What Time Frame for the Death by Caffeine Calculator?

Death by Caffeine time frame
Ever since the invention of our Death By Caffeine calculator we are often asked one question in particular.

The one question, by orders of magnitude, that gets asked here more than any other is:

“It says that 10 bottles would kill me, but is that over a month, a day, a lifetime?!”

Let’s apply some common sense to this


If you died after a lifetime consumption of 200 cans of soda, most Americans wouldn’t make it past age 14. That’s clearly not the answer.


If you died after 200 cans of soda in a month, there would still be plenty out there who wouldn’t make it past age 30. It’s painfully easy to drink 6 cans daily, especially if you’re trying to stay awake to finish a project. Conversely, it’s about 142 cups of coffee for most coffee drinkers. That’s under 5 per day. Many people can drink more than that with few side effects. It’s not monthly.


Still not the time frame, but we’re getting warmer.


That’s actually believable. If you managed to ingest that much caffeine in one day, you won’t be feeling so hot. In fact you may be in serious trouble. Not everyone’s liver works at the same speed (caffeine sensitivity level), and some people have reported feeling the effects of caffeine for a full 12 hours – for most people this is more like 4-5 hours.

Here’s the correct answer:

It’s how much caffeine you have in your system at one time.

Yes, it’s rare for people to die from caffeine in beverages.

However, don’t actually try it!.

After 1 gram, you would be very sick indeed.

Unfortunately, there are some products that contain concentrated caffeine and these make it much easier for a person to overdose.

What Formula is This Based On?

Our Death by Caffeine calculator uses the LD50 (the lethal dose amount of a substance that will kill at 50% of the population) for caffeine. This on average is 150 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. For most adults this equates to around 10 grams of caffeine.

Please use caffeine responsibly and adhere to the Caffeine Safety Guidelines Caffeine Informer recommends.

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  • Scott

    My biology major roomate has informed me that the half-life of caffeine is approx. 4 hours. So it’s effectively a 4 hour window.

  • Zack

    That just means that after 4 hours, half of whats in your system will be gone. So if you take 400 mg wait 4 hours then take another 400 the total in your system would be 600 not 400.

  • giulia

    i drink 10 cups of coffee

  • IronGumby

    The half-life is true, Scott, but “in your system at one time” does not mean how much you’d have to consume in 4 hours. It’s how you much you’d have to have in your system AT ONE TIME, i.e. INSTANTANEOUSLY. Just because the half-life is 4 hours doesn’t mean it all just hangs around until 4 hours pass then it magically disappears from the body; it’s constantly being broken down.

  • Mark

    Isn’t this the LD50 (lethal dose 50) of caffiene? That would mean you would have a 50% chance of dying if you had that much. There is a big chance that you would risk serious injury, or permanent disability even if you had much, much less than this. According to Erowid, anything over 3 grams (6 Starbucks grand coffees downed in succession) could kill you. Heck, I bet you could get hospitalized for less than that. I’ve heard of teen girls downing 16 (200mg) caffeine pills and kicking the bucket. That ends up being a little over 3 grams.

  • Collyflower

    So, basically it would be pretty impossible to accidentally die of caffeine intake. No one would drink that much caffeine unless it was on a dare or part of a hazing ritual. But, hazing usually is alcohol not caffeine. If for some odd reason they were using caffeine the “victim” would pass out before they finished.

  • jess101

    that’s freaky

  • Tom Jones

    Is it possible to drink 6 Red Bulls in 10 minutes and die?

  • Possibly, but I’ve done so with no ill effects.

  • Bubbles ;D

    The fluid would get you before the caffine. Your brain would swell and, well, you die.

  • Gubbles

    0.9 grams of caffine was put into a syringe by one infrequent drug user for a new drug user.
    That was the first & last time for the new drug user; dead within 4 minutes.

    So, now ya now.

  • ~“~Jessica~“~

    Mountain Dew is my down-fall O_o . . . . Lol, I never knew about how much caffeine can affect you until I visited this website! This site is very informative.

  • kyle

    one time i ate an entire box of monster………..for a year

  • kyle


  • -gaps-
    Z O M G

  • coffee is my downfall.^^

  • stella

    Good grief, I may have been dead since finals week 1958 and not known it. I even smoked Galoise in those days (just showing off) which probably amplified the caffeine effect by a factor of 10. From now on it’s Ovaltine for me, and with enough labels I can send for the Captain Midnight decoder whistle which may come in handy in the days ahead, particularily if they bury me prematurely due to this caffeine coma I feel coming on.

  • Annie

    I’m probably gonna die soon.
    I’m only 11 and I drink energy drinks like a fish drinks water.

  • Sean~Dragon

    Well, that explanation makes perfect sense… but uh, the crazed panda thing sounds like fun. 903 cans of Socko… Here I come. (Damn that would be an expensive suicide! 903cans*$2.50each=$2257.5 total.. Yikes!)

    P.S. Thanks for all the info and the site as a whole. Very informative, and is the catalouge of information I have been searching for.

  • Sean~Dragon

    Nevermind.. I re-checked.. it’s only 93 cans… so only $232.5 total… still expensive… but more affordable and perhaps novel.

    *Please note: I’m really not suicidal.. Just one of those “what ifs” that often freak people out, so it’s fun to use.

Last Modified: September 21, 2014