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Xingtea Green Tea Natural Energy Drink Review

xingtea energy drinkWe have received another entry into the healthy energy drink/green tea market with Xingtea Green Tea Energy.

I will not go into the health benefits of green tea (as you all are probably familiar from other reviews). Xingtea claims to deliver natural energy. How does it fare?


The familiar tea flavor is prominent in Xingtea Green tea Energy, but what makes it different is the sweetness. It is mellow, but enough to give the drink a nice flavor that sets it apart from regular tea. I would compare it to sweetened tea at a restaurant that has been made just right. It also has a somewhat citrusy aftertaste that helps add to the experience.

Xingtea Energy Ingredients

These drinks are massive at 23.5 ounces. Each can of Xingtea Green Tea Energy contains 3 servings of 100 calories and 25 grams of sugar. The base ingredient is brewed green and black tea sweetened with cane sugar. It also has guarana, taurine, and some B Vitamins mixed in. Each can delivers 155mg of caffeine.


I was disappointed with this when I drank just one serving. I had little to no lift, similar to a Red Bull. When I drank the whole can I got a buzz, probably from the 75 grams of sugar. The crash was noticeable as well. The caffeine’s effect will be best felt by drinking the whole can.


If you like tea, check Xingtea Green Tea Energy and the rest of their extensive tea line. From where I stand there is too much sugar and too little caffeine/other active ingredients to make this a future purchase for a die hard energy drink consumer. I think better things can be done with green tea.

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on September 18, 2021