Theazine: Relaxed Energy Supplement

Theazine relaxed energy supplementI was intrigued when I opened the box of Theazine samples sent from ThinkQuick.

They sent me a bottle of Theazine, which is purported to be an energy supplement that gives you “relaxed energy” and “deep, calm focus and concentration.”

I’m a law student, so I spend most of my days studying and working. Focus and relaxed energy is exactly what students need, especially around exam time. So, does Theazine work?


Theazine relaxed energy supplement is actually in pill form, so there is no taste to speak of.


Theazine is loaded with B1 and B12 vitamins, as well as folic acid. They key “proprietary blend” consists of L-Theanine and 75mg of caffeine per capsule or 150mg per recommended serving of Theazine energy supplement.

Theazine’s Effect

I decided to experiment with Theazine energy supplement. First, I took some before I hit the gym in the morning. I got a small lift on the ride over and did not have the tired feeling that usually sets in for 5 AM workouts. I wasn’t completely satisfied however, because it didn’t deliver the over-the-top kick of an energy drink that helps me feel physically stronger.

I was skeptical after that experience, but decided to take a serving before my most boring class. This is where the Theazine relaxed energy delivered. I felt much more focused than I usually do in class. I had no jitters, yet was energetic enough to type and take in everything important my professor said.


If you are a student or in a job where focus is key and relaxed energy is desired, I would strongly suggest trying Theazine energy supplement. After my gym experience I was definitely skeptical, but Theazine wasn’t developed for workouts. It delivers a strong focus that I feel is unmatched by other energy supplements I have tried.

Update: Looks like Theazine is no longer available.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on December 5, 2013