Verve Energy Drink: The Biggest Ingredients List Ever

Verve Energy Drink takes the cake for having the most ingredients in a single beverage!

Interesting Fact: Vemma (Verve’s Parent Company) was recently shut down by a federal judge after a complaint was filed by the FTC for operating as a pyramid scheme.
verve ingredients

Original Verve Label

  • 12 Vitamins
  • 65 plant sourced minerals
  • 80mg of natural caffeine

All in an 8.3 ounce can!

Verve Offers Some Strange Ingredients

Check out these ingredients: “Proprietary Wildcrafted Mangosteen, Organic Glyconutrient Rich Aloe Vera and Organic Green Tea Blend”.
In case you were wondering – the Verve has 25.2 grams of the above blend.

But take a look at the nutrition label I’ve posted. The mineral blend contains nearly half the periodic table of elements (okay – not really half – but you know what I mean).

  • Silver?
  • Cobalt?
  • Titanium?
  • Tin?

In a drink?  Titanium for one, is useless in the human body. It serves no biological function and most likely passes right out of the body.

There have been some cases reported where this mineral has accumulated in the body.

Tin also is useless in the human body as well as many of these other ingredients.

Natural Caffeine

The caffeine in Verve Energy Drink comes from two natural sources.

The drink contains 200mg of Guarana Seed Extract – which apparently yields 80mg caffeine. This is unusual – even the highest quality Guarana extracts only amount to a 22% caffeine content (which in this case would yield about 44mg caffeine). However, they are probably also adding in the caffeine amount from the green tea extract as well.

Updated Nutrition Labels

On the updated nutrition label Verve is a bit more ambiguous about what is actually in their energy drink. The older label above is much more straight forward. We’re not sure why the decided to be more secretive instead of full disclosure.


A Bit of an Overkill?

In all honesty, many of the mineral ingredients aren’t necessary and offer no health benefit. Verve Energy Drink may boast some fancy ingredients and the biggest ingredient list ever, BUT it probably is overkill.

Verve also comes in a sugar-free version, a Bold version with 120mg of caffeine and an energy shot. It’s also important to note that Verve is produced by Vemma a multilevel marketing type business similar to Amway and the likes. These types of products tend to come with a lot of hype surrounding them.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Derpington_The_Third

    You do know that “organic” means that it has a Carbon atom, right?

    Or are we doing the USDA version of “organic” which basically means unsafe food?

  • colton cinotto

    anyone whos interested in gettiging apart of the buisness or just the product text me 1815-830-5113

  • Tak

    yes, they are two separate studies. why pay a third-party to do the same research? One proves the bio-availability of the formula, how easy it is for your body to absorb compared to a pill multi-vitamin that barely gets absorbed and the other shows immune marker increases. It’s also clinically tested and proven to reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Bill Kranerr

    I was sent to the hospital after drinking the Verve! drinks on two occasions. First time I drank three cans in one day. I drank the BOLD, PARTEA and the little energy shot (White bottle Orange Cap). This was a terrible idea because I was extremely wired for several days and I absolutely couldn’t sleep. I started to feel paranoid and my thoughts where sporadic. I eventually went to the hospital and I got diagnosed with psychosis. I stayed at a behavioral hospital for 2 weeks before I felt like myself again. Then I was fine, so I went back to my life as it was, went on a trip to visit friends for about a week and a half. I decided to bring some of the verve drinks with me to see if my friends wanted to try them but they all passed on my offer, Which was a smart choice because I decided to try them again only this time I drank only one can in the morning (Orange can). And guess what happened I lost sleep, sporadic thoughts came back and my friends brought me back to the hospital. Perhaps I had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the verve drinks. I’m not sure what it was, but It’s hard for me to believe that this is a safe product, at least for some people. I’d like to say that I have drank several Redbulls, Monsters, Five hour energies, all within the same day and I never went to the hospital. So I still wonder what made me have that kind of a reaction when I drank the Verve! drinks from the VEMMA company. And I’m interested to know if anyone else had the same experience as I.

  • DLimit

    is this true? Reputable researchers the world over, including those in Asia, publish
    in PubMed-listed journals. For example there are over 63,000 articles
    on cancer in PubMed in the Japanese language. Yet despite the website’s
    misleading talk about “clinical studies,” PubMed does
    not contain a single clinical trial of mangosteen in the treatment of cancer,
    or any other disease. Perhaps these promoters don’t realize that a clinical study
    is not something done in a laboratory, but a study that by definition is carried
    out on living patients. Laboratory studies on cell lines or even animals do not
    qualify for the title ‘clinical study’…”

  • Visitor

    Hockeyguy-you’ve taken one too many pucks to the head….let me see if I can help you here…Iodine in its pure, elemental or radioactive form will burn the skin, eyes, throat, in fact a very small amount will kill you…Yet iodine is in table salt? Has your table salt killed you yet? Its in the ocean. Ever come out of the ocean with your skin burning off or dead? There’s a difference between iodine in elemental or radioactive form vs. iodine in other forms…What an idiot!

  • hockeyguy20

    those are isopopic differences. why don’t you let the adults discuss science and you go play in the corner.

  • RossFoss15

    I’d love to know the status of your company 6 years later after your initial post here! Please respond if you get the chance 🙂

  • Anton pishchik

    im reading all ur comments like lol, u havent even tried it yet, and u say u talked to a professional. XD Look up mangosteen that is a big ingrediant only grown in southeastern asia, and has thwe most xanothenes in one plant. a xanothene is a chemical inside this fruit that prevents free radical cells from growing. like cancer related cells. everything about this drink is dope , no hangovers in the mornings from drinking, no crash after drinking it. u will be hearing about it a lot.owner of the company won stevies award yesterday, and we son drink of the year. btw its a supplement. – anton pishchik

  • anton

    (not yesterday last year) and we (won) not son. do research before reading other peoples opinions if they never experianced iot for themselves because at that point they dont know more than u. they really dont.

  • Visitor

    Sucks for the consumers who drink Monsters… it also has Guarana

  • Jam

    … “Sounds like a pyramid scheme but it’s not”…
    So there’s you.
    And you put two people under you.
    And you put two people under each of them.
    And two more under each of those four.
    No. Not a pyramid scheme.

  • Visitor

    “I don’t work for VEMMA as an employee, consultant, etc., and second, they certainly didn’t hire me and have never hired me…”
    Of course not, because you people are told that you are “Business partners”, running their own “Business”.
    Why is it that everybody who defends vemma and its products are “business partners”. I’ve never met someone, or even heard from someone, who enjoys the product as just a customer.
    Because Vemma doesn’t sell it’s product like a normal business. You have to “Buy in” and receive a monthly shipment, wherein you are now a “Business partner” – and screwed.

  • Derpington_The_Third

    Except the free radical hypothesis has been mostly discredited since there isn’t any in vivo studies regarding it.

  • Visitor

    Pro tip: there’s no such thing as ‘organic’ titanium or tin. But I guess it grabs more hype if you throw that word around.

  • Ev

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  • Am

    Silver is something that acts as protection for the immune system and helps to fight against getting sick. All in all, Vever is indeed far more healthy than Redbull or Soda. The one with Xilitol can be drank by diabetics as Xilitol does not have the same properties as cane sugar. If you would like to buy some verve, you may check out my shop:
    Depending on where you are, scroll to the bottom and select your country.

  • Ako

    I’m sure u mean isoTopic

  • how rude- I work Vemma from home and make more than I did at a full time 12.00 an hour job- so you are incorrect

  • SDNB

    Cobalt is the active center of coenzymes called cobalamins, the most common example of which is vitamin B12. As such it is an essential trace dietary mineral for all animals. Cobalt in inorganic form is also an active nutrient for bacteria, algae and fungi.

Last Modified: August 28, 2015