Verve Energy Drink: The Biggest Ingredients List Ever

Verve Energy Drink takes the cake for having the most ingredients in a single beverage!

Interesting Fact: Vemma (Verve’s Parent Company) was recently shut down by a federal judge after a complaint was filed by the FTC for operating as a pyramid scheme.
verve ingredients

Original Verve Label

  • 12 Vitamins
  • 65 plant sourced minerals
  • 80mg of natural caffeine

All in an 8.3 ounce can!

Verve Offers Some Strange Ingredients

Check out these ingredients: “Proprietary Wildcrafted Mangosteen, Organic Glyconutrient Rich Aloe Vera and Organic Green Tea Blend”.
In case you were wondering – the Verve has 25.2 grams of the above blend.

But take a look at the nutrition label I’ve posted. The mineral blend contains nearly half the periodic table of elements (okay – not really half – but you know what I mean).

  • Silver?
  • Cobalt?
  • Titanium?
  • Tin?

In a drink?  Titanium for one, is useless in the human body. It serves no biological function and most likely passes right out of the body.

There have been some cases reported where this mineral has accumulated in the body.

Tin also is useless in the human body as well as many of these other ingredients.

Natural Caffeine

The caffeine in Verve Energy Drink comes from two natural sources.

The drink contains 200mg of Guarana Seed Extract – which apparently yields 80mg caffeine. This is unusual – even the highest quality Guarana extracts only amount to a 22% caffeine content (which in this case would yield about 44mg caffeine). However, they are probably also adding in the caffeine amount from the green tea extract as well.

Updated Nutrition Labels

On the updated nutrition label Verve is a bit more ambiguous about what is actually in their energy drink. The older label above is much more straight forward. We’re not sure why the decided to be more secretive instead of full disclosure.


A Bit of an Overkill?

In all honesty, many of the mineral ingredients aren’t necessary and offer no health benefit. Verve Energy Drink may boast some fancy ingredients and the biggest ingredient list ever, BUT it probably is overkill.

Verve also comes in a sugar-free version, a Bold version with 120mg of caffeine and an energy shot. It’s also important to note that Verve is produced by Vemma a multilevel marketing type business similar to Amway and the likes. These types of products tend to come with a lot of hype surrounding them.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Ozlat

    It’s great to see that Verve is a healthy alternative… but it’s even better knowing that people can also access it both in the stores and via network marketing.

    P.S. Talk is around town that there is a Verve Energy Shot about to be released… and it’s taking hybrid marketing to the next level !!

  • BV

    The Verve Energy Shot launch is approaching. I am looking forward to it. Ozlat is right … a very healthy alternative. A great business opportunity for those interested. More info available at my site.

  • in reference to the reference to the minerals in Vemma/Verve, this is what you need to know-
    The minerals in Vemma are plant derived minerals not synthetically derived. This is very important. Minerals extracted from plants are water soluble. For example, aluminum in the elemental form can cause Alzheimer disease. Aluminum in the ionic form, such as aluminum hydroxide or aluminum silica, are the same aluminum in an apple.

    Elemental minerals build up toxicity and plant derived ionic minerals are water soluble. Plant derived ionic minerals are the minerals that your body needs. These plant derived ionic minerals will naturally flush from your body and are good for you.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know the sweetener that they use in the sugar free Verve?

  • Lilly

    Ummm… does anyone realize that this list of ingredients consists of only elements of the periodic table of the elements… I’m taking a chem class right now and that list of “ingredients” is defiantly a formula, not a recipe.

  • Mike,
    The type of sweetener that Vemma uses in Sugar Free Verve is sucralose (aka Splenda). You can find answers to this and other Frequently Asked Questions at:

  • Ken Stewart

    Just love to read comments from people who THINK they know what they’re talking about when in reality they are totally clueless!

    Perfect example: Dr. Nuke, the person talking about the product being “radioactive” and “toxic.” You evidently have no knowledge of or experience in chemistry!

    You obviously need to take a chemistry class and learn the difference between a substance in its elemental form versus the same substance in its ionic form…

    One is water soluble, the other one isn’t. One form is toxic, the other isn’t. One form is good for you, the other isn’t. You are talking about substances on the label from plant sources that are in ionic form, not in their elemental form Einstein! What a dufus!

    Those who take plant-derived colloidal minerals are often concerned by the fact that, when the manufacturers list the contents of the supplement, the names of heavy metals appear on the label. While this alarms many people, it shouldn’t. The fact is that true organic, plant-derived minerals do not contain heavy metals.

    Organic, plant-derived minerals are able to be safely used by your body because of the fact that nature has acted upon them and transformed them into organic material rather than allowing them to remain in their elemental form. This is called organic transmutation.

    A driving force behind this miraculous transformation is fulvic acid. The reason that labels list ‘heavy metals’ is that even once elemental minerals are transformed and stored within plants, they retain their original chemical names.

    Again, once an elemental mineral is reacted on by fulvic acid and photosynthesis, it is changed from inorganic to organic. This process is often called transmutation. As you would learn if reading ‘Biological Transmutations,’ fulvic acid can actually transmutate magnesium and vegetal silica into a form of calcium that can be used by humans. The elemental vs. organic aspect of colloidal minerals is discussed further in Issue #305.

    Fulvic acid is present in every true plant-derived, organic mineral. The same cannot be said for elemental minerals which are derived from rocks, shells, and certain clays. While elemental mineral supplements may claim to have a wide range of minerals, they cannot compare to the safety and availability of plant-derived substances. It should be noted that fulvic acid itself can contain as many as 60 different mineral compounds – this is above and beyond any other source of minerals with which it is joined.

