Wake the F Up!!! Coffee Review

Recently I received a package of Wake the F Up!!!, coffee. Yes, that is really it’s name, but since we like to keep PG rated, we’ll just abbreviate.

Usually I’m not much for straight brew it yourself coffee, but thought I would give this a try, with a name like that, how could I pass it up?


Since I don’t brew coffee and drink it very often, I wanted to get a good honest opinion for you guys, so I had a few of my coffee drinking friends taste it as well.  And they all LOVED Wake the F Up!!!  Yes it quite strong, so if you prefer a stronger coffee you won’t be let down, as for me, it was a little to strong for me.  The taste was a little on the smoother side as coffees go, but yes, there’s quite the kick to your taste buds.


As for ingredients in Wake the F Up!!!, not really to sure.  There’s nothing on the packaging, and doing some research online could only find this, “A secret blend of Costa Rican & Brazilian coffees, Artisan roasted and ground in New Orleans. Espresso beans are ground into the mix.” However, note that espresso is not really a special type of bean, but only a method of brewing coffee. This is a marketing term which alludes to strong, or fancy.


My coffee drinking guys like strong coffee and they said this is some of the strongest and most powerful coffee they’ve had.  After we drank it, we got back to work and these guys were buzzed for quite some time, a little too long, they began getting a little annoying, a little to much energy (you know what I’m talking about)!


For the coffee lovers out there, Wake the F Up!!! Coffee won’t let you down.  It seems to have started as more of a novelty, yet it’s seeming to really take off and from the reaction of my buddies, I can see why.  So if you like your coffee like your energy drinks, then WTFU won’t let you down, more like “lift you the F up!!!”

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten