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Zipfizz Liquid Shots

With a catchy name like Zipfizz, it’s no surprise that this Seattle-based company produces some unique and energizing products. Catering to those who want a healthy energy boost without the crash or jitters, Zipfizz has a full line of products for health-conscious consumers.

Today, I’ve got Zipfizz’s liquid shots. Standing a bit taller than most shots in a vibrant 4oz/118ml bottle, and armed with a unique energy blend, Zipfizz Liquid Shots could be a contender in the energy shot arena.


Zipfizz Liquid Shots are offered in a number of diverse flavors. Today, I had the opportunity to look at 4 unique versions of the shot.

  • Orange Lemon Lime – Very sweet and very smooth, the orange and lemon lime definitely mix well. There is a strange aftertaste that accompanies the citrus flavor, however, due to the sucralose. It was almost a bit difficult to drink fast due to its sweetness, which almost seemed to make it very rich.
  • Passion Lemon Lime – With a little flavor tweaking, the taste definitely got very tropical but the strange sucralose aftertaste still lingers. While maintaining a rich texture, this passionate mix definitely improves things a bit.
  • Fruit Punch – A very sweet and straight forward punch flavor, much like a standard lunchbox punch. The sucralose still causes an odd aftertaste.
  • Mango Lemon Lime – The best tasting one in my opinion! Intense sweetness, but the sucralose aftertaste isn’t as prominent. The mango and lemon lime flavors are definitely noticeable and neither of them overpower one another.


The bottle describes a 531mg proprietary blend of energy ingredients – namely, caffeine, green tea leaf extract, American ginseng extract, and a few other amino acids as well as grape skin extract. However, I’m skeptical that grape skin can be an energy enhancing ingredient.

It’s important to note that in addition to the usual select amino-acid and B-vitamin complex, these drinks also feature a full set of other vitamins and minerals to balance things out. If you’re looking for a vitamin supplement and an energy drink in one, this would be a viable option.


Every liquid shot gave me only a moderate boost of energy when consumed first thing in the morning on top of a small breakfast. My concentration and focus steadily improved, but it wasn’t a kick of any sorts. I’m pretty tolerant to caffeine, but for those who aren’t, this could be a great drink to try if you don’t want too forceful of an energy rush. I didn’t have the jitters, or experience any nervousness after downing this shot, which was very nice.

Zipfizz’s Liquid Shots are a reasonable way to get a satisfactory energy boost, with vitamins and minerals, in a great tasting sugar-free package. Some may not like the sugar-free aftertaste, but if you are accustomed to sugar-free products, you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by JD


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on July 15, 2014