Verve Energy Drink: The Biggest Ingredients List Ever

Verve Energy Drink takes the cake for having the most ingredients in a single beverage!

Interesting Fact: Vemma (Verve’s Parent Company) was recently shut down by a federal judge after a complaint was filed by the FTC for operating as a pyramid scheme.
verve ingredients

Original Verve Label

  • 12 Vitamins
  • 65 plant sourced minerals
  • 80mg of natural caffeine

All in an 8.3 ounce can!

Verve Offers Some Strange Ingredients

Check out these ingredients: “Proprietary Wildcrafted Mangosteen, Organic Glyconutrient Rich Aloe Vera and Organic Green Tea Blend”.
In case you were wondering – the Verve has 25.2 grams of the above blend.

But take a look at the nutrition label I’ve posted. The mineral blend contains nearly half the periodic table of elements (okay – not really half – but you know what I mean).

  • Silver?
  • Cobalt?
  • Titanium?
  • Tin?

In a drink?  Titanium for one, is useless in the human body. It serves no biological function and most likely passes right out of the body.

There have been some cases reported where this mineral has accumulated in the body.

Tin also is useless in the human body as well as many of these other ingredients.

Natural Caffeine

The caffeine in Verve Energy Drink comes from two natural sources.

The drink contains 200mg of Guarana Seed Extract – which apparently yields 80mg caffeine. This is unusual – even the highest quality Guarana extracts only amount to a 22% caffeine content (which in this case would yield about 44mg caffeine). However, they are probably also adding in the caffeine amount from the green tea extract as well.

Updated Nutrition Labels

On the updated nutrition label Verve is a bit more ambiguous about what is actually in their energy drink. The older label above is much more straight forward. We’re not sure why the decided to be more secretive instead of full disclosure.


A Bit of an Overkill?

In all honesty, many of the mineral ingredients aren’t necessary and offer no health benefit. Verve Energy Drink may boast some fancy ingredients and the biggest ingredient list ever, BUT it probably is overkill.

Verve also comes in a sugar-free version, a Bold version with 120mg of caffeine and an energy shot. It’s also important to note that Verve is produced by Vemma a multilevel marketing type business similar to Amway and the likes. These types of products tend to come with a lot of hype surrounding them.

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  • mm

    that stuff is crap you selling. looked up and spoke to one of the top food formulators in world who thinks its junk that does not work.

  • mm

    stop selling heart attacks, strokes and crap science not true.

  • Shawn McHattie

    Vemma is only sold through the company by monthly orders ! if your looking to purchase this product visit my vemma website to order from a variety of different products and flavours. Cheers

  • ben umez

    Oregano gold. Monavie. Verve. All the same bullshit. No comparison to red bull. Sorry it just crap in a can. I’m out.

  • phresh

    Nothing is like red bull. They’re all pale in comparison. #teamredbull4life

  • Williams Anderson

    What do you think green energy drinks are effective for a healthy life or not?

  • What do you mean by “green energy drinks” Are you referring to those marketed as all-natural or organic?

  • Myron

    The only thing the author and others commenting seem to miss and that’s the clinical studies. The formula used in Verve was clinically studied and PUBLISHED in 2 legitimate scientific journals. It increases the immune function by 18%, it reduces C-Reactive Protein (chronic inflammation) into safe levels and saturates the blood with a high level of antioxidants within one hour of drinking it. You can be loyal to Red Bull and other E-drinks all you want, we get paid to drink this and it’s healthy. Red Bull making bank off you and making you unhealthy at the same time. Good luck!

  • Hi Myron, could please provide links to those clinical studies? Thanks 🙂

  • Tyra Morgan

    actually they’re not selling it…you buy in and drink the stuff yourself and give them away for free, as advertisement, for which the company pays you. Basically instead of paying millions for a tv commercial they pay the customers to drink it around other people. Then you get paid for everyone you get to buy in. Sounds like a pyramid scheme but it’s not cause you can have two and *only* two people under you(right and left leg) and everyone else you get goes under them(right and left leg for each) and so on and so on… you must build the people under you up to make more money. The higher they are the higher you are. It’s cooperation not competition aka common sense.

  • Tyra Morgan

    Plus red bull is disgusting! I just had my first can today and it actually slowed me down because I got nauseous!(I still drank it all because I don’t waste money) Then I crashed and lost four hours because I couldn’t stay awake after work. Now I haven’t drunk any Verve, and honestly that’s not why I’m interested- it’s the whole they’re PAYING ME to drink it bit that keeps catching my eye.

  • Tyra Morgan

    The guy who was talking to me about this didn’t say anything about weight loss, just energy.

  • Tyra Morgan

    It’s okay Ken, some people don’t have common sense. They don’t understand that all those toxic, deadly, radioactive elements *would have already killed them and everything else* if the nature didn’t come equipped with natural defenses to neutralize the the constant prevalent threats to all life on earth. All life, I might add, that is *still alive*. Obviously something going on there; something that probably takes the poison out of poisonous.

  • Tyra Morgan

    nononoono!!! Get it personally!Get Paid!

  • Paul Longo

    check out and inbox or call me when you want to get serious about your health and nutrition. Google MORINGA OLIEFERA it is the most nutrient – rich plant ever discovered. #drinklifein

  • Gloria Carr

    Is that Lithium in there? Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder, why is it in an energy drink? Taking medicine you don’t need doesn’t make you healthier, in fact it can make you very sick. What the hell.

  • Amar

    The owner red bull died because of drinking it. What does that tell you?

  • Amar

    Please educate yourself. Prescription lithium used to treat bi-polar disorders are toxic. The lithium in verve is plant based, if you go through what Ken said you’ll understand the difference between organic and elemental. You’re right, too much of something can be bad. That’s why it’s a 1 can serving. If people paid attention to serving sizes, America wouldn’t be such a fat ass country. You’re making an irrelevant statement to this product, due to the fact that you’re typing you opinion with a question instead of answering it yourself. How we know the stuff in verve is ionic? Is because everything is plant based. Please educate yourselves.

  • Amar

    Lol, if it were a recipe, I would make it at home ;). Study the difference between organic and inorganic. Elemental and ionic. Thanks, and the fact you’re taking a class still, tells me you’re not educated yet 🙂

  • jews4jesus

    congratulations! you’ve drunk the kool aid and will be broke, despised and suicidal within 3-24 months.

Last Modified: August 28, 2015