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ZizZazz Explosive Workout Mix

zizzazzInstant energy is where it’s at.

When you consider the insane studying, work, and play that we often engage in, it’s no wonder we look for more energy to squeeze the last drop of productivity or fun out of our busy lives.

ZizZazz knows this and made a convenient energy mix that fits the bill.


ZizZazz comes in 4 flavors, which you can “eat” from the stick, or mix with water.

  • Lemon Raspberry – The tart flavor of this citrus mix is awesome and both flavors are easily distinguishable from one another. Very enjoyable, almost like juice, but not quite. My favorite!
  • Cherry Lime – The cherry taste seems to overpower the lime, but it’s still likable. Very sweet and tart.
  • Tangerine – Definitely tastes very close to the real thing. Easy to drink with great citrus flavor.
  • Pom Mango – It’s a little tough to make out the mango in this, but there is a bit of tang that makes the pomegranate taste stand out. Pretty good!

Each one has a noticeable artificial sweetener taste.


ZizZazz features an explosive 200mg of caffeine and a blend of vitamins and minerals, including A through E. It also features rhodiola rosea, green tea, and ginseng to give it a natural edge.


ZizZazz will pick you up – fast! With no carbonation, it’s incredibly easy to chug and get a fast kick out of this mix. If you opt to eat this mix, which I did not, then you are in for quite a boost! I experienced no crash whatsoever.

Reviewed by JD

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on May 1, 2012