    As is discussed in “The Value of Organic, Plant-Derived Minerals” (Issue #305), when positively charged minerals are absorbed by plants, their bioelectrical polarity is changed to a negative charge. Whenever normally toxic minerals, such as iodine, are absorbed and transformed by plants, they become non-toxic. It may be the chelation factor that accounts for the ability of fulvic acid to neutralize the toxicity of heavy metals such as lead. The actual mechanism that fulvic acid uses to chelate minerals has yet to be ascertained. Although we know that this neutralization happens, the mechanics of the process are still one of nature’s secrets – a secret that we benefit from.

    So Einstein, evidently you don’t eat any plants! Every doctor on the planet knows your body needs essential and trace minerals…the ingredients you show are essential and trace minerals in ionic form dufus!

    Let me give you a great example and see if we can help educate you.

    Iodine…The human body needs Iodine. have you ever heard of someone with an iodine deficiency? Oh, wrong question to ask you! Of course you haven’t! You’re not a doctor or researcher-I forgot. Well, the human body needs iodine! In fact, it’s a required substance as a deficiency leads to swelling and malfunctioning of the Thyroid gland. It leads to goiter and in fact iodine deficiency is one of the, if not the, leading cause of mental retardation…

    Yet iodine in its elemental form is corrosive to the skin and toxic. What determines whether it is good or bad? The form it is in! Here, do yourself a favor and read:

    Here’s a link that explains the difference between minerals in their ionic form compared to elemental form! You obviously can’t even do a google search properly! LMAO..

    Ok..I am going to go now…I am sure you’ll leave some kind of a retort attempting to save face and prove somehow that you know what you’re talking about…you obviously don’t, but you may get some straggler here who knows as much or less than you do who might think you’re a genius, but to those of us who actually have knowledge and experience in this area, we just chuckle…have a great day…

  • I am always interested in how to help people get out of pain and heal faster through alternative means and when
    I went to a meeting (7-13-2010) for another company that has holographic chips for pain, sleep and energy; someone asked the Doctor about Verve and she said that Guarana (one of the big ingredients in Verve), depletes the liver of it’s reserves, runs the adrenals all over the place and puts them away ‘wet’. She said if anyone drinks Verve all the time, they will eventually crash and burn, because they depleted their liver reserves and trashed their adrenals. So I felt the need to share this, since I heard it from a doctor who is quite ‘up’ on alternative ways of healing.
    Scottie L.

  • ted

    Did this Doctor offer tell you where you could find scientific studies that back up his/her claims? So called “experts” love to spout off things like that but never provide hard scientific evidence to back up their claims..You can’t believe everything you hear/read even when it’s coming from a so called doctor who obviously has a financial stake in some other form of energy enhancing products or similar..


    WOULD LIKE TO LOSE WEIGHT. WHAT IS THE PRICE AND HOW QUICK DOES IT WORK. would like to be the guinea pig and see if it works so i can really sell it. Please help


  • why do people drink this stuff! its clearly not good for you and i think if most of them knew what Taurine is they would stay clear from it.

  • Spencer J

    Wow, Verve is really rolling out the flak campaign on this one. Energy drinks are labelled as “health supplements” or “dietary supplements”, because the FDA regulates supplements differently than food (read: not at all).
    Also, Ken Stewart, the novelist up there, references a couple different “publications”. Two different titles, but both somehow issue #305. googling them returns nothing, except for this article.

  • Brandon Johnson

    Ken Stewart is an MLM expert who works for VEMMA. His income is fashioned by this same industry which he argues and fights for. Of course, I would do the same. I believe this is the guy hired to argue back at posts/blogs/forums etc. to defend the product. Quite Smart. Boreyko is smart though. But, Ken does argue the same concept in every posts/blogs/forums etc.

  • Kurt and Lori Johnson

    Actually, the green tea is decaffeinated and is included as an anti-oxidant. The proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, etc. is formulated specifically to be balanced against each other so they work together rather than cancel each other out.

  • Vernii

    That Ken Stewart guy basically just posted a giant screed of bullshit written up by some pseudo-science wacko. That’s not how chemistry works, and this ‘bio-transmutation’ garbage is a pack of lies. I couldn’t be paid to drink that shit, let alone pay some other asshole for the privilege of poisoning myself.

  • Costcoguy #258

    So when is Verve going to be available at Costco in Canada?

  • Visitor

    You have no clue what you’re talking about…do some reading and learn the difference between minerals in elemental form vs.’s not pseudo-science, it’s how nature and science actually works!

  • Visitor

    actually meant to say elemental vs. organic, which happen to be in ionic form…

  • Ken

    Brandon, like many who comment here, you make statements which are totally inaccurate, and like many others, think you know what you’re talking about when you really don’t! Let me address your major errors: First, I don’t work for VEMMA as an employee, consultant, etc., and second, they certainly didn;t hire me and have never hired me to do any post, blog, or forum work, or any other work for that matter! I just try to educate people when I see them making erroneous statements, claims, etc., as I am doing now with your comments. Finally, regarding the “Ken does argue the same concept in every post, blog, forum, etc.,” if you are referencing my response here it’s because many people make the same, stupid “half the minerals that are in the product are radioactive or toxic” statement because they don’t know anything about chemistry, minerals, etc. and so why not give them all the same response? They obviously don’t know the difference between minerals in their elemental form versus organic form, and if they bothered to do some reading and research beforehand, and asked some questions to get some answers, they wouldn’t end up making stupid statements in the first place.

  • Kevin Dodimead

    And where do you work Ken?

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