VPX Redline Putting People In Hospital


Redline Energy Drink may be racking up a history of sending some people to the hospital with health problems.

After all, Redline is one of the most powerful energy drinks and has even been pulled from some retailers’ shelves.

Redline is really intended to be used as a workout aid and energy drink enthusiasts know that Redline is a drink that you don’t mess with.

The label on the bottle says to only drink a half of a bottle at a time.

However, some fail to heed or read these warning and have found themselves in the hospital because of Redline.

Health Problems Linked to Redline

Here are some reported cases of people drinking Redline and then experiencing negative health consequences.

  1. A guy drinks two 8-ounce cans of Redline RTD (along with a burrito). Minutes later he collapses, shaking violently (via SacBee). He got Redline from a 7-11.
  2. A teenager who drank several Redlines per day had the following problems revealed by an endoscope. Severe inflammation, bleeding and ulcerations in a the upper part of the small intestine, which was causing severe stomach pain. src.
  3. A Texas man filed suit against Redline because within 10 hours of drinking the energy drink he experienced “excessive heart rate, extreme chest pain, lost sensation in his hands and had extreme nausea” . He had to be hospitalized until they could get his heart rate under control. src.
  4. A 57 year old man suffered a hemorrhagic stroke after consuming a Redline. He reported that his symptoms began 15 minutes after consumption. The man in question did not follow the recomendations on the bottle to only consume half at a time and to avoid consumption if suffering from high blodd pressure. Here’s the abstract and a more detailed article about the event.

Is It just the Caffeine in Redline?

Besides the caffeine Redline contains (250-316 milligrams), it also contains Yohimbine, which is another powerful stimulant. According to drugs.com the side effects of Yohimbe are as follows.

  • Nervous system side effects have included excitation, increased motor activity, tremor, and dizziness.
  • Cardiovascular side effects have included elevation in blood pressure and increase in heart rate.
  • Gastrointestinal side effects have included nausea and vomiting, commonly reported after parenteral administration of yohimbine.
  • Psychiatric side effects have included irritability and generalized anxiety.
  • General side effects have included headache and increase in sweating.
  • Dermatologic side effects have included skin flushing reported with oral administration.

Who’s to Blame?

At Caffeine Informer we believe there is shared responsibility on both the part of the manufacturer and the consumer.

The manufacturer must clearly post warnings and directions of use as well as not promote the product where it could fall into the hands of minors.

However, it is the consumer’s responsibility to heed warning labels and use products only as directed.

Some may not understand how his/her body will react to the stimulants in Redline and that is why consumers are directed to consume only half a bottle at a time.

We hope the reports of the hospitalizations as the result of Redline, will teach people to follow the energy drink’s warning label and prevent history from repeating itself.

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  • Mike

    I am just curious if the RedLine at the local 7-11 is the same as the RedLine at GNC? I ask because I think the 7-11 only charged me around $2, and in GNC it was around $7 for the same 8oz. can.

  • Richard

    Should be the same but at GNC that may have been for a four pack..I love this stuff!

  • stevo

    i recently bought a redline from a 7-11 and did read the warning before i drank it but didnt take them seriously. i am only 16 years old. i did not chug it but drank it over a hour and a half piriod about 30 min after finishing the whole bottle i began to shak frequently and my heart began to beat extreamly fast. i also was very light headed. so i tried throwing up to get it out of my sestem. ill have to say that this was the scariest thing i think ive ever done. it took my heart about 4-5 hours to slow down i do not suggest ever drinking one of this id rather have the biggest trip in the world then do this again.

  • stevo

    also if the semtoms i described happen to u, because there is nothing the docters can do all they can do is hydrate u and monitor u, what i did is drank alot of water to flush it through my system also take a hot long shower and curl up in bed and relaxe takeing deep long breaths and wait it out. dont run and try to burn the caffin off cause that will get ur heart going faster and from wat i experianced i wanted to rip my heart out it was beating so fast and soo long and all i did was sit there but yea try what i did it seemed to help. i know this was a scary thing never doing it again 🙂

  • bob

    I drank two redlines and in about one minute blood shot straight out of botheye sockets and my head spun around 3 times and I jumped out of my boots and at lightning speed while furiously playing “learn to swim” on the harmonica with old hand and jungling three ornange with the other, after that me and my friend sat around the camp fire telling ghout stories and talking about their first redline experience.

  • Jon

    RedLine really isn’t as bad as most people are making it out to be. I lead an active lifestyle, I’m normally rushing to get where I’m going, I work preparing food as a part-time job (to help a local restaurant out) and I also work on the computer for about 10 hours a day.

    Given that schedule day in day out, I decided to try RedLine. Just yesterday morning, when I woke at 5:00am, I decided to down the entire bottle, despite the warning. Now, I’m 23 and I’ve been drinking energy drinks since they really started hitting the market and become mass-advertised and available at gas stores and so forth. Give that, I really didn’t think the entire bottle would bother me to the effect you all have stated and IT DIDN’T.

