Ubermonster Energy Drink

ubermonster-energy-drinkSo for a few months now the internet has been a buzz over Ubermonster Energy Drink.

It was leaked out awhile ago that Monster was creating a bio-activated non-alcoholic brewed energy drink.

Well of course this not only peaked my interest, but the interest of most all energy drink enthusiasts.

Bio-Activated Energy Brew?

Never has a company tried to develop a brewed (made from fermented malt) energy drink, and no one has ever attempted to put this much “technology” into the development of a energy drink.

Although brewed by fermenting malt, Ubermonster is non-alcoholic.

Leave it to Monster to go ahead a break more molds.

Finally the day has come with its debut in a few stores. I was lucky enough to track one down and share my thoughts on this new style of energy drink.

This drink comes in a Monster size glass bottle, it’s like Monster’s M3 yet on steroids.

It Tasted Similar to Original Monster

More than ever, going into this drink I didn’t know what to expect. Taking the first sip, I was a little surprised, it wasn’t that different.

I’m not really sure what I thought it would be like, but this wasn’t too far off from the flavor of Original Monster. Its carbonation matches the rest of the Monster family.

The only difference I found was that it seemed a bit sweeter than Original Monster and maybe a little smoother as well.

This Stuff Packs an Uberpunch!

It wasn’t to long after the last sip that I felt the energy rush kick in. I was wide awake and racing with energy that lasted longer then most of the other Monster line.

I guess it’s a surprise because Ubermonster packs 2000mg Taurine, 400mg Panax Ginseng and an Energy Blend of 5000mg made up of a number of the usual suspects such as Caffeine, Inositol, Guarana along with some others per bottle, which is the same as Original Monster per can.

Caffeine Content?

While the caffeine content isn’t listed on the bottle, we can assume that since the energy blend is the same as the Original, the caffeine content is 160mg per bottle.

Will Ubermonster be a Regular?

As for my verdict, the taste was pretty good. I’m not a big fan of original Monster, yet with this being sweeter and a little smoother, I found it pretty easy to drink.

As for the kick, it’s been a long time since a energy drink kicked me like that, so that’s a huge plus.

If you enjoy the original Monster, you will fall in love with Ubermonster. For the rest of you, give it a try for sure.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Derp

    Big Lots, excuse me. It could also be at Job Lot too though.

  • 941031

    Amazon has it….pricey… but they have it.

  • Ein on Shrooms

    Big Lots has them, for like 2 dollars a bottle.

  • Rick Harris

    I get mine at Royal Farms I get them for 2 18.6 oz cans for 6 dollars

  • jshicke

    I found some at big lots, and picked up a few bottles. Wish I had grabbed more now. The flavor is smoother, and a tad sweeter. I bet that sweetness is from the malt. Since there is no alcohol, it is not truly fermented, and barley malt is very sweet. It is the same stuff found inside a ‘malt ball’, and it is packed with carbs. There is no ‘Beer’ flavor. 210 calories per bottle is on par with other energy drinks that are not ‘Zero Calorie’. The kick is there that I want from my energy drink to get me jump started on slow mornings. Definitely a worthwhile product, if you are a caffeine rush addict.

  • Absurd Absolutely
  • Will

    Try looking at Sheetz if you are in PA, Ohio, or the north East, they have it at 2 bottles for $4 + tax

  • Elliot Faulk

    lol theyre a 1.50 at big lots

  • Elliot Faulk

    Big lots

Last Modified: September 11, 2014