai Latte70mg95mg145mg
Iced Teavana Green Tea Latte55mg80mg110mg
Teavana Iced Green Tea
(and Lemonade)
Teavana Iced Peach Green Tea30-35mg40-45mg60-65mg85-90mg
Teavana Black Iced Tea
(and Lemonade)
Teavana Green Iced Tea
(and Lemonade)
Teavana Iced Passion
(and Lemonade)
Oprah Iced Chai Latte40mg50mg75mg
Chocolate Smoothie15mg
Chocolate Milk20mg25mg40mg
Shaken Sweet Tea
(also Lemonade)
Iced Refreshers (all flavors)35-45mg45-55mg70-85mg90-110mg
Caffe Espresso Frappuccino139mg171mg194mg
Vanilla Cream Frappuccino0mg0mg0mg
Caramel Frappuccino65mg95mg120mg
Caramel Frappuccino (light)60mg85mg100mg
Mocha Frappuccino59mg74mg107mg
Mocha Frappuccino(light)60mg95mg115mg
Java Chip Frappuccino57mg71mg101mg
Stawberries & Creme Frappuccino0mg0mg0mg
Coffee Frappuccino73mg104mg131mg
Coffee Frappuccino (light)60mg90mg105mg
Triple Caramel Frappuccino78mg117mg156mg
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino86mg129mg171mg
Chocolate Cream Frappuccino2mg3mg3mg
Iced Latte (and flavors)150mg150mg225mg
Iced Cuppuccino150mg150mg225mg
Iced Mocha (and flavors)170mg175mg255mg
Iced Caramel Macchiato150mg150mg225mg
Iced Americano150mg225mg300mg
Iced Coffee180mg260mg330mg
Iced Chai Tea Latte75mg100mg120mg
Iced Cold Brew180mg260mg330mg

*There appears to be an error on the Starbuck’s website. Regular Nitro Cold Brew should have more caffeine than the added sweet cream version. We’ve emailed Starbucks concerning this.
starbucks bottled coffee

Caffeine in Starbucks Via, Bottled, and Canned Drinks

Starbucks Bottled Iced Coffee (all flavors)11 floz110mg- 115mg
Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino13.7 floz130mg
(Flavors range from 45mg-130mg)
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot Espresso6.5 floz110mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot Salted Caramel6.5 floz70mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot Espresso Light6.5 floz120 mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot Cubano6.5 floz 85mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot + Energy15 floz145mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot + Energy  Mexican Mocha15 floz145mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot + Energy Mocha15 floz145mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot + Energy Vanilla15 floz145mg
Starbucks Canned Doubleshot + Energy White Chocolate15 floz145mg
Doubleshot Coffee + Protein (Coffee)8 floz110mg
Doubleshot Coffee + Protein (Vanilla)8 floz110mg
Doubleshot Coffee + Protein (Chocolate)8 floz110mg
Starbucks Via Instant Coffee1 sachet130-140mg
Starbucks Iced Via1 sachet260-280mg
Canned Refreshers (all flavors)12 floz50mg
Via Refreshers1 sachet40-55mg
Starbucks Classics-Caramel Macchiato (and Skinny)8 floz85mg
(510mg/48 fl oz. bottle)
Starbucks Classics-Caffe Mocha8 floz85mg
(510mg/48 fl oz. bottle)
Starbucks Classics Vanilla Latte (and Skinny)8 floz85mg
(510mg/48 fl oz bottle)
Tazo Black Tea w/lemon13.8 floz30-45mg
Tazo Black Tea Mango13.8 floz15-30mg
Tazo Berry Blossom White13.8 floz30-45mg
Tazo Giant Peach13.8 floz30-45mg
Tazo Organic Black Tea13.8 floz30-45mg
Tazo Organic Green Tea13.8 floz30-45mg
Tazo Plum Pomegranate13.8 floz15-30mg
Tazo Tazoberry13.8 floz30-45mg
Tazo White Cranberry13.8 floz30-45mg

* Canned and bottled Starbucks’ drinks are produced and distributed by PepsiCo.

Please visit our complete caffeine database for all other beverages.

See detailed breakdowns of caffeine in other coffee chains.

Tazo Tea Caffeine: Retail vs Outlet

The caffeine amounts for Tazo Brewed Tea are high.

Independent Lab tests have shown that Tazo Earl Grey has about 40-59mg caffeine (when brewed in 6oz water).

Tazo China Green Tips has 23-41mg caffeine. Apparently, Starbucks cafes use a different size teabag in-store compared to the retail packets (but we have been unable to confirm).

See more about caffeine in black tea here.

Tazo Replaced by Teavana

Starbucks has begun phasing out Tazo Tea and replacing it with Teavana after they acquired the brand last year. We’ve removed Tazo from our table above, but here they are for your reference.

