What Time Frame for the Death by Caffeine Calculator?

Death by Caffeine time frame
Ever since the invention of our Death By Caffeine calculator we are often asked one question in particular.

The one question, by orders of magnitude, that gets asked here more than any other is:

“It says that 10 bottles would kill me, but is that over a month, a day, a lifetime?!”

Let’s apply some common sense to this


If you died after a lifetime consumption of 200 cans of soda, most Americans wouldn’t make it past age 14. That’s clearly not the answer.


If you died after 200 cans of soda in a month, there would still be plenty out there who wouldn’t make it past age 30. It’s painfully easy to drink 6 cans daily, especially if you’re trying to stay awake to finish a project. Conversely, it’s about 142 cups of coffee for most coffee drinkers. That’s under 5 per day. Many people can drink more than that with few side effects. It’s not monthly.


Still not the time frame, but we’re getting warmer.


That’s actually believable. If you managed to ingest that much caffeine in one day, you won’t be feeling so hot. In fact you may be in serious trouble. Not everyone’s liver works at the same speed (caffeine sensitivity level), and some people have reported feeling the effects of caffeine for a full 12 hours – for most people this is more like 4-5 hours.

Here’s the correct answer:

It’s how much caffeine you have in your system at one time.

Yes, it’s rare for people to die from caffeine in beverages.

However, don’t actually try it!.

After 1 gram, you would be very sick indeed.

Unfortunately, there are some products that contain concentrated caffeine and these make it much easier for a person to overdose.

What Formula is This Based On?

Our Death by Caffeine calculator uses the LD50 (the lethal dose amount of a substance that will kill at 50% of the population) for caffeine. This on average is 150 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. For most adults this equates to around 10 grams of caffeine.

Please use caffeine responsibly and adhere to the Caffeine Safety Guidelines Caffeine Informer recommends.

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  • lyndsey

    ok how i look at energy drinks is that i dont drink them you want to kno y i drank 3 through out the day and when i was cheering at a football game they had to escort me to the hosptial cause i was bout to have a heart attack and die so much for my 18 birthday so i will not and i tell people all the time that they shouldnt drink them they kill

  • Phillip

    I think caffeine sucks. i’ve never touched the stuff. Coffe smells weird and coke/pepsi is nasty. I don’t suggest everyone dose the same, but it’s better than getting addicted in the first place…

  • Darwin

    Hi, I’m a 22 years old guy. I’m still up from a whole night awake(work). Getting no more than 2 1/2 hours sleep everyday since last monday. I know that I could not have done it without drinking a least one VitaminEnergy. After I drink this poison my mind accelerates like a car on Nitro, leaving the sleep, the bored and tired sensations away. But boy, doesn’t these niceties come at a price. After I get home, (like today) I can’t go to sleep at all. My mind keeps going. Instead of feeling tired, as I know I should, I start playing high pace, action video games or looking for anything to do, but sleep. Besides from the killer insomnia, the hot blood feeling when I touch my forehead and neck, the massive bags under my eyes, and the addicting effect that starts to build up, I get a drive towards releasing some body fluids, which is not nice when you are at work or want to finish studying, if you know what I mean 😉 But I feel that these drinks are just hiding the true condition of tiredness my body is feeling; like putting the mind under anesthesia. You know the pain is there, but you just don’t feel it. After all, we know that sleep regenerates/recharge your body and mind getting the neurons foods while your at it; without sleep, we’re just fooling our brain. replacing this process with a fake, cheap and long term most costly method. Just like I survived this week, once I drank one can, came home, and try to go sleep without success. So, I just had to buy another one, just to get me trough the next working/studying day. As you might see, it’s like a snowball-going-downhill effect. Sleep and myself are just not friends anymore. But hey, somebody has to pay the bills. Anyway, this is a great and informative web page. By now you should see what I meant when I said about my mind going on Nitro mode, normally I don’t write this much, lol. Not a good thing indeed.

  • Miranda

    wow. caffeine is real interesting. yea. my favorite energy drink is a no-fear!

  • Larry

    monster and ephedrine is the key!

  • Mr Dot Kom

    Today i experimented with Caffeine. I took ~1.2-1.5 grams of pure food grade caffeine within 25 minutes. Then i tracked my symptoms. I agree, i was not a happy panda. I had a fever, cold sweats, confusion, muscle spasms, heavy breathing, high pulse rate, anxiousness, irritability… the list goes on. It was definitely something i wont do much more often. Its killing me. But as per my experiment i must go another day without caffeine. so no drinks with caffeine in them for me =[ i’m thinking of quitting over the summer. As for the rest of you, DON’T EVER experiment with pure caffeine. even though people say its not deadly about 3-5 grams can hospitalize someone and 10 grams will kill you.

    My experiments outlines:

    Take ~1-1.5 grams of pure food grade caffeine within 30 minutes and catalog the effects 1 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours later(detox).

  • tori

    i just had eight no-doz and im feeling really tired and im not sure why??? Am I ok

  • @KevinG:

    The biological half-life of a substance is the time it takes for a substance (drug, radioactive nuclide, or other) to lose half of its pharmacologic, physiologic, or radiologic activity, as per the MeSH definition.