    Apparently, those that are downing these drinks obviously havn’t been drinking caffeine beyond Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper and other standard drinks with very minimal amounts of caffeine in them.

    RedLine did keep me awake and it did make me feel good all day, but it really is not as bad as some people make it out to be and should not be pulled off the market because some people are too stupid to read.

  • Mike

    ::drinking his 4th Redline today:: I feel fine, and have been drinking this stuff religiously for the past yea..ye..

    ::heart explodes from chest and sprays computer screen with gore::

  • Liz

    I don’t understand what the craziness is. I drink whole bottles over the course of 2.5 hrs and still fall asleep in class :/

    lol. no, seriously, i drink these after workouts they rock.

  • Jessica

    Alright.this is definitly the best energy drink out there. Your retarded if you drink two. I drink one or sometimes i and a half before most of my school softball games. My team complains about me drinking it because they say it could kill me blah blah blah
    but it really does help me. I highly reccomend it

  • jesse james

    i dont know why people whine about redline. its extremely stupid to think that this is like an energy drink you can pick up at a grocery store. 7-11 has been known to sell things they know nothing about. and theres a reason the ony other place to get it is a supplement store. because its a supplement.. not an energy drink the energy is just part of the process of speeding your meta up. i personally just drank 3/4s of a bottle and im 16. i drink it all the time. i would nt recommend it to anyone younger than 18. but i have a high tolerance for anything really. but thats only cuz how stupid i was when i was a wee one. when i was 1 yr old. i ate christmas lights. filament and all. and other things too, . if youre looking for a drink to get you jumpstarted for the day. dont drink this. its not for you. its for people who are wanting to reach a higher level of performance with workouts. or just anything. while losing weight at the same time. i usually drink one right before i start working. i help a couple ppl with theyre moving company move furniture. more advice. dont mix it with root beer lol. makes it taste like robotussin (cough medicine).also if you have any blood pressure problems dont drink it. bp SKYROCKETS when you drink it. if compared to anything. id compare it to cocaine, because of its stimulus properties. well im gonna drink some water, im starting to get a heavy shake. cheers !

  • Domii

    i tried redline today andi feel fine. for all of you who say it should be off the market it shouldnt be. when i picked up the case at GNC i saw the fine print very clearly saying dont drink the whole bottle. IT had different effects on everyone….and some people sholdnt drink it cause their body cant handle it.

  • I went to my local 7-11 to get some lunch. After i ate about 40 chili dogs with extra cheese and a double big gulp of concentrated sugar water, i was feeling a little tired (i weigh around 480 pounds so i get winded easily). I saw this Redline stuff on the shelf so i thought I’d trie it. I drank 3 and within 5 minutes i was wired up! I had newfound strength that I hadn’t had in years so I climbed a tree, saved a cat, and ate it. I ran all the way from Texas and I singlehandley held up the levees in New Orleans. i elected john mccain president of this great nation and then i went home and listened to right wing talk radio.

  • Brandon

    As soon as the redline touched my lips, my heart exploded. I died. Twice. But then my family poured more of the drink down my throat and the magical energy brought me back to life. This is the elixer of life. This drink also enables you to fly. Try it. Next time you drink redline, climb up the tallest building you can find and jump off.

  • I have drank redline on and off for a few years now and I’M A WOMAN! And now they have the princess which is yummy! Anyway, it is all in moderation. one bottle gets me through like 2-3 days because I just need a little boost of energy. Also, you have to take on full stomach or with a meal like any medicine. Or if you are going to work out,you sip during your workout! It really does work. Love the freeze n burn method. Just have to limit yourself. Although, it is tasty!

  • Jet

    What wondeful stuff, take one of these babys and you are pumped up for that workout.

    I like the pills the best, pop one or two at the gym and you will notice some serious energy and strength.

    Pop tow or three before going out to the nightclub and Ohh Boy yes awesome you will be the life of the club and play vampire with this.

    I love it, to the babies out there, dont take it if you feel crappy, I feel fine when doing them…

  • Lestan

    I mix these into my baby’s formula. I don’t want her to grow up being a fat kid.

  • Sophie

    I LOoOoOve Redline! I’ve never done coke, but this IS the healthy version of high! Ha!Ha! I love it.
    “DO NOT DO A LINE, Do a Redline” lol I am so brilliant.

  • mike k.

    yah don’t drink more than one bottle im sittin the er now and I feel like im goin to die. I don’t normally have problems w. energy drinks and this one really did the trick but not the one I was lookin for!

  • Big Worm

    I drank redline and got really bad butt… was only the toilet for days… drinking 2 with a 7-11 burrito is just plain insane…

  • bobby

    I dont understand how everyone is so affected by this stuff. Every morning when i wake up i sit on the end of my bed and tie my belt around my arm and slam a full syringe full of this stuff. Its awesome!

    ^not reccomended for people sensitive to heart attacks or stigmata

Last Modified: November 29, 2016