Ubermonster Energy Drink

ubermonster-energy-drinkSo for a few months now the internet has been a buzz over Ubermonster Energy Drink.

It was leaked out awhile ago that Monster was creating a bio-activated non-alcoholic brewed energy drink.

Well of course this not only peaked my interest, but the interest of most all energy drink enthusiasts.

Bio-Activated Energy Brew?

Never has a company tried to develop a brewed (made from fermented malt) energy drink, and no one has ever attempted to put this much “technology” into the development of a energy drink.

Although brewed by fermenting malt, Ubermonster is non-alcoholic.

Leave it to Monster to go ahead a break more molds.

Finally the day has come with its debut in a few stores. I was lucky enough to track one down and share my thoughts on this new style of energy drink.

This drink comes in a Monster size glass bottle, it’s like Monster’s M3 yet on steroids.

It Tasted Similar to Original Monster

More than ever, going into this drink I didn’t know what to expect. Taking the first sip, I was a little surprised, it wasn’t that different.

I’m not really sure what I thought it would be like, but this wasn’t too far off from the flavor of Original Monster. Its carbonation matches the rest of the Monster family.

The only difference I found was that it seemed a bit sweeter than Original Monster and maybe a little smoother as well.

This Stuff Packs an Uberpunch!

It wasn’t to long after the last sip that I felt the energy rush kick in. I was wide awake and racing with energy that lasted longer then most of the other Monster line.

I guess it’s a surprise because Ubermonster packs 2000mg Taurine, 400mg Panax Ginseng and an Energy Blend of 5000mg made up of a number of the usual suspects such as Caffeine, Inositol, Guarana along with some others per bottle, which is the same as Original Monster per can.

Caffeine Content?

While the caffeine content isn’t listed on the bottle, we can assume that since the energy blend is the same as the Original, the caffeine content is 160mg per bottle.

Will Ubermonster be a Regular?

As for my verdict, the taste was pretty good. I’m not a big fan of original Monster, yet with this being sweeter and a little smoother, I found it pretty easy to drink.

As for the kick, it’s been a long time since a energy drink kicked me like that, so that’s a huge plus.

If you enjoy the original Monster, you will fall in love with Ubermonster. For the rest of you, give it a try for sure.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Vin

    Not a big fan of the original Monster flavor, but I found this slightly better. Cost is far too high ($5), and I much prefer the Monster Rehab flavors (except for the protein) these days. They have a smoother taste thanks to the lack of carbonation along with a hydrating factor for these hot summer months.

  • Braian

    I totally agree its not worth it for 5$ they should lower it to 3.99 like the others

  • aaron

    its 4.99 at 7/11
    i dont think so.
    as a regular monster drinker the regular monster suits me just fine

  • 4.99 price at Stripes (Gas station convenience store), and $5.40 exactly with tax.

  • Chris

    Picked it up today at QT for $4.07, and I love the taste! I agree, Its very similar to original monster, but I find the taste to be more like monster import than anything. It’s a little pricey, but then again, it comes in a badass glass bottle! I definitely recommend buying atleast one! I’m gonna pick another one up tomorrow!;)

  • Bryce

    Drinking my first one as I type this…pretty damn good I must say. My favorite Monster is the green Monster Import with the black twist top…and that was my first impression upon drinking the Ubermonster except maybe a little smoother like the reviewer said (not as thick and syrupy) and definitely a different aftertaste. I really like it but like others have said if it stays at damn near $5 just for one bottle I won’t be buying it too often. Got it for $4.49 at Safeway. I can get 2 Imports for the price of 1 of these. As for the energy buzz…pretty legit so far and it’s only about halfway gone.

  • Millialive

    Finished my 2nd today! I am in love with it. I live in Austin, Tx and it goes for $4.49 and the only thing I want to know is: Can I find it at Sam’s choice? I work overnights Fri, Sat and Sun and go into daytime M-F 8-4. The energy lasted all day and no crash. I slept like a baby with a pacifier Tuesday night. 🙂
    The taste is awesome, not so carbonated like the other energy drinks. I noticed on the label it says it “Contains Milk”. I’m also Lactose so usually this would bother me. I need a case of 24-where should I go?

  • Stephen Pariseau

    I bought 8 of these at my gas station and love them. The price is easily bearable due to the energy it gives me and the taste. I also enjoy keeping the bottles due to how bad ass they look

  • Drev

    Found them at a Mill’s Fleet Farm in my area of Wisconsin at $3.39 a bottle.

  • Andre

    It’s very good. I feel like I am repeating other reviewers but they are right. It tastes cleaner to me. More pure somehow. I love it but I probably won’t be buying it at this price. $4.60 plus tax where I got it.

  • paco

    The drink in its self was on a new level an yet all on the same. I ha one at 12 pm and still feeling it a lil. The price is a tad high to high for a constent buy but a must have for the days u need long lasting energey and no crash. Goin to get me one as soon as I go to the nearest store with it

  • Hrdina

    @Drev Ha! I bought mine from Woodman’s in Oak Creek. Good to know that Farm &Fleet still carries absolutely everything you need.

  • Dave

    Just had my first one. Pretty good. Doesn’t taste like a beer, but tastes much less like a soda (which is a good thing). Can anyone tell me what the little specks floating around in it are?

  • Jason

    I know 5 bucks … the bottles nice like the m3. uber is german for super that is why its easy to go down and alot sweeter but the price should be atleast 4

  • Dillon

    Dave, the white things floating in it are specks of the fermented malt it is made from. I also feel like I am repeating everyone else here, but I must say that this is the best energy drink I have come across in all my years. I am a soldier in the U.S. Army, and this kept me going. I saw people having that 5-Hour Energy, Redbull and Rockstar. I have tried them all, but I must say UberMonster is much more powerful and tastes one hell of a lot better.

  • Zaine

    I love this! Were i live its $3.99! i buy this stuff every day 😀

  • james

    I am in love with the ubermonster. its a lot smoother then the regular monster. also if you take tiny sips and fully taste it, its amazing. Great buzz and in my area of Massachusetts its only $3.25. Only thing that I don’t like about it is the cap. The thing is beast and I cut myself usually every time I open one. but 100% worth it lmao.

  • Dr. DreadMoor StormCrow

    I Love this…But its like for dates or ‘Drawvish toasting’ Its too much dang money.5$ i cant spend that on one drink.In my ‘Hood’ theres 4 packs of NOS for 5 $ …and NOS is my fav drink

  • kj

    I was a little dissapointed at the taste. honestly it taste just like freaking red bull. But the energy kick was nice and i like the bottle

  • reality

    You people are fucking idiots.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014