Ultimate Orange: Seriously Caffeinated Powder

ultimate-orange.jpgUltimate Orange has been around since 1982 – used exclusively in the bodybuilder scene. It was an ephedra-based stimulant. In 2001 production ceased. Last year they came back with their “new legal formula”.

Each scoop of Ultimate Orange (about 30 grams) contains 300mg caffeine and a whole stack of amino acids.

Right about now we need to read the warning:
“Ultimate Orange should only be used by serious, healthy, hard-training athletes…”

The amount of products out there for bodybuilders is overwhelming. Either there are thousands and thousands of bodybuilders – or – more like – there tens of thousands of wannabes who are being sold a fantasy.

Ultimate Orange New Formulation

can-of-ultimate-orangeThe newest version of Ultimate Orange is a RTD canned version:

Packed with 20g of lightly carbonated liquid whey protein isolate, 4.7g of muscle-fueling BCAAs, 2.6g of muscle-repairing leucine. 1g carb and a whole bunch of jack juice from all natural energy ingredients. Caffeine from coffee berries, taurine and B vitamins.

We’re not sure if a “can” of Ultimate Orange contains the 300mg of caffeine the “scoop” version did or not.

This product may be hard to find and their website is really vague about its availability.

The addition of caffeine in workout supplements is sometimes out of control. It’s probably because caffeine is about the only ingredient in these products that actually has any noticeable effects.

We’ve been tracking the caffeine in workout supplements and have an ever growing list here.

In any event, Ultimate Orange and other products like it should be used with caution and only as directed by those who understand their tollerance to caffeine.

They definitely need to be kept out of the reach of children.

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  • Big Davey

    I also used the old origianl UO back in the 90’s where when i took it i woke up in the early hours with the shakes and then became wide awake this stuff was awsome i was really gutted when they banned it, i bought the the new stuff a few years later when they said they’d brought it back and i can honestly say it’s nowhere near as good as the old stuff, this is my opinion but personally i wont be buying it again unless they bring back the original

  • joe

    Used the original Ultimate Orange and Ultimate Punch…felt like Superman for hours….extremely fast heart rate, and kept you from sleeping….being older and wiser, I would NOT take it now.

  • get muscle mass

    Ultimate orange rocked, i remember when it was the thing to use for serious bodybuilders in the early 90’s. Dan Duchaine really had a great product here and was a wealth of knowledge. RIP Dan!!!

  • schusterjo

    Dan Duchaine RIP,

    Glad im not the only one who remembers that man, read several of his books. The orange, what can you say the stuff worked… you could get ripped fast using this stuff.. There is a reason why they banned it from college sports (before the efedra ban) Nothing an I have been trying just about everything on the market even came close. 1MR is pretty good pre workout an with correct stacks you may be able to get close but for a single product nothing has been close to ultimate orange

  • JimBob

    I used the original even capsules worked GREAT!!! A couple years ago I tried the “new” stuff and it is nowhere near what the banned stuff was. I would go for hours after taking that never had a problem sleeping but I took it right before working out in the afternoon. That stuff was great and it WORKED!!! new stuff doesn’t even come close to it. If they brought back the original I’d buy a ton of it…

  • Jack

    I used the original UO back in the mid-90’s and was impressed with the results. I had spent $$$$ trying to recapture the same effects as the original and nothing came halfway close. I would workout in the afternoon after working the 10-6am shift and felt rejuvenated to pump up some serious muscle gains. When asked “Are you juicing”,not familiar with the term I reply back “Yes, Ultimate Orange”. Bring back the original with a warning label, “Not for the weak, faint hearted wanna-be’s.”

  • gordon

    I reemember taking it back in early 90s wow i would’ve take be playing basketball and would be flying for hours alzo was taking creatine until i got a kidney stone not sure if it caused the stone butti i stopped.anyways. uo was unbelievable.

  • Matt

    Took this back in early 90’s rave scene awesome stuff it was, where can it be purchased now though in uk does anybody know? I appreciate formula changed now but would like to get hold of some, any ideas?

  • lonnieadamsjr

    I used it before a USMC PFT while stationed in Japan in ’93. Best 3 mile run time of my life. My normal was 20:30, after using the UO powder, 18:12. I was extremely pissed that I missed the 6:00 miles mark.

  • Carlo Bamboo

    I was in highschool and had just gotten into lifting when I first started taking the old UO. I had some amazing workouts that not only did I feel the energy and went hard but the mental focus and clarity was ferocious. I never really paid much attention to the fact that this UO was giving me some serious kick until years later when I was missing the OOMPH that I could not simply find again with other drinks. This brought me back to remembering this drink and now I know why it worked so well….RIP old school UO!

Last Modified: January 23, 2014