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XAPP Protein Energy and Recovery Drinks

XAPP Protein Energy and Recovery Drinks may have found a new niche!

XAPP, which is made by Designer Whey, seeks to tap into the body building and fitness industry with their two new drinks.

Both drinks contain whey protein, but they are formulated to work together as the preworkout formula has caffeine and nutrients to keep you going hard, while the recovery formula has electrolytes and nutrients to replenish tired and growing muscles.


Both XAPP drinks are fruit punch flavor. As for taste, the fruit punch taste is pretty good, a bit better in the preworkout version, yet still good in the post workout version as well. I got a sense of cherry hint towards the end. The company promotes XAPP as the first carbonated protein drink and the carbonation is just right. There isn’t any sort of aftertaste, yet both the caffeine and caffeine free versions did leave my mouth a little dry so I had reach for some water.

XAPP Ingredients

XAPP contains the same ingredients in both versions, minus caffeine in the XAPP Recovery. Each can contains 25g of liquid whey protein, along with sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and 1g of sugar. XAPP Protein Energy contains 93mg of caffeine. Even though the protein in XAPP is derived from milk, the drink isn’t milky or gritty like other whey protein based drinks. XAPP will to fit snugly into your workout plan as each can also only has 100 calories.


I drank the pre-workout XAPP Energy about 20 minutes before working out and it took just about the whole 20 minutes before I began to feel the rush. Now the rush wasn’t quite as high as some of the preworkout formulas I’m used to, but it did provide enough to get me going.

After my workout which lasted about an hour, I was still getting a solid energy buzz, yet still followed the directions on the post workout XAPP Recovery that said to drink right after workout. The post workout left we feeling refreshed, a bit thirsty but refreshed. The rush from the first can continued to keep me high for about another 2 hours, before dispersing with a slight crash.


As this drink fills a niche, providing gym goers with a refreshing protein drink, I will probably continue to stick to my preworkout drink to get me through my workouts and regular energy drinks to get me through my day. XAPP Energy and Recovery Drinks did have a great taste and I’m sure some in their target market will enjoy getting protein in a carbonated way opposed to the usual milky way.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on October 16, 2017