The Most Caffeine Addicted Country

Think the USA is the most caffeine addicted country?

Think again. While the USA by far has the most caffeinated products on the market, we don’t hold a candle to some caffeine addicted countries.

Which country is the most addicted to caffeine?

  1. Sweden: 388mg/day
  2. Norway: 379mg/day
  3. Netherlands: 369mg/day
  4. Denmark: 354mg/day
  5. Finland: 322mg/day
  6. Germany: 292mg/day
  7. Austria: 276mg/day
  8. Switzerland: 275mg/day
  9. Nicaragua: 219mg/day
  10. France: 215mg/day

For an extensive list of caffeine consumption around the world see our article here.

Even though America gets a lot of attention regarding caffeinated products, it doesn’t lead the world in consumption.

The winner actually is Sweden with other Scandinavian countries not far off.. I guess if America had to endure such harsh, long winters, they would keep the coffee brewing all day as well.

It’s funny because countries in Scandinavia often win awards for being the happiest people too. Correlation maybe?

Many caffeine related studies are often performed on Scandinavians because of their high rate of consumption. If caffeine was causing harm, it would most likely be seen in those populations first.

Brazil is expected to pass the USA soon in regards to caffeine consumption and it is projected that China will be more caffeine addicted in the near future as they have the largest emerging middle class, coffee drinking population on the planet. Starbucks is betting a lot on this projection as they have big plans for thousands of new stores in China.

How Does America Rank in Terms of Caffeine Addiction?

most caffeine addicted american citiesWith coffee shops on just about every corner in America’s cities, The Daily Beast thought they could use this piece of data to determine which cities are the most caffeine addicted.

They basically figured out how many coffee shops there are per 100,000 people and combined that with how much money the average person in each city spends on coffee each month.

Here’s what they came up with from most caffeinated to least.

Top 10 Caffeine Addicted USA Cities

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. San Jose, California
  4. Denver, Colorado
  5. San Francisco, California
  6. Chicago, Illinois
  7. Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Los Angeles, California
  9. New York, New York
  10. Boston, Massachusetts

Their list consisted of the top 20 along with each city’s stats, so click on the link above to see the entire list.

While this is a cool way of determining caffeine consumption, I think to be totally accurate money spent on energy drinks would also have to be considered. That piece of caffeine use data would probably be harder to piece together.

Daily coffee consumption among USA consumers is actually on the decline for the third straight year according to The Daily Herald who analyzed data from The National Coffee Association’s 2015 Annual Coffee Drinking Trends report.

According to the report, 59% drink a daily cup of coffee, compared to 61% in 2014 and 63% in 2013. However, overall coffee consumption is just down slightly from 79% last year to 78% this year.

Caffeine Use Research

There has been scientific research as to the level of caffeine use among Americans  and this research was recently published by The Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal.

In their study they surveyed almost 38,000 people about their caffeine consumption habits.  Here’s what their data showed about America’s daily caffeine use.


The above study also noted that even though there is a notable increase in caffeinated products, it is unclear whether caffeine consumption is on the increase. They note that there isn’t much research of this nature, which would be needed to establish trends.

In any event, the world’s addiction to caffeine shows no signs of easing up especially in the fast paced world in which we live.

How does your daily dose of caffeine compare?

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  • Wow, I really thought the US would be No. 1 caffeine drinkers

  • Sammbo

    NOOOO!!!!!!!! Dangit, we’ll have to fix that….

  • Erik

    I’m not surprised. When I visit my family in Norway, they take coffee drinking to another level – and it isn’t just a morning thing, it’s all day. Leaving for the afternoon? Better fill up a thermos! Dinner? Coffee! OK, time for bed soon, let’s end the day with a nice cup of coffee. Awesome!!!

  • Carpenter

    5.3 million Finns consume more caffeine than 300 million Americans? That doesn’t sound right. I don’t doubt they drink a lot of coffee, but even if adult Americans would have only one cup of coffee per person and day on average, they would consume many times more caffeine.

    It may be that your family in Norway acts like that, Erik, but that is hardly the norm. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are not Finland. Finland is way up north. All of its cities are north of Stockholm. Whereas e.g. ninety percent of Swedes live in the southern third of the country and have brighter days, and less need for that much coffee.

  • ted

    It’s more per person, they’ve factored in the population difference.

  • The Republic of Coffeeland :)

    Hi! I am not surpsized that Finnish people drink most coffee compared with other nations. Here in Finland the first thing in the morning is to brew a few cups of coffee. Many don’t even eat anything before luch, they need only coffee to start a new day. Sadly those people are usually also heavy smokers, so actually the first thing to do in the morning is to have a “cancerbar”(sorry, I am against smoking) and then that 1-2 large cups of coffee.

    But anyway I personally don’t know many who don’t drink coffee at all, here in Finland. I have met two Finns who prefer tea (but tea contains caffeine too!)– during my whole life! People in Finland learn to drink coffee before they go to school. Parents try to scare their children by saying that their hair colour changes dark like coffee if they taste it, but it only makes children curious about coffee and sooner or later they want to taste it and they’ll get used to drinking it like their parents before them.

    So the typical Finnish citizen is addicted to coffee, like me. I drink black coffee (because the lactose-free milk tastes awful in a coffee), but mostly here people drink their coffee with milk (normal milk with lactose) or light cream, and sugar, and also with a sandwich or a bun, or a donut. Nowerdays people are used to drink other coffees too, espressos and others. E
    By the way, the energy drinks contain also caffeine and it is usually forbidden to sell them to minors here in Finland — so we do care about our children’s health here…in case that someone thinks that letting a child drink coffee is crazy (it is actually, but still it happens at every Finnish home).

  • I’m not surprised Seattle is number 1, Seattle’s Best Coffee, birthplace of Starbucks…

  • Dag Lindwall

    I’m not surprised that Swedes top the list.
    I used to work in the industry as a service technician servicing WMF coffee machines so I feel quite knowledgeable on the subject.

    Scandinavians may not drink more cups of coffee than other countries but the difference lies in what we put in those cups.
    I’ve been to many different countries including Germany, the US and the UK and what passes for coffee over there is more like tea if you ask someone from Scandinavia.

    Our coffee is STRONG! If you’d like to taste Swedish-strength coffee the next time you brew it use this recipe:

    Use 1.5 tablespoon of dark roasted high quality arabica coffee with a grain size somewhere in between coarse grind and espresso grind for every 1/2 cups of water.
    After it’s brewed hold the jug up to a light source – if the light penetrates the jug it’s not strong enough.

    I’m about to pull an all-nighter so I made 1L of that brew in a thermos waiting for me.

  • Dave

    Germany, not Gremany

  • confused finn

    Eh… Finland, Norway and Sweden are all almost the same, if we speak about location. Stockholm and Helsinki are almost next to each other.
    I just mean..the difference isnt that big.

    We do drink a lot of coffee, that is true. 1-2 litres/day is the norm for me.

  • sernada

    the low level of caffeine consumption by those under 18 in the graph are misleading…because the body sizes are smaller…thus the effect is magnified.

    If we were to have a normalized — mg caffeine to kg or lb of body weight — …that would be interesting.

  • Ted

    Our caffeine calculator actually shows you that

  • sernada

    thanks for the tip, didn’t know about that.

Last Modified: September 2, 2016