The Red Bull Diet

red-bull dietThe Red Bull Diet may just be one of the craziest methods we’ve ever heard of and it’s quite dangerous.

A New Zealand woman learned the hard way when she attempted to lose weight with Red Bull.

If this were an actual diet, the marketing ploy would probably go something like this.

Are you overweight?

Do you want to loose 100 pounds in 8 months?

Do you enjoy drinking 10 to 14 cans of Red Bull a day?

Do you thrive on up to 1120mg of caffeine daily?

Then the Red Bull Diet is for you.

The Red Bull Diet Basics

According to the news story out of New Zealand an Auckland woman tried a Red Bull diet to lose weight!

Here’s what she did…..

She claims that she would only eat at times a hand full of cereal a day along with her 14 cans of Red Bull.

She started drinking this gradually and began noticing the appetite suppressing qualities of the drink so soon she was drinking up to 14 cans daily.

Before you get all excited and start ordering Red Bull by the case, you may want to note that the 23 three year old woman also;

  • Was sent the hospital with a heart attack.
  • Now has a heart murmur.
  • Has severe pain and cramping in her stomach and bowel.
  • Has anxiety attacks.

She was consuming 1120mg of caffeine daily along with all the other artificial ingredients in the energy drink. With very little other nutrition.

A daily safe limit of caffeine for most healthy adults is 300-400 milligrams, so she was drinking about 3x that.

So, you may want to join Weight Watchers instead just like this woman who has now switched to this healthier diet and is not recommending her Red Bull Diet Plan to anyone.

There are indeed health consequences for abusing energy drinks and we hope stories like this keep people from making the same mistakes.

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  • Danielle

    Ha ive been drinking redbull for quite sometime. Didnt care for it much to begin with now I drink in between 2 and 3 12oz cans 3 times a week. My step sister has been doing the same and in 2 months I dropped 3 pant sizes and my sister lost 10lbs. We eat very little. We both our first one when we get up as our breakfast then chase my two little kids around all day. At lunch we consume our second redbull while my husband and kids eat lunch. Then we both eat a small balanced dinner. Before I started drinking it I had a small heart problem. When I sit or lay down my heart rate drops to the 50s but when I would sleep it would go to the 30s which is dangerous cause one day I might not wake up. I had problems getting up in the morning…couldnt hear a thing or feel someone shaking me. It was scary then I started drinking redbull and since then my heart rate has increased to almost normal when I sleep. I feel better in the mornings and throughout the day. I sleep better at night and can even hear my husband leave at 5am. Redbull is for me!! Oh and my heart condition is due because of doctors. They did a normal surgery and my heart stopped in the process because of the anestia they used. I was revived and monitored but left with major problems. All over gall stones. So it had to be done. They are what caused my son to be born premature and I fought this condition for almost two years. I have normalacy again all thanks to my redbull diet.

  • Red Bull = NZT

  • Shaun

    what the?! haha

    I can’t believe that…. 😛

  • Alie J

    Lol, she was actually quite well fed compared to someone with anorexia nervosa.

    A 250ml can of Red Bull contains 112.5kCal so 10 to 14 cans per day is 1125kCal to 1575kCal, plus the cereal (estimated 150kCal) giving 1275kCal to 1725kCal – a typical anorexic limits their intake to half of that!

  • Dan

    It seems like a lot of people drink red bull to lose weight….but I am a skinny guy, and not an athlete (I run and hike, but I don’t work out on a daily basis or anything). I have recently gotten addicted to red bull and have had a can (sometimes 2) a day for two weeks now. I specifically started drinking them to increase my mental awareness and to wake up (I’m always tired otherwise).

    But now I am nervous of the health effects of Red Bull. I have been getting some headaches after drinking them…but that is probably from the caffeine, since I don’t drink coffee or any other drink with caffeine.
    Does anyone think I should stop drinking them, and are health risks greater for skinny, non-athletic people like me?

  • Ted

    2 a day is 160 mg of caffeine which is just a little more than a 8 fl.oz. coffee. No, it’s not the healthiest thing to drink. perhaps you could switch it up and have a green tea based drink from time to time.

  • I’ve never drunk it to loose weight, I am wondering though how much is the limit to drink because I really want to know the limit because I like drinking it and my friend said he drank 3 in a day and had to go to the emergency room. I don’t know any more than that about that situation but it seems like it’s unhealthy. But I would like to drink it if i can.

  • Ted

    How old are you Ron?

  • 22

  • Ted

    Caffeine wise, you could drink up to 5 Red Bulls before reaching the safe daily caffeine limit of 400mg

    However, Red Bull is also full of sugar and other ingredients that don’t really promote good health, so I would advise you to limit it to 1 or 2 a day, but even better just use Red Bull occasionally when you need a boost in alertness.

    Lastly, many respond to caffeine differently so you could experience negative effects from less than 400mg of caffeine.

  • Louise

    I used to be addicted to red bull would drink atleast 3 a day sometimes about 6. I drunk too much too fast once and my heart beat really fast as tho i was on drugs. It actually scared me and put me off. Its been nearly a year and iv put on soo much weight and iv just realised its since i stopped drinkin it. Iv actually joined a fitness class the past 8 months so should of actually lost more Its getting me quite down and i feel like i should just start drinking it again?! Is there an alternative energy drink that has the same effect but less dangerous without all the extra crap in??

  • Valerie Calkins

    Omg, the article never mentions that this lady did this for a long time before she started having problems, and she lost mad weight!

  • Ffion

    It says on the back of a red bull can not to drink over 2 cans a day or something like that.
    I can’t remember the amount but I know it says on the back of the can

  • Beck Williams

    Eating right and exercising for around 2.5 hours a week not only will safely increase your fitness levels but you will also lose weight. A drink that can helps aid weight loss is water!

    A lot safer then any energy drink diet! Either 6 months doing it safely or 6 months and you die or have a heart attack or stroke. Choice is yours really.

  • Nelson

    That woman is really dumb. Why the hell would she think 14 cans of redbull and a handful of cereal is good for her.

  • Sandos

    It has been 40 days now since I quit Redbull, It is scary drinking it given the horrible effect it has on the heart and blood. I am eating like 4 apples a day, drinking 8 glasses of water, no bread, no sugar, no full-fatted products (only me and the 4 apples, water, some vegies, green tea) I feel my body lighter and even this little sense of hunger is far much more better than feeling heavy with a large stomach that is destroying my look. I will keep up this challenge to myself for the next 2 months and see how it goes, please note that your body can get used to any routine you select, any routine and I mean it, only the first three days are tough, then YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BODY AND LIFE

  • Eva Alexandra da Rold

    desperate people do stupid things

  • CaeruleaTigris

    Yeah but calories are only part of it. She was receiving virtually no nutrition what so ever. You can eat like shit and still lose weight as a long as you’re in a calorie deficit, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna be healthy, you’re still eating like shit (plus I can’t imagine how the hell she didn’t have mad cravings).

Last Modified: September 11, 2014