(8 floz)
(12 floz)
(16 floz)
(20 floz)
Tazo Black Tea Latte50mg75mg100mg125mg
Tazo Chai Tea Latte50mg75mg100mg120mg
Tazo Green Tea Latte30mg55mg80mg110mg
Chocolate Chai Tea Latte10mg10mg20mg25mg
Tazo Awake Brewed Tea70mg70mg70mg140mg
Tazo Calm Brewed Tea0mg0mg0mg0mg
Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte0mg0mg0mg0mg
Full Leaf Chai Tea40mg40mg40mg40mg
Awake Tea Latte70mg70mg70mg140mg
Passion Brewed Tea0mg0mg0mg0mg
Zen Brewed Tea30mg30mg30mg65mg
Refresh Brewed Tea0mg0mg0mg0mg
Earl Grey Latte65mg65mg65mg130mg
Tazo China Green Tips Tea45mg45mg45mg85mg
Tazo Earl Grey Brewed Tea65mg65mg65mg130mg
Iced Chocolate Chai Latte10mg10mg20mg
Iced Green Tea Latte50mg80mg110mg
Iced Chai Latte70mg95mg145mg
Iced Awake Tea Latte50mg50mg100mg
Tazo Chai Frapp20mg40mg45mg
Tazo Green Tea Frapp50mg70mg100mg

How Accurate Are These Amounts?

Starbucks makes it clear that “caffeine information is approximate and is based on limited analytical data.” and also that “Values can vary greatly based on the variety of the coffee and the brewing equipment used.”

Here are a few independent tests that showed some discrepancies from what Starbucks lists.

A recent test conducted by BuzzFeed found Starbucks Brewed Coffee to average about 17 mg/ounce or 272 mg per 16 fluid ounces (Grande). This is about 60 mg less than what Starbucks reports.

One lab test sampled Starbucks Breakfast Blend brewed coffees. Caffeine varied from 299.5mg to 564.4mg per 16 fl oz (Grande) cup! The 6 samples were obtained from the same outlet on 6 consecutive days.

An interesting example: If you look at the brewed coffee varieties you would think that the blends that have more caffeine in the Grande size would also have more caffeine in the Short size. This isn’t always the case according to Starbuck’s data, but this would make sense logically.

Beware: Decaffeinated Drinks Still Contain Caffeine

Decaffeinated isn’t the same thing as caffeine-free.

An independent lab test of Starbucks coffee showed the following:

  • Decaf Brewed Coffee – 12.0–13.4 mg/16 fl oz serving (Starbucks have decided to list considerably more caffeine than this – 25mg per 16 fl oz).
  • Decaf Espresso – 3.0–15.8 mg/shot.
Look here to find out how many cups of Starbucks it would take for you to overdose.

Get Help Quitting Caffeine

Reduce your caffeine intake without pain and discomfort.

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  • BigPimpin

    Starbucks – biggest ripoff in all of ‘Coffee-Land’

    Tall latte = 1 shot of espresso
    Grande latte = 2 shots of espresso
    Venti latte = 2 shots of espresso

    So we pay extra for what? Milk baby, Milk.

    FK Starbucks.

  • no caff

    going to no caffeine can be difficult, but it can be done. my recommendation is to wean youself off over a week or so. since you regularly take in so much caffeine, maybe start with a regular latte for 2 days and no sodas, then a half caff latte for 2 days w/no sodas, then a 12 oz pepsi for a day or two, then try the mini cans with only 6 oz for a few days, then off… over this period of time, i would recommend increasing your water intake and eating more fiber via vegetables. You may need to pop an advil for the first couple of days to ward off head aches, but see how you do. this worked well for me when I did it, and I’m caffeine free now (for health reasons, and I SO miss it). Also, if you like the flavor of coffee and are looking for a caffeine free substitute, try Postum or Orzo. This is only if you can’t even tolerate decaf – it’s an acquired taste, but does serve as a good psychological substitute. GOOD LUCK!

  • ntegrit

    This web page states that “…a Grande Latte (and Cappucino) has just a single shot of coffee. For a 12 oz cup size – that is one very weak coffee drink.” While you’re correct in identifying the larger single-shot drink as 12 oz, it’s NOT the Grande, which is 16 oz; the 12 oz drink is Tall! [look up on your own caffeine chart]

  • saveYourMoney

    Hey if you want to keep giving your money to these big companies making them rich and paying for their luxurious cars, houses, and vacations then don’t try to break your addiction. If you want to better yourself, break your addiction to caffeine, sleep better, increase your sex drive, slow down the aging process[especially your skin], and increase your lifespan by reducing the workload on your body. Caffeine is not the answer to unhappiness in your life and the choices you’ve made, change is.

    “In the 18th century there were coffee houses in London that were like crack houses now. They were places you would not want your child to go.”