    That’s what they’re referring to, not radioactive half-life 😉

    At any rate, their calculations are still wrong. Even after 7 half-lives, the substance is still 1/128 effective as compared to the original dose.

    Lots of things can increase the biological half-life of caffeine, as well. Oral contraceptives in women increase it to 5-10 hours, pregnancy increases it to 9-11 hours. Individuals with severe liver disease can experience a caffeine half-life of up to 96 hours!

    Smoking (among other things) actually shortens the half-life of caffeine.

  • Hirsch

    For people saying that caffeine kills: You are special cases, a “normal” dose (I’ll say 200mg) can mess with some peoples hearts. (like “lyndsey” up there) This doesn’t mean that it’s evil and nobody should touch it…it just means that YOU shouldn’t touch it. Hell, one of my friends found out that he has acid reflux, he used to have tons of caffeine and just pop in general, but he can’t do that now. He isn’t even supposed to have chocolate. Does this mean that chocolate is evil? No, it means there’s something wrong with HIM specifically. His case is less common than normal.

    For most people, 200mg is no problem to ingest, no real ill effects to be seen.(or else all of those people with just a cup or two of coffee a day would go insane) Then there’s people like me (and many of the posters on here) who are very resistant to caffeine. I can start drinking Monsters in the middle of the night and still feel just as drowsy as I would without caffeine, but just not be able to sleep.

    Caffeine isn’t a menacing poison that nobody should intake; you’re just a freak and you shouldn’t be posting on a caffeine-freak website!! 😀

  • JAGJIt

    i have consumed 3 bookoo energy drinks (360mg caffeine) in less than 1 hr, and all that happened to me was my hands shook and i couldnt aim worth shit.

    i was not a sad panda, schizophrenic, crazed panda, or a passed out panda. ima call bs on your data

  • Zack

    LMAO Im 15 yrs old and I drank 4 22 oz. Nos energy drinks in about 30 min, each drink contains Taurine 2750mg, Caffeine 343mg and 1000 mg of ginseng. I feel fine actually im more tired than anything. So if you cant handle 360mg you should go hang yourself from a tree because im sure im not the only one here that can handle over a gram of caffeine. i just thought it was hilarious that someone was bragging over drinking bookoo those things are like water WOW!!!

  • ryan

    zack you’re stupid
    22 oz nos has 125mg caffiene
    even with 4 that’s not even close to a gram
    it’s 500 miligrams
    you’re halfway there
    go drink 8 in 10 minutes and come back and tell us 1 gram isn’t dangerous

  • Gobuki

    Zack said: “i just thought it was hilarious that someone was bragging over drinking bookoo those things are like water” –
    The same as it’s hilarous to brag about anything else you can’t influence.

  • Zack

    Man you guys can shut up I was never good with conversions

  • ant

    the calculator is somewhat accurate? you can die from one can of red bull. anythings possible.

  • (Mrs) Theresa Strickland

    if caffeine kills people… i would have been dead a long time ago…

  • Katherine

    I drink two bottles of diet snapple a day somtimes when I go to restaurants I have the two snapples during the day plus a few glasses of lipton iced tea and I feel fine.

  • Kathy

    But this doesn’t factor in heart problems, people who drink ONLY these energy drinks, diabetes, etc.

    Most people who die from caffeine do so because of a problem they had aside from the caffeine. For example, if someone with a weak heart drinks two red bulls, it could kill them or put them in the hospital, whereas someone who is healthy might be a bit jittery. Or someone with diabetes might drink too much regular soda and forget their insulin.

    No, caffeine can’t kill you. However, using them as meal supplements can kill you.

  • dave

    i finished 8 2Liter bottles of diet pepsi max in a four day period, that’s 2 per day with atleast 2 cups of coffee per day.

    I also consumed a few bottles of Aquafina’s Alive Energize which has more caffeine than coffee.

    I have had more than 1000 mgs of caffeine for 4-5 days now, and i’m still fine!

    My friends think i’m crazy bc i’m addicted to caffeine and i don’t drink alcohol…what do you all think?

  • O.K., so I’m a young teen, and I drink a cup or two of coffee nearly every morning (sugar and french vanilla creamer and all) and have about an energy drink a day. Up till recently my mom hasn’t cared, but now my older sister says that they can cause liver and or kidney failure and can eat your teeth alive. So I believe the teeth thing, but I’m very careful about that and brush my teeth after every energy drink, but I’m not so sure about the organ failure. Does anyone have any REAL statistics for this?

    Also, I have the problem with getting the opposite effect too. Energy drinks put me to sleep, but I know I’m not ADD. And I have a friend who is ADD and has drunk Monsters for so long and in such great quantities that his weight and metabolism depend on them, as well as a friend who is always tired and ingested 6 straight caffeine pills the night before Halo 3 came out and it did nothing at all. How does that work??? Any way, if anyone knows anything about the organ failure thing, that would be appreciated. My mom is thinking about banning my energy drinks completely. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Modified: September 21, 2014