ZipFizz: Portable Energy

One of the most unique forms of energy drinks I have seen is ZipFizz Energy Mix. Combining the convenience of a compact mix and the power of an energy drink, they are certainly a different approach to getting your caffeine fix.

As with the rest of ZipFizz’s lineup, there is an emphasis on healthy, sustained energy. Some drink mixes can be a hit-or-miss thing as prebottled versions can have a better taste, so it will be interesting to see if ZipFizz mixes can compete among the growing selection of energy drinks.


I had the opportunity to review 5 flavors of this mix. Each were mixed in the recommended 16oz of water, so none tasted overly intense or diluted.

  • Citrus – A sweet-and-sour concoction that tastes more like lemonade than just “citrus”.
  • Orange Soda – Great orange taste very similar to a juice mix from concentrate.
  • Pink Lemonade – Like citrus, except with stronger flavors. Has a sweet and sour bite to it that I really enjoyed.
  • Grape – Tastes like grape concentrate, like what you’d find in a juicebox.
  • Berry – Almost exactly like a juice mix from the grocery store. Nice bit of tang as well.

All of these had a funny fizz to them, almost like “fake” carbonation.


These mixes contain a 317mg proprietary energy blend including guarana, ginseng, ginger root, grape seed extract, and select amino acids. They also include a full list of vitamins and minerals that serve as electrolytes, making this a healthy energy mix for sure. Ginger root is not something too common in energy drinks, so it’ll be interesting to feel its effects (or perhaps lack thereof)!


These mixes all provide an excellent boost, mentally and physically. It doesn’t come on too strong, rather being more gradual and mild. I don’t have any nasty jitters, which is cool. Ideally this would be great if you want a head start to your post workout recovery or a supplement for the mid-day slump. The ginger root could have a role in taking the edge off the caffeine. However, if you’re pretty tolerant to caffeine or want a big rush, this wouldn’t be the stuff to achieve that.

ZipFizz mixes are a healthy and convenient way to get your energy fix without having to suffer through any nasty taste. I’m definitely going to have a few of these around for those trips to the gym.

Reviewed by JD

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  • Chan Chan

    I got a box of the citrus flavor from a vendor in Sam’s Club a few months ago. I am almost through the box, but will never get another one because there is ALWAYS a ton of stuff that will not dissolve left at the bottom of the bottle. I’ve even tried shaking the bottle and turning it upside down so quick that I might get the granules when they try to settle.

    Either way, I never got a rise from the stuff–even if I did manage to ingest the granules at the bottom of the bottle.

  • Svensaki

    I also first tried this at a demo in Sam’s Club, and really like this product! Definitely gives me an energy boost. No trouble mixing it either. The sales rep mixed a small amount of French Vanilla flavored Coffee Mate in with the Citrus Zip Fizz, and it lookd and tasted like an orange creamsicle! Yummy!

  • WeatherDave

    I agree with Chan Chan on the residue. I’ve gone through a couple of cases of this product, and there is always a long lasting residue of stuff at the bottom of the mixing bottle/glass. Now if you let is sit long enough, say 10 minutes or so, it will dissolve. That said, if you mix this in a glass, all your fizz is gone by the time the 10 minutes passes, so what’s the use of the fizz in the first place?

    Aside from the residue, I find the taste *okay*. Nothing great, but those last dregs from the bottle (especially if you don’t wait for the residue to dissolve) can be quite shudderingly awful.

  • I have just started drinking ZipFizz. I drink about two a day and really like it. I not only feel energized, but I have noticed a visual change in my skin. I do not know if anyone has reported this; I believe it helps your skin look clear and more youthful. I can not attribute it to any surgical cosmetic enhancements…it has to be the ZipFizz!

    Just wanted to share that. Thank you!!

  • Jeff Stone

    I’ve been drinking ZipFizz for about 1 1/2 years and I’m very pleased with the product. My favorites are the Grape & Orange Soda flavors. I’ve found the Citrus flavor the least enjoyable and most likely to make people dislike the product or experience what Chan Chan mentioned as residue. I’ve got a couple tips I’d like to share with new ZipFizz users:
    1) Mix 1/2 bottle in the 20oz. water bottle (make sure to take a full sip out of the bottle first).
    2) Make sure you’re ready to cap the bottle quickly.
    3) Take the mixed bottle and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to 1 hour (shaking every 15 minutes or so). The results will be a energy slushy to DIE FOR!
    4) Once you’ve accustomed to the 1/2 bottle of ZipFizz then you can graduate up to the full dose of 1 bottle per 20oz of water. (I’d not recommend mixing with 18oz. of water because it tends to be a little too strong flavored).
    5) Note: for women and people under 120lbs I’ve found they get a little jittery with a full dose of the ZipFizz.
    6) Final note, the pink lemonade flavor is very refreshing and great for an afternoon snack whereas the orange soda and grape can be great at anytime… I tend to start off my day with zipfizz.

  • r Gollay

    Love the stuff, I dissolve it hot water, it will fizz and dissolve completely. I drink it in sips thruout the day. Keeps me consistent, no ups and downs….

  • Dustymack

    This product is the best thing I’ve drank in a while. My only gripe is the cost of a box of 20. If they could get a case down to about $15 or less i would buy everything they have. Its healthier and tastier than pop or life water and taste better. I would also like to see them make it without caffeine since caffeine is bad for you to. Im not a big water drinker and i use to be addicted to pop but this has helped me kick the habit.

  • MJ

    I recently picked up ZipFizz at Sam’s Club. I do not usually get this sort of thing and it was a weak moment for me that I picked it up that day. I’m glad I did. I really like it! I’ve only been able to get the Citrus flavor although I was able to try a sample of grape. I find it is too strongly flavored if I mix it as directed so I put 1/2 tube in my 24 oz. water bottle that I drink during my treadmill work out. Then I mix the other half and drink it while I finish with stretching, yoga, resistance. I find that it “kicks in” pretty quickly helping me to work out much harder. As for the residue–I just shake the bottle up a little as I get to the bottom. Since I use one water bottle all day, I use it all up by the next refill (plain water) of my bottle. I’ve never tried using more than one tube in a day. Since caffeine and B vitamins tend to keep me up at night.

  • igost

    This stuff is heavy! Took one in the morning, got pulled by cop couple hours later – was doing 67 in 45 zone without realizing it. It really gets you charged. Not going to take it before driving anymore

  • jim

    To fix the residue issue, drink it with a straw. I’d been drinking them for a while with the same problem, before switching to this. Never anything left in the bottom of the glass now.

    Love the product definitely makes you feel energized in a much different way than coffee.

  • Darlene

    My boyfriend is a courier and often has to make late night runs after being on the road all day and he loves the stuff. Keeps him going and alert while driving. I take it occasionally when I have a day where I’m falling into a slump. My son used to drink Monster energy drink every day and after I gave him some samples of Zip Fizz, he now drinks that every day instead of Monster.

    Product is very subtle, without any excessive rush or sudden “crash.”

  • MaseMaster

    The “stuff” at the bottom that doesn’t mix is the sugar sweetener Xylitol ( It’s really not their fault, it’s just that the sweeter never fully disolves–trust me, I use it in cakes. It’s actually good for your teeth.
    Anyway, I use ZipFizz and the B-12 gives me a huge boost. I love it!

  • MaseMaster
  • OL

    A was looking for a way to get some caffeine without the soda sugar. ZipFizz seems to do the trick. I drink one every day and I have noticed a difference in my energy level. Oddly, it seems to have boosted my sexual drive too, which needed no boosting. Maybe, I should get my wife to drink ZipFizz! Ha!
    The only negative has been random headaches.

