Verve Energy Drink: The Biggest Ingredients List Ever

Verve Energy Drink takes the cake for having the most ingredients in a single beverage!

Interesting Fact: Vemma (Verve’s Parent Company) was recently shut down by a federal judge after a complaint was filed by the FTC for operating as a pyramid scheme.
verve ingredients

Original Verve Label

  • 12 Vitamins
  • 65 plant sourced minerals
  • 80mg of natural caffeine

All in an 8.3 ounce can!

Verve Offers Some Strange Ingredients

Check out these ingredients: “Proprietary Wildcrafted Mangosteen, Organic Glyconutrient Rich Aloe Vera and Organic Green Tea Blend”.
In case you were wondering – the Verve has 25.2 grams of the above blend.

But take a look at the nutrition label I’ve posted. The mineral blend contains nearly half the periodic table of elements (okay – not really half – but you know what I mean).

  • Silver?
  • Cobalt?
  • Titanium?
  • Tin?

In a drink?  Titanium for one, is useless in the human body. It serves no biological function and most likely passes right out of the body.

There have been some cases reported where this mineral has accumulated in the body.

Tin also is useless in the human body as well as many of these other ingredients.

Natural Caffeine

The caffeine in Verve Energy Drink comes from two natural sources.

The drink contains 200mg of Guarana Seed Extract – which apparently yields 80mg caffeine. This is unusual – even the highest quality Guarana extracts only amount to a 22% caffeine content (which in this case would yield about 44mg caffeine). However, they are probably also adding in the caffeine amount from the green tea extract as well.

Updated Nutrition Labels

On the updated nutrition label Verve is a bit more ambiguous about what is actually in their energy drink. The older label above is much more straight forward. We’re not sure why the decided to be more secretive instead of full disclosure.


A Bit of an Overkill?

In all honesty, many of the mineral ingredients aren’t necessary and offer no health benefit. Verve Energy Drink may boast some fancy ingredients and the biggest ingredient list ever, BUT it probably is overkill.

Verve also comes in a sugar-free version, a Bold version with 120mg of caffeine and an energy shot. It’s also important to note that Verve is produced by Vemma a multilevel marketing type business similar to Amway and the likes. These types of products tend to come with a lot of hype surrounding them.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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    on the guarana topic, I have pills from GNC that are 250mg that claim 90mg of caffeine per pill (36%)

  • Jason Berkes

    Aloe vera is great. This is the first energy drink I have seen with it.


    Jason Berkes

  • Steve

    Aloe Vera?!?! Great, if you don’t feel like drinking it you can use it to cure contact dermatitis.

  • Dr.Nuke

    HOLD ON!!! Tungsten is a TOXIC heavy metal (Sometimes used in Tank and .50BMG Sabot rounds. It was also being tested for use as a kinetic energy weapon [shot high up, then shot back down to take full advantage of it’s density. Packs a lot of momentum, and gets hot as hell when it’s stopped by, let’s say, a truck]), as is Gold, technically. Thorium is a RADIOACTIVE, TOXIC heavy metal (just under Uranium — check your periodic table if you want to argue). Thurilium as well if memory serves, though I don’t remember that for sure. Ruthenium and Telluruim were in that general location as well.

    Most natural radioactive metals aren’t really harmful on skin contact, as they are usually only alpha particle emmiters, but when they are dellivered into your bloodstream, you’re gonna have problems.

    Admittedly, in the quantities present in the drink, you’re probably not going to get radiation sickness or cancer from it, but there is deffinately no natural use for those metals in your body.

    Ytrium or Yterbium was used in Naval vessel’s hulls if I remember right. Another thing you don’t find in real human food.

  • Caffeine Fiend

    To be honest I have difficulty in believing this ingredients list. Or maybe the quantities are ridiculously tiny.

  • Alex Rodd

    Hey Dr.Nuke:

    Tungsten is toxicologically inert, however, if it is ground into dust, it may cause local irritation. Also, it isn’t a heavy metal. It’s a transition metal. Also, Thorium is actually to the left of Uranium, not below it.

