The Red Bull Diet

red-bull dietThe Red Bull Diet may just be one of the craziest methods we’ve ever heard of and it’s quite dangerous.

A New Zealand woman learned the hard way when she attempted to lose weight with Red Bull.

If this were an actual diet, the marketing ploy would probably go something like this.

Are you overweight?

Do you want to loose 100 pounds in 8 months?

Do you enjoy drinking 10 to 14 cans of Red Bull a day?

Do you thrive on up to 1120mg of caffeine daily?

Then the Red Bull Diet is for you.

The Red Bull Diet Basics

According to the news story out of New Zealand an Auckland woman tried a Red Bull diet to lose weight!

Here’s what she did…..

She claims that she would only eat at times a hand full of cereal a day along with her 14 cans of Red Bull.

She started drinking this gradually and began noticing the appetite suppressing qualities of the drink so soon she was drinking up to 14 cans daily.

Before you get all excited and start ordering Red Bull by the case, you may want to note that the 23 three year old woman also;

  • Was sent the hospital with a heart attack.
  • Now has a heart murmur.
  • Has severe pain and cramping in her stomach and bowel.
  • Has anxiety attacks.

She was consuming 1120mg of caffeine daily along with all the other artificial ingredients in the energy drink. With very little other nutrition.

A daily safe limit of caffeine for most healthy adults is 300-400 milligrams, so she was drinking about 3x that.

So, you may want to join Weight Watchers instead just like this woman who has now switched to this healthier diet and is not recommending her Red Bull Diet Plan to anyone.

There are indeed health consequences for abusing energy drinks and we hope stories like this keep people from making the same mistakes.

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  • Brian

    Did that 100lbs include her sanity?

  • Tim

    It’s people doing stupid shit like that that give conservative politicans the grip they need to try and ban energy drinks. Once again, stupid people are going to ruin everything.

  • Jon

    PLEASE STOP !!!!

    Tim is right.

    Energy drink aficionados don’t do stupid crap like this.

    If a …errr woman needs to lose weight she should just hit the treadmill or stop eating so many damn hamburgers.

  • Brady

    if only i had the fortitude that brave woman possessed..

    oh the possibilities

  • Evan

    That’s one expensive diet (14×1.5=21, 21×30=630, 30×8=$5040!!!!) hopefully she was buying some cheap cases. It would be pretty tasty but you’d think she would realize that that much caffeine isn’t good for her. That’s also 1540 calories of Red Bull a day (110×14=1540).

  • Tramp

    There was a mention of a diet like this in the movie Wanted. Except he did it with Power Horse energy drink. She probably saw that and thought “what a novel idea”..

    As for the calorie count, that doesn’t really mean anything. Everyone has a different need, and it changes. For the last few years I ate one meal a day (and energy drinks of course) and was completely fine. Now I’m eating much more, still staying thin.. You never know..

  • eanowakattack

    Ugh, Power Horse? I tried that few years back. I never knew an energy drink could make me so sad.


  • Eww I’m not sure how anyone could drink that stuff..

    Caffeine gives me all those symptoms so thats not good at all! stick to the cornflake diet lol

  • Sue

    i had a single red bull once and fell asleep less than half an hour later… i must have a really high matabolism

  • Joe

    Its not the energy drink itself, its the caffeine. The same effect could be achieved with coffee. The guarana in these drinks is just a more concentrated source.

  • fiona

    its things like this that give energy drinks a bad name. if they werent abused, i wouldnt be getting as many looks from ppl when i drink them. but i guess you cant really stop people from abusing tho….

  • Bob

    Sue that happens with caffeine tolerance i think

  • Ash

    Lol, people who do that deserve it.

  • Robert

    hi there guys i’m a fitness instructor from UK and have just seen something i honestly cannot belive DON”T LISTEN TO THIS S**T these people don’t care about you’r helath they care about money….if you want to successfully lose weight get up from your chairs stop being lazy….exercise more frequently and eat properly doing that will result in a weightloss and make you look much more amazing….i would know only becomeing a fitness instructor 15 weeks ago i automatically became more motivated to workout regularly….not having even changed my diet and just working out 4-5times weekly i lost 15+ in 12 weeks 🙂 so do the sensible thing and don’t try these stupid diets.

  • Craig

    hey guys, i want to say dont try this crap. I got addicted to red bull and was drinking more than 15 a day and got so ill i was rushed to hospital where i was informed that i had ripped my stomach lining and damaged my heart to the point where it would have stopped if i didnt stop drinking them soon. Its not a good idea and i would really advice againest trying these diets, though drinking them senseibly isnt a bad thing, i enjoy some every now and again

  • travis

    true i would never consume that much, but i used to drink WAY to much rockstar burner, and energy drinks in general i lost 20 pounds, quite quickly, being sick feeling was common, not to mention extreme insomnia
    and the mental feeling of basically being dead, now a days of crippling chest pains, I still can’t eat food in the morning, I don’t know if its from those things or not, but watch yourselves, it’s all fine, until you consume to much, shall we take an extreme. doing a certain drug (even acid or cocaine) isn’t gonna do all that much, have its effects sure (1 cheeseburger from a fast food place is gonna have its effects on your body), but nothing substantial. where as if you were to eat 100 carrots a day, it would be bad

  • nathan

    wow rlly she lost 100lbs? or did she just lose her sanity? its stupid stuff like this that gives goverment the grip they need to ban them! if stupid people keep doing stupid stuff their going to ruin every thing! im only twelve and i dont do syupid stuff like this! like wow some people are just so dumb. i got three words for those types of people…

  • redbull-man

    im 14 i used to be overweight than i drank like 2 redbulls a day and ate nothing i lost alot of weight its not addicting now idrink like 2 cans a day but i dont eat anything its awsome!
    by i dnt eat anything i mean i eat like a tiny tiny bit
    and i dont drink 14 cans, wtf only 2

  • Rebecca

    My name is Rebecca and I’m a casting producer for the TLC show “Freaky Eaters.” We’re currently looking for ADULTS ADDICTED TO ENERGY DRINKS for Season 2 of the show.

    For more info or to nominate someone, please send an email to with your name, age, number, and brief description of your daily consumption of energy drinks/caffeine.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Dana

    I have been drinking red bulls for many many years and have ended up in hospital once I still drink 4 16 ounce cans a day and have lost weight I eat hardly anything but I would never suggest this way to lose weight to anyone red bull is addicting and does cause major health problems I have cut down some now because of the health problems caused by drinking red bull

Last Modified: September 11, 2014