Theazine: Relaxed Energy Supplement

Theazine relaxed energy supplementI was intrigued when I opened the box of Theazine samples sent from ThinkQuick.

They sent me a bottle of Theazine, which is purported to be an energy supplement that gives you “relaxed energy” and “deep, calm focus and concentration.”

I’m a law student, so I spend most of my days studying and working. Focus and relaxed energy is exactly what students need, especially around exam time. So, does Theazine work?


Theazine relaxed energy supplement is actually in pill form, so there is no taste to speak of.


Theazine is loaded with B1 and B12 vitamins, as well as folic acid. They key “proprietary blend” consists of L-Theanine and 75mg of caffeine per capsule or 150mg per recommended serving of Theazine energy supplement.

Theazine’s Effect

I decided to experiment with Theazine energy supplement. First, I took some before I hit the gym in the morning. I got a small lift on the ride over and did not have the tired feeling that usually sets in for 5 AM workouts. I wasn’t completely satisfied however, because it didn’t deliver the over-the-top kick of an energy drink that helps me feel physically stronger.

I was skeptical after that experience, but decided to take a serving before my most boring class. This is where the Theazine relaxed energy delivered. I felt much more focused than I usually do in class. I had no jitters, yet was energetic enough to type and take in everything important my professor said.


If you are a student or in a job where focus is key and relaxed energy is desired, I would strongly suggest trying Theazine energy supplement. After my gym experience I was definitely skeptical, but Theazine wasn’t developed for workouts. It delivers a strong focus that I feel is unmatched by other energy supplements I have tried.

Update: Looks like Theazine is no longer available.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

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  • Epic Wins

    Too expensive. 60 pills per $19 bottle but 2 pills per serving puts you at $0.63 per serving.

    Buy Jet Alert from Walmart; $3.43 for a 90ct bottle, single pill serving. 200mg caffeine per pill, comes out to under $0.04 per serving.

    Just sayin’.

  • ted

    Based on Jason’s review I don’t think you could compare Theazine with Jet Alert. If you want just a high dose caffeine hit then buy jet alert but if you are looking for the focus and concentration factor then it might be worth the $.63 a serving. Still cheaper than most energy drinks. Just sayin

  • Mattomic

    Well, I decided to investigate and see whether this product was a bunch of bullsh*t. A search on Chemical Abstracts (sorry, not publicly available database) generated over 160 article hits. So this stuff is real. It’s a chemical found in tea (think “the”-anine) that science suggests has real benefits. Here’s a brief article abstract:
    L-Theanine and caffeine improve task switching but not intersensory attention or subjective alertness
    From Appetite (Oxford, United Kingdom) (2009), Volume Date 2010, 54(2), 406-409
    Tea ingredients -theanine and caffeine have repeatedly been shown to deliver unique cognitive benefits when consumed in combination. The current randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, cross-over study compared a combination of -theanine (97 mg) and caffeine (40 mg) to a placebo on two attention tasks and a self-report questionnaire before, and 10 and 60 min after consumption. The combination of -theanine and caffeine significantly improved attention on a switch task as compared to the placebo, while subjective alertness and intersensory attention were not improved significantly.

    So this stuff is for real. I’m sure it’s not easy to extract either, which accounts for the cost. Sounds like it does more good than just caffeine alone. Let me state that I haven’t tried this product, but the research shows L-Theanine is the real deal and could be potentially beneficial to many people looking for “focus.”

  • steve

    $.04 must be cheaper than vivran!

  • Zak

    I have not tried this product but I do have experience with the combination of L-Theanine and caffeine and would highly recommend it improves focus and I love it. I have had it in Amp Elevate which has L-Theanine and caffeine.

  • AmyLou

    You can also just buy L-Theanine supplements from the store for much cheaper, and either drink coffee or take a JetAlert. I have been doing this to save money on my energy drink habit, by mixing Taurine, a multi-vitamin, and a JetAlert. (This might have better results for a gym workout, too.)

  • James H2

    I have used the Dr Max Powers Burn product for a little over a year now. It helps to keep my energy up in such a fast paced environment that I work in. I am able to work the hours that I want and still have the energy to work out and eat right. Its a great ALL natural product!

  • Stacey K

    James I had the same experience. I am on the go ALL of the time. Start work early in the morning and hang out with friends at night, I’ve gotten progressively more and more tired as the years have gone by. I don’t even go out sometimes because I’m so tired. I’ve been taking the Burn (acai supplements) from the Dr. Max Powers brand (called “Burn”) for several weeks now and I’m happy to say, I’m back in the mix 🙂 They give you sustained energy as opposed to the jitteryness some energy supplements or even coffee can give you.

Last Modified: December 5, 2013