  • SpaceCadet

    Well… What they don’t make clear about this beverage, is that it is actually meant for robots. I, being a robot myself, notice a significant increase in my power transistor charge. 10 reward units for your delicious chemicals Verve!

  • Ryan

    First of all DR, Nuke the mineral you see are in their plant derived ionic form. not elemental. when you heard about say aluminum for example, you hear about the elemental form, not ionic. there is a big difference. Ionic forms do not toxify in the body, they are two small. where as aluminum in deodorant for example is elemental and can accumlilate and be toxic to the body

  • David G.

    All I know is that is way Overpriced for such a
    lil’ can & I have Former & even Current Verve Dealers
    (some who are earing 4 figure weekly checks)in my
    Business because they have realized that ‘convincing’
    people to buy a $3+ drink is not want they want to
    spend time doing – they want to Build a Business
    w/out having to convince folks & justify bloated
    To find out why they are leaving Verve in droves
    far Far Greener & Simpler Pastures – Listen to my
    24hr.Toll-Free Hotline at 1.888.297.4481
    I assure you,my drink is not RadioActive or Over-
    Priced for the Masses.I’ve been FT in the Network-
    Referral Marketing Profession for 18+ years & I Thank
    You for Your Time.

    David G.

    ps – The Hotline does Trace All Calls so if you plan
    on being Immature,go for it.Those who are Serious,
    Thank You.

  • Yoko

    Not only is it an energy drink it is a healthy energy drink. I started drinking Verve daily, then I decided to become a member and that more off sets the $2.91 not $3.00 like you mentioned.


  • Alx_xlA

    So David, what is your energy drink called? And where can I get some?

  • David G.

    Hey Alx_xIa,
    Call me on my Toll-Free Hotline for Samples,etc..
    (anyone else feel free to do so as well).That number
    again is 1.888.297.4481(24/7)


    * More Verve Dealers exiting Verve each day/week for
    Far Greener Pastures *

  • cheryl

    Verve blows all other energy drinks out of the water. Xs does not have the minerals you will find in Verve. We aren’t getting the minerals we need from our vegetables because most soil is depleted of minerals. Try Verve and you will not be dissapointed.

  • ejo

    ohh…. it’s one of those internet scams where people have to pay to sell them…

  • David G.

    Your 99% Right ‘ejo’ – Verve is far from a scam
    but,why should people have to pay a fee….just to
    promote a company’s products?? After you dial up my
    Toll-Free Hotline at 1.888.297.4481(24/7)-you will
    finally come across a Mainstream Business that does
    NOT charge Joining/Distributor Fees & one that does
    NOT have to Justify Bloated Prices.
    It’s no surprise why Verve Reps – some who still
    earn 4 Figure Weekly Checks are fleeing Verve for
    Greener & Simpler Pastures…x/s reps too.

  • Yoko

    The fee is not just a membership fee. You actually get products to share with people to help you promote verve and/or VEMMA.

    You can not expect to join a program and convince people to join unless you give them something to try to prove to them how great it is…

  • Heather

    I have been drinking Verve for just over a week now. The ingredients are similar to the list of vitamins & herbs that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia patients are recommended to take. One can in the morning helps me stay alert at my cubicle job all day (where I used to doze off every afternoon). I think there is something to it. It doesn’t get me “up” and then way “down” like most caffinated energy drinks.

  • Louie

    Do you know exactly how much magnesium is each can ? My doctor prescribed mag. for my low back condition as a supplement.

  • Roc

    So David G. what is the name of your product? You have been asked and not given out the name or website? Dont need the phone number again.

  • njgyrl328

    A little bird told me that Verve will be sold in stores mostly in North New Jersey starting in a month or so. Look for it in convenience stores, gyms, mom and pop stores, bars and other establishments.

Last Modified: August 28, 2015