  • Stephanie

    I work for the company & am going to address some of the comments above…
    1) @WeatherDave, the “fizz” is an antacid, called Potassium Bicarbonate, that protects the vitamins & other supplements as they encounter destructive acids in your digestive system. Pill supplements don’t have this protection, it’s the whole science behind the drink.
    2) @Chan Chan, the vitamins, etc, begin to oxidize as soon as they hit the water, similar to a banana that turns brown after peeling, and become less effective the longer you let them sit, especially if allowed to get warm. The mix works better (not to mention tastes better) when mixed & drank in cold water. Freezing a bottle overnight will definitely help slow the effect if you really must pre-mix.
    3) @Chan Chan, everyone’s body is unique, some people may be less susceptible to the mood-boosting, energizing effects of the mix. It helps to drink the bottle (or at least half) within 30 minutes max… Big sips! Think about it, there’s an equivalent amount of B12 as a shot from your doctor, does he do lots of small shots over a period of time, or one big one? So, the faster you get it all into your system, the faster you begin to feel the effects.
    4) @WeatherDave, it is not intended to be mixed into glasses, that’s why it’s conveniently packaged in easy-to-take-along resealable tubes, perfect for adding to a bottle of water when you need a pick-me-up. The vitamins have a propensity to settle, and you can’t re-shake a glass… So, of course, when you reach the bottom of your glass, all you’re drinking at that point is vitamins. They don’t taste good.
    5) @Jeff Stone, great tips, but you really ought not mix anything less than the full tube at a time, for the same reason as #4, the vitamins settle to the bottom. You may be getting primarily flavor one day, then primarily vitamins the next. If you really like it better that diluted, make sure you really shake up the tube before mixing, try to integrate the powder back to how it should be. By the way, grape, orange, & pink lemonade are definitely the three most popular flavors, but citrus, although very plain on it’s own, makes the best mix for smoothies because of it’s neutrality. If you mix a bottle of citrus with a handful of frozen fruit & blend, it’s even better than that slushie variety that you like so much!
    6) @r Gollay, it should dissolve completely in cold water as well, and cold water slows the oxidation process that I mentioned before… Citrus is the only one that occasionally has granules, but they usually dissolve with a little more fervent shaking. Unless you’re using old product, which sometimes just doesn’t dissolve. There are no preservatives in the product, so you should definitely use newer stuff if it’s been in your pantry for over two years, just speaking from experience there.
    7) @Dustymack, you can get it from independent contractors (like me) at BJ’s or Sam’s wholesale clubs for $19.99/box. That’s about the cheapest you’ll find it, unless Zipfizz is running an overstock special, since the website sells them at $37.99/box + $7.99 s&h. More than half off if you do it that way. Most managers of the Roadshow teams will also throw in a few extras if you buy several boxes at a time, I know mine does. Also, there is no *added* caffeine. The caffeine is naturally occurring in green tea (one of the antioxidants) and in guarana seed extract (which is touted for it’s effects on increased memory retention and physical endurance), so it’s not a chemical caffeine like what’s used in other energy drinks.
    8) @igost, like I said, it affects everyone differently… Maybe you’re very sensitive to the natural caffeine or effects of the B-vitamins. However, I’ve never heard of it “making someone drive faster”, and wonder if there were other factors involved. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor, they should be able to help you figure out if you’re hyper-sensitive to the mix or not.
    9) @jim, Darlene, & MaseMaster, you’re all exactly right, thanks for the testimony 🙂
    10) @ OL, you’re right too, I just wanted to touch on the sexual point… Alpha Lipoic Acid, one of the antioxidants, has been proven to prevent ED, as well as L-arginine, which is what is used in male-enhancement pills too. It also sweetens certain fluids, both male & female.

  • I really love ZipFzz. To the people that seem to ALWAYS get a ton of stuff that will not dissolve left at the bottom of the bottle. You have to keep shaking it. Try shaking it up for a few secs. then put it in your ice box for about 30mins are longer and believe it or not the vits. will no longer keep going to the bottom…that is the things going to ther bottom…the b12..silly

  • catherine

    Zipp Fizz works great too if you have jet lag, or you have to change time zones. I always take several tubes with us when travelling. It works great when we have to get up early to catch a flight and I’m pooped when we get to our destination. It keeps you alert getting through the airport, going through customs, picking up your bags, etc until you can get to your hotel. Next day when you feel effects of jet-lag take one early in the morning. It’s great stuff!! and so much better for you than ‘Blow’ (the new energy powder drink mix).

  • Cathy Carey

    My husband swears by this stuff which to me appears to be similar to a crushed flintstone vitamin tablet. My REALLY MAJOR concern is the packaging. Using all that plastic seems almost like a sin, given our earth’s need to eliminate use of plastic, oil based products. Couldn’t it be packaged in smaller Kool aid type envelopes? And in larger quantities per pack to eliminate use of gas to go to Sam’s Club so often? What is the upper limit of number of “doses” per day?

  • Soldier Frank

    I think this stuff is amazing, it doesn’t replace coffee. However, you can really only has so much coffee a day before it totally loses its effectiveness. I’m currently deployed, and I drink coffee until about 11ish. After lunch, I pop one of these in a Liter of water (33.8 ounces), and I’m good to go for the day. It really levels out the coffee buzz quite nicely, went from a crash to mellow ride.

  • Meme

    I love zipfizz. It gives me a great pickmeup early afternoon when the afternoon slump tends to occur. My mental alertness is much better too. As for mixing and drinking, the best way is to drink quickly feeling the full effect within a few minutes. Cold water is best too. I do keep shaking it to make sure I keep all the ingredients mixed well, no different than any other powder type mix. The only negative I have noticed is I tend to have slight aching in my legs and joints after if i dont drink zipfizz for a day or two. But it goes away after a couple days. Overall great energy drink and I have given my 72yo mother some to try. She has zero energy and this has helped her a great deal. She is a diabetic and just had a lap band, and her diet only allows 30 or less carbs a day. This drink has 2 carbs and 0 sugar so she can have it…

Last Modified: July 15, 2014