XB-Fit Energy Drink Review

xb fit energy drinkI recently received a few cans of a new MLM product, XB-Fit energy drink.

The can was a little different, so I thought I would check out the website listed and get some information from this never before heard of “energy drink” before pouring its contents down my throat (have to play it safe of course!).

Well the site explains how it’s a “healthy” energy drink, so to me that means only one thing… it’s got to be disgusting right?


I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of XB. The can says “fruit for life” and I definitely got that from the first gulp. The drink consisted of a grapefruit/orange flavor and not an overpowering grapefruit taste like others that contain grapefruit. XB-Fit was very smooth with no real aftertaste.

XB-Fit Ingredients

An 8.3 ounce can of XB-Fit contains your basic energy drink ingredients such as Taurine (1000mg), caffeine (100mg) and sugar (26g), yet also included high levels of your daily values of Vitamin A (50%), Vitamin B (2500%), Vitamin C (500%) and Vitamin E (200%). Not to mention, Green tea, aloe vera, acai berry, mangosteen and 65 trace minerals. So not only will XB-Fit keep that early afternoon crash away, it may also keep that seasonal cold away too!


The effect was both positive and negative. I didn’t really get the jolt I like to have from my energy drinks, yet on the other hand, I didn’t get the crash that usual follows a few hours later. So, a little boost at the beginning and after awhile XB-Fit slowly faded still letting me feel good and able to continue on with my day instead of leaving me with an energy crash and lying on the office floor.


Overall, I was pleased with the drink. No, it wasn’t the greatest tasting drink of all time or did XB-Fit pack the energy rush to scale a prison wall, but it was packed with a lot of the “good” stuff that many other drinks lack, while gently letting me down from my caffeine high. A healthy energy drink? If it’s possible, I’d say XB-Fit comes close.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Looks like XB Fit has been discontinued

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  • Jeffrey C Schork

    Hello Everyone, if you are looking for a healthy daily supplement or possibly a great business opportunity, check out the link and see for yourself. If you would like a free sample to see for yourself, I will send you one! (while supplies last!)
    Don’t live your life in 5 hour spurts!

  • I have a friend who been talking XB FIT she tells me of how her health has improved. She also has a daughter who have some many health condition I can begin to name them all she is bed ridden and almost in a zombie state of mind most of the time.

    Her daughter has mention to her since her mom is now giving her XB FIT she is more mentally awake.

  • Amy

    A group with the company recently came to my school and gave evrybody free samples and free cans of it. i loved it i felt energized through the rest of the day and a little at night; now if only they could get it in to the vending machines here.

  • I love your verdict. I think it sums up exactly how the energy drink makes you feel. Plus, It does not cause jitters!

    I love the stuff and I think the flavor is much better than the other energy drinks out there.

Last Modified: September 1, 2014