Ultimate Orange: Seriously Caffeinated Powder

ultimate-orange.jpgUltimate Orange has been around since 1982 – used exclusively in the bodybuilder scene. It was an ephedra-based stimulant. In 2001 production ceased. Last year they came back with their “new legal formula”.

Each scoop of Ultimate Orange (about 30 grams) contains 300mg caffeine and a whole stack of amino acids.

Right about now we need to read the warning:
“Ultimate Orange should only be used by serious, healthy, hard-training athletes…”

The amount of products out there for bodybuilders is overwhelming. Either there are thousands and thousands of bodybuilders – or – more like – there tens of thousands of wannabes who are being sold a fantasy.

Ultimate Orange New Formulation

can-of-ultimate-orangeThe newest version of Ultimate Orange is a RTD canned version:

Packed with 20g of lightly carbonated liquid whey protein isolate, 4.7g of muscle-fueling BCAAs, 2.6g of muscle-repairing leucine. 1g carb and a whole bunch of jack juice from all natural energy ingredients. Caffeine from coffee berries, taurine and B vitamins.

We’re not sure if a “can” of Ultimate Orange contains the 300mg of caffeine the “scoop” version did or not.

This product may be hard to find and their website is really vague about its availability.

The addition of caffeine in workout supplements is sometimes out of control. It’s probably because caffeine is about the only ingredient in these products that actually has any noticeable effects.

We’ve been tracking the caffeine in workout supplements and have an ever growing list here.

In any event, Ultimate Orange and other products like it should be used with caution and only as directed by those who understand their tollerance to caffeine.

They definitely need to be kept out of the reach of children.

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  • conquerist

    funny… the same site recommends a maximum of 250 mg a day


    thats a quick slide to dependency… i usually never have more than 280 a day (thats a cocaine/ “censored”) today i had a little over 300, but i never really went to sleep either…generally its around 150-200 a day tho… thats my sweet spot…i need to lay off some tho, i start twitching if i get it or if i dont get it…. maybe thats just becuase im psychopathic tho :p

  • Speedy Gonzalez

    The problem with caffeine is that it is just such an INFERIOR stimulant. It’s mildly toxic even at only moderately effective doses. Otherwise, it’s a stimulant with all the effects of any other stimulant.

    It’s time some basement chemist figured out how to methylate it, or freebase it, or whatever it takes to make it really kick butt.

    Like heroin compared to opium, or crack compared to coca leaf, or meth compared to benzedrine…

    When America has to outlaw caffeine, you’re REALLY going to hear some screaming and crying!

  • sg

    toxic caffeinated orangeness. sounds so appealing now that i have a couple shots of espresso and a big cup of coffee in me.

  • KarlieMildraed

    I need at least 500mgs + to keep me going. Never heard of this orange stuff before. Wondering if this stuff really works.

  • KarlieMildraed

    I stand corrected… I saw this stuff at GNC today. Did not buy it but was highly tempted.

  • Roger

    Not sure about the new shit, but the old Ultimate Orange was killer. It’d have you jet’n like a 747 leaving the runway.

    I’ll most certainly buy the new stuff.

  • Paul

    Tried some of the New Ultimate Orange via a friend in the US…. WOW… what an awesome product… not only has my training intensified but my sex drive and stamina has increased by double…

  • Brandon

    I used the old Ultimate Orange when I was in the Marine Corps, and I’d swear by it. My workouts have never been so intense. I started taking it in 1997 when I first started weight lifting, and at the time, I weighed 130 lbs. I put on 12 lbs in two months, and was curling 105 lbs, with huge biceps, even though I was only up to 142 lbs!
    I haven’t been able to find UO anywhere in years until today – I found it on sale at GNC, where the store was discontinuing it. I haven’t tried the “New, Legal Formula” yet, but I hope it works 2/3 as good as the old stuff.

  • mike brown

    I agree with brandon.I also used the original ultimate orange when I was in the navy.It made me a goddamn animal.I ate like 4 times a day ha ha.It also gave me no muscle failure and I ended up benching 365 pounds
    before I got off it.Gained like 15 pounds.Also made me really agressive while I was working out and unfortunatly made my heart race.That is why I had to let it go,it was too much.Now I just take 1850 weight gainer and pace myself.

  • Phil

    I used it while in the Marine Corps, too (1990’s). The stuff was freakin’ awesome, but the new stuff really doesn’t do anything a couple cups of coffee won’t do.

    I miss the days when you could get fat burner and energy stuff that actually worked.

  • Whitey

    I’d tried everything, and when i lifted after drinking UO i was like a MACHINE….Gosh, it was AWESOME…it’s sad to know its not the same. I haven’t tried it but, i’ve heard it wasn’t near what it was…

  • EthanV

    i was wondering if it would be alright to take this before my workout and take creatine after, or is that a no no?

  • Ehm, I’m gonna have to agree with Speedy Gonzales.
    If the US ban caffeine powder, there will be trouble! Because there are already some states that doesn’t allow it.
    However me and some other people I know, have found a very strong and reliant Brazilian source, that send with tracking numbers and they have delivery guarantees.
    The company is http://www.ag-nutri.com.br and they have a few sisters sites, that also sell pure caffeine powder.
    The caffeine powder from them, is without doubt, 100% pure, because I have never tried anything like this.
    Of course, you can always push up the dose, if you get your hands on thinned down caffeine, but the caffeine from this company really is potent!

    I’ve tried purchasing from other websites and companies, but it always seems a bit shady. However if anyone is searching for caffeine powder of simply searching for wholesale prices on larger orders, then I can really highly recommend them (ag-nutri.com.br) because they are also the oldest company online, that sells this powder 🙂

  • In my honest opinion. When Ephedra was banned, this started the decline in the US economy. As the productivity level of half the country went to shit. Those of you who used to take real ephedra know what i am talking about. You would clean the whole house. do your work, wash everything, and then goto the gym for 2 hours.


    I used take the original UO pre-game and during halftime when I played college football in the late 90’s. That stuff was for real…jacked me up big time. Whenever they come out with a “new formula” it’s never as good as the original.

  • adam

    the flavor is terrible, it used to make me gag!

  • Tony Cap

    Yep the old formula was the closet thing to legal speed you could get. Sleeping was not an option for several hours after ingesting this stuff- Even with the most intense work outs. Noplasmacore I have found is one of the best supplements without any of the harsh aftershocks of most energy supplements including ultimate ripped force. BTW- I wouldnt bother wasting money on FAST TWITCH- You get the nasty taste without any effect at all. Cheers

  • kingcaesar1

    I use to take this stuff back in the mid 90’s and its was freaking AWESOME!
    It was so good it was illigual to use for body buiding compitition due it having ephedrine.
    I use to also stack 50mg of epherine , 50mg caffine pills (NoDoz or Viverine at that time) and 50mg of asperine in the mornings which help me through out the day and when I would hit the gym in the evening I would drink one cup of UO prior to workout and one cup during workout. I was always able to give the max at the gym. I SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT from the past. I dont know how well this formula works now since there is no ephedrine in it.
    But would love to try it.

  • It probably contains synephrine. It’s the “new” ephedrine replacement. (The jury is still out on if it works)(officially) Caffeine is only a mild stimulant, and not even as close to as strong as ephedrine.

Last Modified: January 23, 2014