  • Eric

    Its not the caffiene you should be worried about in energy drinks– the corn syrup is poison. We are a country of corn syrup fed pigs.

  • Huh

    Energy drinks are not bad. They just get a bad rap from the media. Mostly what you hear is the crash you get after because of the amount of sugar. I hate the taste of coffee. It annoys me when I have a huge monster energy drink in front of me at work and co-workers come by and say you are going to be wired…

  • boobfeeding mom

    really really glad that some1 put up the amount of caffiene in starbucks’ drinks. i havent had one since i got pregnant last august.. that stuff is like legalized crack!

  • b0bt3hm4ster

    …wow maybeh I should switch to Starbucks…

    ..And maybeh not. MONSTER/SPIKE = mah heroes!!

  • megan

    stop paying 5 dollars on sbux lattes or fraps buy regular coffee for a dollar! it has more caffeine. Make it at home and stop being lazy. I work for sbux and think the prices and wages the employees Make are absolutely ridiculous. im glad they are being shutdown FK sbux!!!

  • megan

    also switching to just caffeine isnt going to give the same effect as energy drinks cause they contain other stimulants and chemicals that energize you. seriously if you worked at sbux youd hate them too, if you love sbux and stull work there your brainwashed or have been there less than 2 years so shut up. FK sbux!!!

  • lol

    You folks who are screaming fk starbucks are all idiots. They make a good product and many people enjoy it. If YOU don’t like it, don’t buy it and stfu about it. I like starbucks and will keep buying my 4 dollar frappochinos because they’re delicious.

  • CMV.

    I’ve been drinking regular coffee since I was old enough to make coffee for my mom at age 7. I would still drink it once in awhile until I made the mistake of trying a starbucks double shot 5 days ago. I’ve had one every day since then. I should stop though, seeing as caffeine dries out your voice and I am currently in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. I think I’m getting addicted.

  • Coffee has good and bad points – good in that it contains antioxidants that can have health benefits but bad in that it’s an addictive stimulant. I love it but know that it has bad effects on me so I limit it to a maximum of one around one shot of espresso a day (as Americano – although I really need to keep the levels at about 3 shots per weeek. Like anything, I think its the excesses that are particularly bad for you although some people, like me can be sensitive to even small amounts. Incidentally, it was the first thing couldn’t have when pregnant – made me really sick, even the smell of it all way through. Maybe my body was telling me something.

  • dj fullthrottle

    im prescribed 65mg of methadone daily and find mass quantities of espresso to stay awake and productive a lot safer and lighter on my wallet than taking shots of coke all day. shooting cocaine almost killed me caffiene is WAY safer.

  • HowMuchCaffeine

    I always wanted to know how much caffeine was in a double shot espress0 soy latte. I can drink those by the gallon

  • dj fullthrottle

    dj fullthrottle: duh! good for you for getting off that stuff – good luck man 🙂

  • Starbucks Barista

    Keep in mind, too, that Iced Venti (24 oz, rather than 20 oz) sized drinks have an additional shot (in other words, they are a ‘triple’), and an Iced Americano has five shots!

    Just something to remember if you are trying to count the caffeine and you enjoy the occasional iced drink. (I suppose that extra shot would add another 75 mg?)

    Additionally, the varying levels of caffiene probably have something to do with the fact that Starbucks serves many different blends of coffee. The Pikes Place is the same everyday – but it sounds like that laboratory test may have been using the bold blends, which are not necessarily the same from day to day!

  • You’re wrong, Starbucks Barista. An Iced Venti Americano only has 4 shots, not 5. Read the recipe card. I had to show it to my manager to get him to believe me.

  • dj fullthrottle

    I use a Mr Coffee espresso machine I got from target for like 50 bux. I had been drinking Starbucks italian roast and sumatra until I was at the grocery store and introduced to Peets coffee. Starbucks can sit on shelves in warehouses for up to a year while Peets sends people out to rotate the coffee so what you’re brewing is within 90 days of roasting. I life a finely ground French Roast (Although Im not a fan of Starbucks’s French roast) Sometimes I mix it with Illy fine grind medium espresso for dark on the bottom with medium on top. Its cool how it separates. Fine grind sometimes takes a while to brew because it kinda clogs the machine in the process (as long as its not too fine) but it comes through about 4 shots worth in 10 minutes and is PHENOMINAL and packs plenty of punch. I highly recommend it. Its paid for itself over and over especially when I buy bottles of Starbucks flavoring instead of paying 4-5 bux for an 8 shot Pep latte that tastes watered down. Peets, Illy, Pilon, and some cheaper Brazilian fine grinds where 4 tbsp would normally be mixed with 1 Litre of water work well for strong Espresso although the S. American varieties are a little bitter. Now I get by on 2 cups/day instead of like 6

  • Shari

    awesome list

Last Modified: August 25, 2017


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